World Series Preview

October 23, 2012


We are ready for the 2012 World Series. The teams vying to be the best in the World are finally narrowed down to only two. No longer are many people colored by their personal favorite teams (Unless you like Detroit or San Francisco), but you can look at it with clean eyes to determine who you think will win.

This years matchup puts two teams who have been towards the top for a while and we can clearly see that they both have lots of strengths that help make their case to be the World Series Champs

American League: Detroit Tigers

The Tigers have been on fire in the playoffs. It is almost not fair what they did to the Yankees, but as a Red Sox fan I don’t really mind. Now it is worth mentioning that the Yankees did collapse in that series, with the loss of Derrick Jeter and poor play of A-Rod and Swisher.

However, if you look beyond the Yankee’s problems you could see a disciplined and fundamental Tigers team that played baseball like normal and showed it. The Tigers had 4 players with a batting average above .350 and only allowed 6 runs throughout the entire series.

The Tigers pitching staff were consistently solid and not letting the opposing teams score many runs (unless you are Jose Valverde). The Tigers have not been the team out front all year, but as they have come into the postseason they look to be a completely different team. You can see the motivation they have to win the World Series, and the talent is definitely there as well.

National League: San Francisco Giants

Well the Giants have been very entertaining this postseason. They first took out the Cincinnati Reds in 5 games after being down 2-0 and winning three straight. Now they have beaten the reigning World Series Champion Cardinals in 7 after being down 3-1 and again winning 3 straight.

I’m not sure what happens in the beginning of series for the Giants, but all that matters is that they came out on top in the end. This is due to the active bats of Marco Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval and the pitching of Ryan Vogelsong, Barry Zito, and of course Matt Cain.

The Giants this whole time have been out to prove that their World Series two years ago was not a fluke and that last years inability to make it to the playoffs at all was.

The Verdict

Both of these teams are strong all around the ball and boast game changing all-stars. Both teams have pitching staffs that can more than handle the pressure of the world series and the bullpens of each are strong.

This looks like the ultimate idea of the World Series. When you look at both of these teams you see the best players in the league and the most complete teams.

It is very difficult to try and predict who will win this series because both teams are so good. It will be a hard fought series. I see the Giants taking the first two games followed by three by the Tigers (following home field advantage).

The next two get kind of murky and really depends on who is pitching in each of these games. If the Tigers play the series like any normal person Justin Verlander will pitch either game six or seven, and that is the end. If Verlander pitches one of the last two games the Tigers will take it (refer to the article on Verlander). So all saying I am going to call Tigers in 6 and Verlander pitches a complete game in Game 6 to bring the Championship to Detroit for the first time since 1984.


* –  if necessary

Game 1 Detroit @ San Francisco Wed, Oct 24 8:00 PM

Game 2 Detroit @ San Francisco Thur, Oct 25 8:00 PM

Game 3 San Francisco @ Detroit Sat, Oct 27 8:00 PM

Game 4 San Francisco @ Detroit Sun, Oct 28 8:00 PM

*Game 5 San Francisco @ Detroit Mon, Oct 29 8:00 PM

*Game 6 Detroit @ San Francisco Wed, Oct 31 8:00 PM

*Game 7 Detroit @ San Francisco Thur, Nov 1 8:00PM

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