Why do we Hate Joe Buck?: An Interview with the Administrator of Joe Buck Sucks

October 27, 2012

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There is no sports broadcaster in our modern age more polarizing than Joe Buck.

You either love him, or you don’t. However, it seems that there are more of the latter than the former.

I wanted to get into the head of the fans who hate the fact that Joe Buck has the job he does, and find out why?

Before Buck took the airwaves for Game 1 of the World Series, I had the opportunity to talk with some one who really does not like Joe Buck.

So much so that they have dedicated their time to spread one message over social media; that message? “Joe Buck Sucks“.

The Facebook fan page was created in wake of the 2009 MLB playoffs. The Administrator who wish not to be named gave more detail into the reasonings behind the movement.

But why? Why do they have such a strong distaste for Buck? Is it simply because of his baseball coverage?

Ironically it’s the game of baseball that gave Joe Buck his start in the business.

Joe is the son of the renowned broadcaster Jack Buck, who gained fame for his memorable calls of the St.Louis Cardinals, World Series’, and Super Bowls.

In fact Jack and Joe are the only father-son to call a Super Bowl.

Historically speaking Jack has been accredited to being one of the best there has ever been. He has even been awarded by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his broadcasting work.

However, it’s Jack’s legacy that has made people so angry with Joe Buck. It is the opinion of many, including the Admin that he only has a job because of his father’s accolades.

What the Admin is referring to is an interview Joe Buck had with Colin Cowherd in 2008 in which Buck admitted he did not watch much baseball.

The interview can be interpreted many ways to be honest, but most of the baseball community took it to heart that the man calling the games doesn’t enjoy Baseball as much as the die-hard fan does.

A post on the “joe buck sucks” Facebook page.

This has been the crying call for those who despise Joe to have him yanked from calling baseball games for Fox ever since.

The loudest cries for Buck’s removal have come from the fan page, the majority of the content on the page is devoted to fans from across the nation showing their distaste for the man.

As of recently however there has been a movement to contact the executives at Fox to have their opinion of Joe Buck heard. This was a status update from the page left on October 16th.

one of our fellow joe buck sucks supporters shared this….
You really want to let FOX know what you think? If you write it’s important to have examples, what he said, etc. Not just “he is stupid” or “he sucks” – this guy wrote back to one of our partners asking for examples. Make it a business letter. Seems he responded. step one!! Dan Bell, Vice President,
Phone: 310-369-6326


In the comments section of the post there were examples of people who contacted Bell, with all of the responses from the VP being in disagreement of the fans, and that Joe Buck would remain on air for Fox Sports.

(*I reached out to Dan Bell to get his opinion on the matter, but I was unable to get his response in time for the publishing of this story.)

It makes sense, after all Fox signed a 4-year contract with Buck in 2010.

With all of this activism from the users, I was curious if there was any opposition, or even those who have tried to shut the fan page down.

This speaks volumes of the impact this page has had, to be honest I didn’t think this page had much impact prior to the interview but I was wrong, real wrong.

Next, I had to discover how the exchange between Ms. Buck and the community went down.

I had to take the Admin’s word for it. Natalie’s portion of the exchange was removed once she left the page on July 24th, 2011, according to the Admin.

Merchandise currently for purchase on the page

So what’s next for this page? Obviously their current actions speak for themselves, but what is the future for this site?

There already is merchandise advertised on the site including T-Shirts, wristbands and koozies that read simply: “Joe Buck Sucks”.

The Admin made it clear to me though, that goal is not to profit on the page, rather they want to convey their message to as many people as possible.

The Admin was not exaggerating either; at the time of the interview the page was around 16,100 or so “likes” and in the 3 ½ days since it has grown to 16,929. By the time you have finished reading this, it will more than likely be over 17,000 likes on Facebook.

However there seemed to be some doubt in the Admin’s mind that their growing pressure on Fox will change Joe Buck and what he brings to the table.

The last few lines of statements came off as a moment of weakness from the Admin who heads this operation.

You could never tell this from reading the site alone. One quick glance of the “About” section of the page would leave many to believe (including myself) that there is nothing but hatred for the man.

“I have never played organized sports in my entire life. Therefore, I am jealous of every successful athlete and talk bullshit because I have no idea what I am talking about. Fox is just a bunch of suckers to keep paying me to talk out my ass.”

I can understand the Admin’s feelings, after all if wasn’t for Joe Buck and his alleged ineptitude this site wouldn’t exist. To end our discussion I had to ask the Admin if they were given 15 minutes to speak with Buck, what would you say to him?

This reinforced my thinking, and hell, maybe it wouldn’t be too off-base to think that the Admin, and the other thousands of people on the page actually enjoy Buck, even if the reason is that they have something to complain about other than their team.

It appears as if Buck realizes this himself too. It is safe to say that Joe will never receive the love and admiration that his father did from fans, but he will be known for being the most polarizing man that sports broadcasting has ever seen.

Regardless, Joe Buck will continue to call the games you love, the question is how far will those who despise that fact go to stop that, and why?

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14 Comments on “Why do we Hate Joe Buck?: An Interview with the Administrator of Joe Buck Sucks”

  1. mickeyspicks Says:

    You need to do one of these for John Gruden. I can not stand his constant rambling and smug look on his face.


  2. Jon Says:

    Love the Twitter bio there Joe…thanks for reminding us all that you’re doing us a FAVOR by calling the games. So glad you can keep a level head through all the fame.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    As long as Fox is Broadcasting the World Series, I turned the volume down and listen to KNBR !


  4. Harley Says:

    I am forever wishing that Jack had used birth control!


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Undoubtedly, the most irritating announcer with the worst voice in all of sports.


  6. Zach Hand Says:

    Joe Buck loves New York teams and it’s ridiculous to hear him announce any game with a New York team if you aren’t on his side.


  7. Big Blue Tailgaters Says:

    Its not Just Baseball,,,,,,NY area aka Giants Fans Hate Joe Buck and his coverage on Fox…..worst was the the 2007 playoff were with out a doubt he and Troy Aikman where routing against the Gmen


    • Anonymous Says:

      What are you talking about Joe Buck loves New York, especially the Yankees. On a side note it’s bad that we can’t even agree which teams he’s biased towards.


  8. John Wildman Says:

    Understand Mr. Jagot. I like your story. Thank you.


  9. John Wildman Says:

    Please remember, in baseball it’s about TEAM. BOTH Joe Buck AND Tim McCarver EQUALLY suck.


    • Stefan Jagot Says:

      That is your opinion, my job was to tell a story not proclaim what I feel about Buck, or McCarver.


    • Patrick Johnson (@PaddyJ1325) Says:

      Actually Joe Buck sucks so much that he drags McCarver down with him. On occasions in the past couple of years when Buck was off on football duty and McCarver was paired up with another play-by-play guy, his performance improved dramatically, IMHO. One game in particular when he was paired with Dick Stockton, who has been a very good announcer for a very long time, and McCarver was — dare I say — refreshing and insightful.
      McCarver sucks but its all Buck’s fault.


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