Week 10 Big 12 Match-up

November 2, 2012

College Football

Last week the Big 12 finally sorted itself out and we really found out who the leader is in the conference. Week 10 is surely gonna be a week where upset could be the name of the game, but will the top teams be upset?

Iowa St. vs. Oklahoma


This match-up does not seem to provide much entertainment at first site, but looking deeper this could be closer than most people think it could be. Oklahoma fell in a tough loss to Notre Dame last week and will respond in one of two ways. The Sooners will either have trouble bouncing back or they will use last week as motivation and destroy Iowa St. as they did to Texas. Landry Jones has proven that he can hang with the top dogs in the NCAA, but Iowa St. actually has a strong defense (something not common in the Big 12). Iowa St. has held teams to 19.8 points this season which is towards the top of the Big 12.

This game looks like it will be a low scoring game as Iowa St. will keep Oklahoma from scoring, but have problems scoring against an Oklahoma team that is also at the top of the Big 12. This game plays out much like Iowa St.’s game against Kansas St. With that being said, Oklahoma takes it.

TCU vs. West Virginia



West Virginia is looking to bounce back after getting crushed by both Kansas State and Texas Tech. They have had a week off to think about how to fix there defense so that it can make it through the next few weeks of the season and get a good bowl game. TCU is also looking to come back after two loses to Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. However, TCU’s defense actually has something to brag about allowing only 22.4 points a game. When West Virginia comes against good defenses they tend to struggle all over. They rely on their offense to score points.

If you look at their games against Baylor and Texas thats all they did. Their defense made very few stops, but because the offense kept scoring on possessions they won their games. However if West Virginia can get their offense going early and keep scoring they can win. If TCU’s defense gets going then it may be hard for West Virginia to stop them. Unless they magically fixed all the problems on their defense in one week. West Virginia wins this game with the score in the mid-50’s.

Kansas vs. Baylor


This is the battle of the Big 12 winless teams, and really has no impact on any of the bowl games for the Big 12. However, these two teams are fighting for one win. Nobody likes to be last and these two teams are making sure that they aren’t there when the season ends. Baylor seems to have just had a rough season, losing some close games and allowing a lot of points. Kansas on the other hand is used to the bottom, and have been there for a couple years. However, Kansas has a little motivation after almost beating Texas last week.

While Texas is visibly not the team it has been in years past, but Kansas actually did play like a football team and has shown that they can hang with the bottom part of the conference. Not sure whether this is an upset or not but with the struggles of Baylor’s defense I am going with Kansas to beat the Bears of Baylor. While it remains a close game i think it ends like most of Baylor’s other games. They just cant make the big stop to take the lead.

Texas vs. Texas Tech


Well here we are its the Texas-Texas Tech Rivalry game. Who will win the golden spurs this year. It is hard to believe that these two teams have the same record. Texas is coming off a rough win over Kansas that almost wasn’t a win. It has been a rough season for Texas they have not looked very strong. They are 0-2 against ranked teams and are trying to figure out their QB situation. They have also struggle in other conference games including Baylor and Oklahoma State. Texas Tech on the other hand is having one of their best seasons in a couple years.

They may have two loses but that came to Oklahoma and Kansas State (The two best teams in the conference right now). Texas Tech has looked strong all year and has just been subject to losing to good teams. While Texas has fallen in the same category they have not looked as strong. Texas Tech has not won this game since 2008 when they upset then #1 Texas. Texas Tech wins this game as Texas continues to visibly struggle to pull their offense together.

Oklahoma St. vs. Kansas St.

Kansas State got a big win last week at home versus Texas Tech and the week before that against West Virginia. Kansas State is my top pick to make it to the National Championship Game against Alabama. They are playing the strongest football in franchise history and looking towards their Second ever BCS Bowl Game. Oklahoma State on the other hand is tied for second in the conference with in-state rival Oklahoma. Oklahoma State is starting a four game stretch where they play four ranked teams.

At least they are getting the hardest out of the way early. The Cowboys are trying to get themselves into a Bowl Game by winning the Big 12. This game looks like it could be a good game on paper, but lets look back at their past two games. Both of which looked good on paper. Kansas State ended up scoring 55 points in both games on their way to big wins over two ranked teams. This game plays out like the K-State-Texas Tech Game. It will be close for a while, but at some point Collin Klein will figure it out and go off for 6 touchdowns and have 500 or so all-purpose yards. Saying that Kansas State will win and it will probably be a blow out again.

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