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A Beginner’s Guide to Cricket

November 1, 2012


In South Africa, cricket is watched, analyzed and lived through – it’s a huge part of the culture, much like baseball is to the States. Many a curious 12-year-old have wondered onto the cricket pitch wondering how to affix each piece of equipment. Countless fans have had a brush with fame by dropping a ball […]

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A Crucial Catch: The NFL and the business of pink

October 28, 2012


Stephanie McClung   Every October, the NFL goes pink. Pink cleats, pink towels, pink hats, pink everywhere! Ribbons are painted on the fields and hashtag movements are retweeted on Twitter while the most violent American sport undergoes a more feminine transformation. The goal of A Crucial Catch is to raise money for breast cancer research […]

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NBA Pre-Season Power Rankings

October 16, 2012


Are you ready for some basketball? Well, if not, you better get ready. Because unlike last year, the NBA is not only scheduled to begin on time, but is scheduled to play its full battery of games this season. The Miami Heat walked away with an NBA title last year in the shortened season, but […]

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The Shad Kahn Inspirations

October 12, 2012


Being someone who loves coming across new discoveries whether it’s on the internet, television, or hidden somewhere in the IBooks store (I almost went with library, but then I realized no one under 16 would understand that reference), I tend to overreact when that discovery is really good. Take, for instance, the Bane soundboard.  I […]

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Can the Cardinals Repeat?

October 11, 2012


As I write this article the Cardinals and the Nationals are tied at two games  headed for a game 5 and I have one question for you. Does anyone believe that the Cardinals won’t come through and win game 5? Every year for the past few years the Cardinals have been a team that analysts […]

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Houston Gets Win With a Cost

October 10, 2012


The Houston Texans’ defense has been a powerhouse thus far in the season.  J.J. Watt has been absolutely amazing at keeping pressure on the quarterback even recording at least one sack per game.  Even with his impressive numbers (26 TACK, 8.5 Sacks), it seems that he is going to need to take on an even […]

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NFL Rookie of the Year Candidates

October 9, 2012


While it is still relatively early in the season there has been time enough to see which rookie players are rising to the challenges of the National Football League. Being thrown into the mix with more athleticism, new rules, and bigger stadiums is a daunting task, but some of the big names coming out of […]

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Week 1 NFL Thoughts: Why Do I Have Expectations?

September 11, 2012


Being a sports fan is an exercise is masochism. We all whine and cry when our team sucks but enough time passes and we come back for more, leading with our chin like a punch drunk boxer. And when – SURPRISE! – our team sucks AGAIN, we piss and moan and act surprised like we […]

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