Sportsmanship is a Joke

October 31, 2012

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As kids, all the way through to adulthood, you’re taught to “be a good sport.”  You’re supposed to be humble and kind in the sporting world.  Shaking hands and kissing the ref’s ass by calling him “sir” all the time.  You can’t ever make your opponents feel bad because that’s not the right thing to do.


Look, sportsmanship is all well and good if you’re teaching six-year-olds not to be a total fuckhead to the other guy.  But there are some common misconceptions about what constitutes “good sportsmanship” and what constitutes being a decent person.

If you feel the need to cheap-shot or physically maime your opponents or cross personal boundaries like making fun of a guy’s mentally retarded sister, guess what? You’re not a bad sportsman; you’re a bad person. Knock it off.  Odds are that your dirty tactics will get you punished and hurt your team. Even if they don’t, you’re not going to play sports past high school anyway and no one will give a flying shit about your high school sports accomplishments other than you.  So that time you totally bit a guy at the bottom of a pile to grab that fumble will be cared about by exactly no one and telling that story will make you seem like the stereotypical douche who valued his high school experience far more than he should have.

Professionals aside, because let’s face facts here — they’re adults who don’t need to be coddled in that way anymore –, we’re forced to hear about sportsmanship in the college game (and even in EA Sports’ NCAA ’13 where you get punished for going for it on 4th, throwing late in a blowout, or using timeouts to run up the score) too.

You were actually good enough to not be that sadsack I talked about above? Still probably shouldn’t maime your opponent because of the whole “bad person” aspect.  But running up the score, taunting, and generally doing whatever you can within the rules and laws of the game, both high school and college,  should be allowed.

I should let up because Missouri Technical College can’t stop me? Well they shouldn’t have taken that sweet, sweet payday if they didn’t want the total destruction that comes with it.  I should be able to keep running or throwing the ball all over them if I damn well please. And traditional shit-talking in the “your team sucks”, “we’re murdering you” mold is fine. Stop crying that the other team is being mean to you.  Sports are a competition; not everyone needs to feel good about themselves in a lop-sided game.

And need I remind everyone that the ones who complain about sportsmanship in violent games typically LOVE to see guys just get buried by a big hit? Yeah, no hypocrites in sports.

Sportsmanship is a lesson for kids who don’t know any better yet. After that, as Evander Holyfield told Charlie Steiner: “it’s time to take your whoopin’.”



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2 Comments on “Sportsmanship is a Joke”

  1. Matthew Milko Says:

    Great article, but I feel that the cheap stuff that occurs during games, especially in pile ups, is all part of the game and necessary if you truly want to win. If you arn’t in a pile up twisting ankles and punching ribs, you arn’t trying your hardest to win, and winning is all that matters.


  2. Corey Says:

    Not with your starters. Put in your 2nd string, then your 3rd, if you still keep scoring put in the Rudy’s of your team. Then you can still run whatever you want in my opinion. Running it up with your starters is classless tho, what is the percentage like 90% of college athletes won’t play professional so let everyone play if you have the game in hand. Plus the obvious risks that come with keeping in starters. Don’t need your Adrian Peterson to blow out his knee on that td that puts you up 35.


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