SEC Football: Religion of the South

November 4, 2012

College Football, Features

            Upon moving to Georgia, I learned quickly about how serious football is to people here. If it is a Saturday afternoon and SEC teams are playing, the roads seem silent as everyone is crouching around a television set or in a backyard having a barbeque. It appears that Saturday’s are a getaway from the workweek and the importance of the teams playing is not questioned. If a team is ranked number 1, such as Alabama, and is playing an unranked team like Ole Miss it is still taken seriously despite what the sports critics think.


            If you ask people below the Mason Dixon line about which conference is the best at football, you will probably hear the SEC for the most part. The conference has produced the last 6 BCS national championships, which dates back to the 2006-2007 college football season. In addition, the conference has produced NFL stars such as Julio Jones (Alabama), A.J. Green (Georgia), Eli Manning (Ole Miss), and the infamous Tim Tebow (Florida) amongst many others. The conference is also the home to 39 total national championships.

            Why is it that some people are irritated about the SEC conference having the ability to place two of its teams in the national championship as it did last season, in addition to it being a matchup? SEC fans may think the other conferences are jealous because they think their teams are more deserving of a shot at the national title. At the start of this season the Big Ten conference had an opportunity to prove why they should be in the national championship picture when the University of Michigan faced the University of Alabama at a neutral site, Cowboys Stadium. As a Michigan fan it was tough to watch as the Rolling Tide was up 31-7 at the end of the first half and ended up winning the game with a final score of 41-14. This game is not the only instance of an SEC team beating up on an out of conference opponent that should have been a tougher challenge.

            This was the first season of SEC conference play for the University of Missouri Tigers this season. They were a dominant team in the Big 12 for the past few years and received a wakeup call in the SEC. After being 8-5 overall and 5-4 in the Big 12 in 2011, the Tigers are currently 4-5 overall with a 1-5 SEC conference record.

            The writing is in the wins and losses columns that the top tier of the SEC trumps that of all the other major football conferences. If a 1 loss SEC team is slated for the national championship game and the University of Notre Dame or the Oregon Ducks are left out despite a perfect record potentially, its probably for the best. The national championship is supposed to go to the best overall team instead of the one with a zero in the loss column in some cases. If you want to see the undefeated Louisville Cardinals potentially face the currently undefeated Kansas State Wildcats then you are selling yourself short of watching great football being played. Lets hope the BCS standings get this one right with a potential disaster on the horizon as 5 teams (Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Louisville) are currently undefeated.

– Written by Colin Walker

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