Michigan vs Michigan State: Finally, a Michigan Win

October 24, 2012

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After what was one of the longest droughts in the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry the Wolverines were finally able to walk off the field as victors. With a final score of 12-10 there are positives and negatives to take away from their performance.

The defense showed up to play and play well they did. The Wolverines only allowed a total of 304 total yards and forced 1 turnover. Being able to hold the Spartans to only 112 rushing yards the passing game is how Michigan State made their way up the field. The defense did allow some big plays in key moments but they did their part to allow their offense to put more points on the board than the Spartans.

The offense on the other had was disappointing. For a team that has the capability of being explosive there were no real big plays or great performances as Michigan was unable to score a single touchdown against Michigan State. Michigan is the first team this season not to score a touchdown against the Spartans and that is a big negative from this game.

The Wolverines came into this game easily defeating Illinois and Purdue and were expected to have momentum to be able to easily take down the Spartans. However the game play looked quite conservative and rather poor on offense. Michigan only had 326 total offensive yards and only 16 first downs.

Don’t get me wrong on how I feel about this game, I am happy for this win, it has been too long since Michigan has beaten Michigan State, however I am not happy at how they won it. When you are unable to score a single touchdown it makes your offense appear rather weak. The two top performing Wolverines during the game were wide receiver Drew Dileo and kicker Brendan Gibbons. Drew Dileo had 4 receptions for 92 yards and quite often they were when the Wolverines needed yardage the most. Brendan Gibbons was 3-3 for field goals, one of which was the game winning field goal in the closing seconds of the game.

The Michigan Wolverines next game is at Nebraska this next Saturday at 8pm. This match up is a key one in the Legends Division. Chances are whoever wins this game will head to the Big Ten Championship game.


Team Stats

1st downs

Michigan 16

MSU 16

Total Yards

Michigan 326

MSU 304


Michigan 163

MSU 192


Michigan 163

MSU 112


Michigan 1


Passing Stats

Michigan Robinson 14/29 163 yards 0 TD 1 INT

MSU Maxwell 21/34 192 yards 1 TD 1 INT

Rushing Leaders

Michigan Robinson 20 carries 96 yards 44 long 0 TD

Michigan Toussaint 10 carries 52 yards 38 long 0 TD

MSU Bell 26 carries 68 yards 8 long 0 TD

MSU Sadler 1 carries 26 yards 26 long 0 TD

Receiving Leaders

Michigan Dileo 4 receptions 92 yards 35 long 0 TD

Michigan Gallon 1 receptions 22 yards 22 long 0 TD

MSU Fowler 2 receptions 59 yards 45 long 0 TD

MSU Burbridge 6 receptions 51 yards 19 long 0 TD

(stats from

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