Love reading The Farm Club? Have you always wanted to write but didn’t know where to start? Or, do you want to contribute but don’t have enough time to dedicate writing a full piece?

Well we have the answer for you with “FarmSourcing“; our take on Crowdsourcing, in which an audience/community works together to produce a project.

It could be a written piece, video piece, audio piece, or a piece that includes all of those mediums listed. The power is in your hands.

Here is a small list of content that The Farm Club is currently seeking. This is by no means an absolute list, and if you have an idea that you would like to see on please get in contact with us too.

If interested please send an email to

Project Ideas:

NHL Lockout:

The NHL lockout is upon us and The Farm Club is looking for a piece that puts the events of the NHLPA and Owner’s negotiation troubles in a fan’s perspective (1,000-2,000 words).

MLB Playoffs:

Hero’s are made in October, and The Farm Club is looking for a series of pieces documenting the MLB playoffs. Coverage would be every round. Work for the piece could be split depending on interest  (750-1,000 words).

NCAA Football:

The Farm Club is seeking a writer(s) who would be willing to cover College Football from a national perspective. Including rankings, Heisman predictions, and/or betting advice. Work can be divided depending on interest (500-1,000 words).


The sport of Rugby is growing interest across America and the world. The Farm Club wants to expose the sport of Rugby. Writer(s) would have full control over content, since our knowledge is minimal. Hey at least we’re honest. (500-1,000 words).


Podcasting has becoming a very popular medium, and The Farm Club wants to include that in our sites content. Podcast show proposals can be on any sports related topic.


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