About The Farm Club

The Farm Club  was started in March of 2012 by four college students from Michigan (including myself) with the premise of allowing those aspiring in sports writing, and broadcasting, to do just that. With no money invested we began the endeavor with a dream of creating a medium for those who want to make a name for themselves in sports media.

Through entertaining and insightful work from a variety of young writers from all walks of life we have been able to make this dream more of a reality each and every day.

Aspiring writers from across the nation have come to us, and we have been happily willing and able to provide them an outlet for their works to be published on our site, and distributed through our social media efforts.

Since March we have added 25 writers, 2 podcasts, and have grown to 5,000+ views a month  (as of September 2012) along with 23,000 views total. Still, we are all eager to make that number even larger by creating networks with people who share the same ideal as all of us involved; help writers, and promote thoughtful sports conversation.

Our mission is far from over and we will continue to promote, and create our vision with the help from people just like you. One simple email  is all it takes for you to join our network and help build what we have envisioned.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Stefan Jagot

Co-Creator of The Farm Club



  1. Don’t You Put that Evil on Me, John Madden! « The Farm Club - April 4, 2012

    […] Every author of The Farm Club, including myself, was born and raised in Michigan, so I don’t think I need to tell you how awesome it was for us to see the Lions make the playoffs last year. I had to pinch myself at times; years of misery had FINALLY come to an end (thank you very much, Matt Millen. They were bounced by the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round, but it was still an incredible accomplishment. I also don’t need to tell you how instrumental Calvin Johnson was to that success, but just in case, here’s what his numbers looked like: 1,681 receiving yards (1st in the NFL), 16 touchdowns (2nd in the NFL), 96 receptions (4th in the NFL), and an average of 105.1 receiving yards per game (1st in the NFL). Oh, and in the Lions’ one playoff game (the first since 1999), Johnson had 12 receptions for 211 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Not too bad, eh? […]

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