NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

October 31, 2012

Football, NFL, Team Power Rankings

Editor’s note: The rankings and commentary are a collaboration between The Farm Club writers Clayton Crowe, Stephen ChottTravis Devlin, and Ryan Womeldorf.

                                     (Last Week’s Rank)

1. Atlanta Falcons (1)

Will the Falcons finally get the respect they deserve after manhandling the Eagles in Philly?  Probably not. (CC)

2. Houston Texans (2)

The Texans come off their bye week with Buffalo at home. Their schedule is favorable and they should lock up the division by Thanksgiving. (CC)

3. San Francisco 49ers (6)

Harbaugh made a statement by not using Kaepernick at all on Monday Night. All Alex Smith did was go 18-19 with 3 touchdowns. (TD)

4. New York Giants (4)

Their game isn’t always pretty, but the Giants know how to get it done in the end. (SC)

5. New England Patriots (7)

I’d rank them high just for that Nutcracker Gronk Spike. (RW)

6. Chicago Bears (5)

They escaped in a close game against the Panthers, but this defense still makes them one of the best in the league. (SC)

7. Green Bay Packers (3)

It looks like the Packers are turning their season around, with 3 straight wins heading into a matchup with the Cardinals. (SC)

8. Denver Broncos (8)

Sure looks like the old Peyton Manning, this team could represent the AFC in the Super Bowl; at minimum the AFC West in the Playoffs. (TD)

9. Baltimore Ravens (9)

Injury ravaged team comes off bye with another basic bye (@ CLE). (RW)

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (10)

MASH unit rounding into form at just the right time. (RW)

11. Seattle Seahawks (13)

4-4 with a big game coming up at MIN. 31st in the league in passing yards has to change, Russell Wilson has to be allowed to throw it more. (TD)

12. Minnesota Vikings (12)

The Vikings were manhandled by Doug Martin on Thursday night, but still have to be satisfied with their 5-3 record. (SC)

13. Philadelphia Eagles (11)

Before week 8, PHI were 13-0 coming off a bye under Andy Reid. The Eagles are falling apart and this has to be the end for Reid.  (SC)

14. Miami Dolphins (21)

Railed the Jets minus Tannehill; playoff darkhorse. Heard it here first. (RW)

15. Arizona Cardinals (14)

This team can’t run the ball, and can’t protect either QB. 4-0 start seems like ages ago. A loss at Green Bay would be their 5th in a row. (TD)

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26)

That was an impressive win on the road in a short week. Doug Martin had the Vikes defense on their heels all night. (CC)

17. Detroit Lions (24)

The Lions have had some troubles, but they were able to sneak past the Seahawks thanks to Matt Stafford’s 3 TD performance. (SC)

18. Dallas Cowboys (17)

It’s not looking good for Tony Romo and the Cowboys. After throwing 4 INT’s this week, they play the undefeated Falcons in Week 9. (SC)

19. Indianapolis Colts (23)

The Titans game marked the third time this season that Andrew Luck has engineered a 4th quarter game ending drive. (CC)

20. Washington Redskins (15)

Redskins are 3-5 going into a matchup with Cam Newton and the Panthers. Should be game that’s fun to watch. (SC)

21. Cincinnati Bengals (18)

The next victim in the Peyton Manning Resurgance Tour. (RW)

22. Tennessee Titans (23)

The D was stout for most of the day but couldn’t hold when it mattered. The offense is one big play receiver from being really good. (CC)

23. New Orleans Saints (16)

The. Defense. Is. Terrible. Drew Brees is a great QB but he can only do so much. Boy does this team miss their coach. (CC)

24. St. Louis Rams (22)

A much needed bye week after being throttled by NE in London. Still like the upside this young team has shown (TD)

25. New York Jets (19)

Please stop asking if it’s Tebow Time. He’s the worst QB in the history of QB’s. (RW)

26. Buffalo Bills (27)

Despite being off, narrowly avoided a loss. Back next week for MURDER at Houston. (RW)

27. San Diego Chargers (20)

The GM AJ Smith, Head Coach Norv Turner need to be fired ASAP. Is Rivers auditioning for his job the rest of the year. (TD)

28. Oakland Raiders (28)

2 wins in a row, but this team still hasn’t beaten anyone, can’t see them being a factor for the division going forward. (TD)

29. Carolina Panthers (29)

They had a chance late against the Bears which shows improvement but another costly mistake by Cam cost his team a win. (CC)

30. Cleveland Browns (31)

Beating Norv Turner is never an accomplishment. NEVER. (RW)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (30)

This season is all about the development/progression of Blaine Gabbert.  Is he a franchise quarterback?  Not right now. (CC)

32. Kansas City Chiefs (32)

Brady Quinn didn’t last long. Cassell will start vs SD on Thursday, whatever team loses will most likely lose their coach Friday morning. (TD)

Largest Increase: Tampa Bay +10

Largest Decrease: Tie, San Diego and New Orleans -7

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