Week 8 Thoughts: Say Goodbye to Norv

October 30, 2012

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This week in the NFL, teams began to really set themselves apart from the rest of the pack while for others the free fall continued. We have a contending pack of 3-4 in the AFC and legitimately 6-7 in the NFC.

But before I get to anything: I hate the Patriots but during their visit to London to play the Rams, tight end Rob Gronkowski celebrated a touchdown catch with a little ode to the host with a Nutcracker Spike.  That’s just good fun, that’s what that is.

Let’s not waste anytime and get right into this weeks thoughts.


 I thought their second half collapse against Rashhead and the Broncos in front of a national audience on Monday Night Football was funny enough but to come out of the bye week and lose to the Browns? They may as well openly petition to have Norv Turner fired.  That’s really the only more obvious step they could take at this point.

Let’s face facts here:  Norv’s mere presence in the NFL has been a conundrum in itself. In his 22 year career, he’s got a .485 winning percentage.  Of those 22 years, he’s only had five winning seasons and 3 of those were after he took over a loaded Chargers team featuring an actually good Phillip Rivers,  LaDainian Tomlinson before he was totally worthless, Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, and a good defense.  Yet even with all that talent, he’s just 4-4 in the playoffs (3-3 since taking over in San Diego).

The fact that he still has his job is a modern mystery and I really wouldn’t be stunned if he somehow kept his job after this season where Phillip Rivers became worse than your average backup and the team blew game after game.


Atlanta Proves Every Doubter to be Idiotic

Yes, that includes yours truly. I kept rationalizing that they were just eeking out wins because they were getting a bit lucky but after trouncing the struggling Eagles over the weekend, it seems to me they’re a good team who was winning because that’s what good teams do: they win even when they’re not playing at their best.

Matt Ryan has got to be strongly considered as an MVP candidate. He’s in the top five in several integral categories (3rd in Touchdowns, Passer Rating, and Completion Percentage, 8th in yards) and makes efficient use of a ridiculous set of weapons.  One week, Roddy White goes off, the next it’s Julio Jones, the week after it’s Tony Gonzalez, and so on.

If they could only get the human bowling ball Michael Turner to improve on his meager 3.8ypc, they’d really be cruising.

Andy Reid Might be Dumb Enough to Bench Mike Vick

I don’t mean that in the sense that I think Vick is really valuable to his team or anything like that. The way he’s been turning the ball over this year, he’s more valuable to the other team than he is his own. No, I mean that if Andy Reid sits Vick down for rookie Nick Foles, he may as well start typing up his resume while he’s at it.

Foles is a rookie and not even one of the thousand rookies that is starting at QB in the NFL this year.  He wasn’t considered in the same class as Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Brandon Wheeden, Russell Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, and so on.  Despite all his turnover issues, there is no way in hell Foles is a better option than Vick right now and both Reid and Vick need to win NOW.

What an off-season this could be if both the Walrus and Norv Turner are canned.  But imagine the fun if their both retained? Who else is looking forward to simultaneous riots on both coasts? No?

Denver Emerging as a Contender in the Weak AFC

 I mean, is this team really a contender?  How much of this is a product of playing in the worst division in the league’s inferior conference? I don’t know but the stupid Broncos with their stupid lurch-looking quarterback looked dominant in a 34-14 trouncing of the Saints.  Which, the Saints defense is terrible and we all know this but holding Drew Brees to 14 points in this day and age is pretty damned impressive.

Looking at their schedule the rest of the way, this team could run the table and end up 13-3 and the #1 seed in the conference.  Jesus, look at this schedule down the stretch:  @ Cincy, @ Carolina, vs San Diego, @ Kansas City, vs Tampa, @ Oakland, @ Baltimore, vs Cleveland, vs Kansas City. Is there an easier schedule in the NFL over the last 9 weeks? They should murder everybody on the schedule with the exception of Baltimore and even then, with the state of Baltimore’s defense, you’re telling me they couldn’t shred the Ravens and put Joe Flacco in the unlikely position of beating them? No, you’re not telling me that because you’d be stupid if you did.

I know I can’t wait for another Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning playoff game where the announcers FAPFAPFAP over the two for a solid four hours.

Alex Smith Proves Himself…This Week

The 49ers are a good team. They are physical and aggressive on both sides of the ball, they run well with Frank Gore and Kendall Walker, and their defense is arguably the best in the league. So naturally, when they struggle, the scrutiny falls on quarterback Alex Smith’s shoulders.  And why shouldn’t it? He’s a former #1 overall pick who hasn’t even come close to living up to that hype.   He’s also been outright bad at times when the 49ers are trailing and need to throw the ball.  This can be a problem for them.

But last night, he was very efficient in a 24-3 domination of the Arizona Cardinals, going 18/19 for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns against a very good defense in its own right.

We all know the deal at this point.  He’s efficient when he gets the opportunity to be but if teams can somehow get the jump on the 49ers and grab the lead, Smith might be forced to win the game with his arm and that’s not something any rational human being should feel comfortable about.  But it’s fun to see Jim Harbaugh rage to a point where I think he might pass out.  Can’t wait for him to have a serious health setback in the near future and then claim he’s stepping down to “spend time with his family”.

Come back next week when I get emo all over your asses after Houston makes Buffalo look like Jodie Foster in The Accused. Looking forward to it.

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2 Comments on “Week 8 Thoughts: Say Goodbye to Norv”

  1. Chase Okorowski Says:

    Awesome article. I think we will find out this week who will be the quarterback in Philly, Vick should get the chance to go up against NO, if by halftime he doesn’t have a decent stat line, he cant do it, simple as that. And while I’m not so sure about Foles, I find it hard to be bad with an offense as dominate as the Eagles. Some may point out Vick is still decent after his zero turnovers last week but I believe that is purely due to his check down passing and lack of deep routes, I believe the longest went for some 26 yards by Jackson, don’t quote me.

    And while I was down on Alex Smith a few years after his rookie season, I always thought he was underrated. Harbough finally found an offense Smith can handle, with respectable receiving threats, and even structured the team around Smith leading it. It may not seem like it, but I think he holds his share in an outstanding team, whom I project to win it all. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think Smith has the potential to be a post season MVP.


    • Ryan Womeldorf Says:

      Thanks, Chase. Obviously agree on the Vick situation and when it comes to Smith and that Niners offense, I think they are more than capable of winning a game or two for them. Probably won’t have to even win that many, though, thanks to that defense.


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