NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

Editor’s note: The rankings and commentary are a collaboration between The Farm Club writers Clayton Crowe, Stephen ChottTravis Devlin, and Ryan Womeldorf.

1. Atlanta Falcons

Best team in the NFL has a nice ring to it but it won’t mean much to Atlanta fans until success is seen in January. (CC)

2. Houston Texans

That was a big bounce back win against the Ravens on Sunday. The defense gave the Ravens a taste of their own medicine. (CC)

3. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is back to playing at his MVP level and the Packers are a serious contender once again with their high-powered offense. (SC)

4. New York Giants

Some weeks they look like the best, some weeks average. The offense is clicking, they’re a dangerous team. (SC)

5. Chicago Bears

The Bears defense suffocated the Lions for another impressive win on Monday night. (SC)

6. San Francisco 49ers

I guess we’ll find out if it’s possible to win a Super Bowl without an elite QB, because Alex Smith certainly isn’t that. (TD)

7. New England Patriots

They won and the world is still ending. The offense looks a touch off and the defense still blows, but this team is going to win regardless. (RW)

8. Baltimore Ravens

The D is depleted and Flacco looked AWFUL against HOU. Still a playoff team, but title hopes probably compare to Ladarius Webb’s knee. (RW)

9. Denver Broncos

After being down 24-0 at San Diego and coming back to win; is anyone still wondering if Peyton Manning is back? (TD)

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

They might have enough healthy guys to field a team, but with Roethlisberger and good coaching. They’ll win. DOIN’ IT RIGHT. (RW)

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Under Andy Reid, the Eagles are 13-0 coming off a bye week. They have some problems, but we’ll see if they’ll correct them. (SC)

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12. Minnesota Vikings

One of the surprise teams from the first half of the season, but with Christian Ponder at QB you have to wonder if they can keep it up. (SC)

13. Seattle Seahawks

Defense is tough, but how far can Russell Wilson really take them?  By the way, is there a more entertaining running back than Marshawn Lynch? (TD)

14. Arizona Cardinals

Words I never thought I would say. Damn they miss Kevin Colb. (TD)

15. Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III is as exciting as they come and the Skins have a sneaky good offense. (SC)

16. New Orleans Saints

Brees threw for over 300 yards and 4 TD’s in the first half Sunday. They’re better than their 0-4 start would indicate. (CC)

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17. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have snuck out some close wins, but they’re end of game troubles have been worrying. Big test against the Giants this week. (SC)

18. Cincinnati Bengals

Perhaps the best “bad/good” team in the league? Just a mess of a team defensively but A.J. Green is the real deal and a half. (RW)

19. New York Jets

I still think they’re a bad team but definitely not an easy out. Sanchez doesn’t look TOTALLY horrendous. Rex Ryan will always be fat. (RW)

20. San Diego Chargers

So you allegedly cheat and still choke on MNF? Haven’t looked like this in years, and maybe the Rivers we saw last year wasn’t just a fluke. (TD)

21. Miami Dolphins

Good defense, rookie QB who likes like he might not be a total failure, good running game. Not a team to be taken lightly. (RW)

22. St. Louis Rams

Surprise surprise, this team looks like it could be good in the near future. Hopefully they enjoy LA. (TD)

23. Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker may be the future but Matt Hasselbeck is the present. The offense flows better with him under center. (CC)

24. Detroit Lions

The Lions are free falling and have to be worried about everybody not named Calvin Johnson. (SC)

25. Indianapolis Colts

This is essentially the same team that went 2-14 a season ago.  Amazing the difference a competent quarterback can make. (CC)

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tough loss at home against the Saints.  Josh Freeman has really impressed with two straight  very solid performances. (CC)

27. Buffalo Bills

Glad to see all that money helped the defense. You let Chris Johnson run for almost 200 yards? Season done. Game over, man. (RW)

28. Oakland Raiders

Just beat the Jaguars without their QB and MJD. Nevertheless, they continue to perfect the art of sucking. (TD)

29. Carolina Panthers

Maybe we over-hyped both the team and Cam.  Should we blame ourselves or Ryan Kalil because of his Super prediction? (CC)

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

Let’s face it, this team wasn’t very good with Jones-Drew in the lineup. They could be historically bad with him out for at least two weeks. (CC)

31. Cleveland Browns

They try to rebuild and now they’re getting new management. Yeah, I’m sure that and their 29-year-old rookie QB will do wonders. (RW)

32. Kansas City Chiefs

Hey Chiefs fans, if turning to Brady Quinn  isn’t a sign that your season is already over, i’m not sure what else is. (TD)

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