NBA Tip-Off Day Two

October 31, 2012

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Games to watch

San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans Hornets

Tip off: 8 p.m. EST

Of all the games to watch tonight, this to me seems to be among the top three, maybe even number two. As for of the week, I’d probably rate this in the top five somewhere, but anyway, let’s move onto what makes this a somewhat interesting game.

Everyone knows the story of the Spurs by now. Amazing regular season, disappointing out in the post-season. So, here we are in a new regular season and the Spurs are looking to have the same success that they usually do. The Hornets are more or less a new look team, sporting two major rookies in Anthony “The Brow” Davis, as well as Austin Rivers. A big contrast to the Spurs who remain extremely similar, which is fine by me. If it ain’t broke, right? (Yeah, you can make the argument that it is broken, but that’s another article for another time, all right?)

Anthony “The Brow” Davis: Leading his team in points/rebounds against Miami.

Let’s get the fun match-up out of the way: Davis and Duncan. Sure, Davis plays at the five, and Duncan at the four, but nonetheless, this will be an interesting match-up because it inevitably has to happen. Davis played extremely well in the pre-season, and had the highlight game against Miami, throwing up 24 points and 11 rebounds against an exceptional Miami team. Interesting enough, but I get it was pre-season. This is the real deal Davis, and it’s time to prove whether you are by going right at sure-fire Hall of Famer Tim Duncan. I think Davis will do just fine personally, but just remember that it is only one game.

Rivers and Parker (or Manu) is the next interesting match-up. Rivers seems to be a bit injury prone (hmm.. sound familiar Spurs fans?), but he had a (when he played) decent pre-season as well. Again, this is a real deal and he’s in the same situation “The Brow” is. You have to go right at Parker and Manu, and prove you’re worthy of even being in the same sentence as them. Make no mistake, I am a Rivers fan, mainly because of his Duke past (for what it was anyway), but he does have a clutch gene, and we’ve seen it before. He can get to the hoop pretty well, and he’s as fast as anyone. He’ll be a great match-up against the speed of the French point guard Tony Parker. Both plays have the ability to pass the ball off to great options as well with Rivers and Gordon, and Parker handing to either Manu (when they’re together) or Jackson (who has been lights out from three).

Those match-ups being out of the way, let’s talk benches, coaches, and maybe just real quick a prediction. Both benches are all right, but the starting line-ups are easily in the favor of the Spurs. The Hornets are a young team, and they’ll have some speed and want to play run and gun, which is how the Spurs are going about things now.

So, who am I picking? Probably San Antonio, but Davis should have a pretty good night (if he plays well). And remember, just because the Hornets lose this game, doesn’t mean it’s all or nothing. It’s just the first game, remember that Hornet/Davis/Rivers fans. Final score: 110-96. Spurs win.

Golden State Warriors @ Phoenix Suns

Tip off: 10:00 p.m. EST

Here are two teams that have experienced glory, but have not done a whole lot with it. Just barely a shadow of what they once were, the new look Phoenix Suns look to go at the Warriors in what is sure to be a high-scoring affair. Make no mistake, even without Nash the Suns can put up points. Only takes a few three’s to drain for either team before that rim opens up like a swimming pool.

Some interesting things to note: GSW isn’t looking to be brushed away. I have heard from several Warriors fans, and they disliked quite a bit as to how I’ve brushed them aside. I’m sorry Warriors, but can you blame me? You really have no one of substance on your roster that can stay healthy enough to do a whole lot, besides David Lee of course. That man is the exception, and he’ll have a great night tonight. I’m sure Curry and Bogut (provided they are healthy long enough to play for 48 minutes, not even really) will put up big numbers as well. When Curry is healthy and plays, he is a dangerous man with a clutch gene in him somewhere. He won’t go out without a fight, and we all know that Bogut is a beast on the block when healthy. To be honest, I’m afraid to sleep on him, because I’m sure it’ll bite me in some way, but I’m going with my gut and say he’ll probably miss 40 games this year anyway, so oh well.

Phoenix, maybe I am a bit too excited for you. I have been waiting for the post-Nash era to start to see how you rebuild, and to be honest it’s not that bad of an effort. You didn’t move up in the draft (like I thought you should have to grab Rivers). You attempted to get Eric Gordon, but were brushed aside by NO matching the offer (great move on the Hornets part). You even traded with the Hornets, and Timberwolves and brought in some younger/different talent. I’ve had at least one person rate the Suns at 27 on their power rankings (which is way too low in my opinion), but have seen ESPN rate them at 20 to start the season. Where do I think? Anywhere from 15-20, but I could understand why they are rated low.

“The Dragon” can fly. Can Phoenix soar to a victory against Golden State?

The match-ups in this game are not really what I’m interested in, just so much as I am in seeing Phoenix attempt to mesh on the court with Goran “The Dragon” Dragic given the keys to the car.
So, if you like basketball, and you like scoring, watch this game. Both teams are going to fill it up. Final score: 115-121, Phoenix wins.

Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers

Tip Off: 10:30 p.m. EST.

Welcome back to Lob City, Memphis. In what was one of the more intriguing opening round series of last years playoffs, Memphis returns against its foe LA to avenge its loss at the hands of the injured Clips. If Memphis had trouble with them last season, they’re in for an unfortunate surprise this year because the Clips team is healthy, and deeper than ever. Be excited Clipper fans.

CP3 and Griffin: Lob City.

To be honest, I expect this not be much of a contest. Memphis really hasn’t done a whole lot to make itself better, and they couldn’t be a beat up Clips team when it mattered last season, so why would they be able to beat them now?

I’ll focus on at least the starting match-up, but let me get this out of the way: The Clips bench is twice as good as the Grizzlies bench, albeit twice as old, but twice as good. So, that’s why I’m not bothering to analyze that. There simply isn’t much of a reason to do so.

The starters can get interesting. Mainly, the match-up of Conley Jr. against CP3 intrigues me a little. Mr. Conley seems to have had a great season last year, and he is always improving. It’s time to see if he can keep that up, with a heck of a test against one of the most creative, sneaky point guards in the NBA. The match-up for Butler going against Gay should be a great one. Both players have dealt with injuries, but only Gay has had to be the face of a franchise, and hasn’t seem to evolve into that face he needs to be.

All in all, this will be a great match-up but the Clippers bench will win the game, all the while giving Lob City something to cheer for. Clips win, 90-101.

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