Joining the TFC Team

The Farm Club always welcomes one-time posters, but if you want to be a part of the team on a more permanent basis there is some information we would like from you!

Before we run anyone’s articles on The Farm Club, we always want to take a moment to learn a little more about them. This isn’t a tryout, or anything of the like. We simply like to have an idea of who we’re working with and how we can we can accommodate your talents. When sending an email to please respond to the following questions:

Tell us where you’re from (city, state/provence is fine)

Tell us what you want to write about, and the kind of reader you think this will appeal to.

Give us a brief pitch for some sort of content you would like to put on the site. This could be for a single blog, a series, a video, or anything, really. Try to keep your pitch to one paragraph.

Provide us with a sample of your writing/creative content that you think is representative of your overall abilities. Please do this via a link to a blog, or by copy/pasting the content into the body of your response email.


Brian Young

VP of Creative and Editorial Content


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