Meet The Staff

Executive Staff

Stefan Jagot– Mt. Pleasant, MI- Central Michigan University

The President of, and Jack-of-all trades for The Farm Club. With the help of his equally amazing staff and writers he has been able to build this blog from literally nothing.

A love for sports, intellectual conversation, and social media were the reasons he began the blog. His goal is to take this blog as far as it can go, all the while making life-long friends and networks along the way.

In his spare time he is on the Executive Board of his Fraternity, and a Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts student at CMU.

Questions/Comments can be sent to __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brian Young– Warren, MI- Wayne State University

Vice President, and Director Creative and Editorial Content, his job is to help the new writers adjust to The Farm Club. Whether it is finding a story to write about, or adding that little bit extra to an established piece, Brian’s goal is to help the writer reach the full potential of their piece.

His other profession is a full-time ponderer of sports, politics, and gardening. He currently resides in an easily defensible location and is ready to relocate at a moment’s notice.

Questions/Comments can be sent to __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Michael Gazdik– Grand Rapids, MI- Oakland University

Vice President, and Director of Recruitment and Writer Resources, his job is to assure new talented writers are brought in to The Farm Club.

If you are a blogger with quality content, you will be hearing from Mike but, you can make his job easier by reaching out to us!

His interest in sports began when his father brought him to his first professional sporting event at the Pontiac Silverdome and ever since he has been plagued by the curse of being a Detroit Lions’ fan.

Questions or comments can be sent to


Contributing Staff

This all would be nothing without those who contribute to our blog with their quality content, here are the good people that make the site go.

And thanks to all who have wrote pieces for one time submission!

Want to be a part of this? Let’s do it.


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