The Official NFL Coaches Doomsday (Unemployment) Clock

October 23, 2012

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We’re nearly half way through the season, while there has been plenty of good play in the NFL, there has been a lot of let-downs respectively.

When expectations aren’t met, some one has to be held accountable and usually it’s the head coach. Plenty of coaches get fired at the end of each year, but there are always coaches that aren’t lucky enough to make it to the end.

And with that we bring you the NFL Coaches Doomsday (Unemployment) Clock.

The Official Doomsday (Unemployment) Clock.

Sorry, Jon…

Each coaches position on this clock is directly related to how much time they have left with their current employer, and as you may have guessed 12:00 is midnight.

Midnight means; doomsday, unemployment, and potentially the worst fate of all; a job as an ESPN NFL analyst.

Jason Garrett- 4:00

The seat isn’t too hot for Jason Garrett right now, but it’s starting to get a little warm. When he was hired in 2010, he had already been there for a couple of years and had been called an offensive genius during his time as coordinator of the team. In his two and a half years as coach though, he’s been just a little above average with a 15-14 career record in Dallas as head coach.

Jerry Jones has stood behind Garrett, but not all of the Cowboys fan base feels the same way. They are getting tired of the undisciplined and underachieving Cowboys, and if they continue to play poorly Garrett could find his way out of Dallas soon.

Rex Ryan- 5:00

In his first two years as Jets head coach, Rex Ryan coached the team to the playoffs with his tough defensive mentality that he brought with him from Baltimore. He’s always been a big talker, but when the talk isn’t backed up you end up with what the Jets have. The team has been falling apart from the inside-out in the past year and a half, with fighting in the lockerroom and poor play on the field.

The media in New York is never kind, and the pressure is on for Rex Ryan in New York. He won’t be fired immediately, but if he can’t turn around the dysfunctional Jets than he may be on his way out pretty soon.

Norv Turner- 8:00

At the end of last year, many people expected Norv Turner to be fired after another bad season for the San Diego Chargers. Turner came back though, despite the cries from Chargers fans everywhere. While many expected him to be gone last year, if Turner can’t get the Chargers back to the playoffs in 2012 there’s no way he could stick around for another year.

The Chargers are tied for 1st place in the AFC West though, so there is a chance that the dysfunctional Chargers could have another season with Norv Turner if they play well in the second half of the year.

Andy Reid- 9:00

When the “Dream Team” Eagles couldn’t make the playoffs last year, many Eagles fans thought it would be time for Andy Reid to finally be done in Philly. He’s made the playoffs 9 times in his 13 year tenure as Eagles coach, but another year of missing the playoffs will get Reid fired.

At the beginning of the year, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said that Reid won’t be back if the Eagles miss the playoffs. With Reid trusting the offense in the hands of turnover machine Michael Vick, they both could be looking for a new job very soon.

Pat Shurmur- 11:00

While a lot of these coaches are dealing with halfway decent teams, Pat Shurmur is out of luck. The Browns are one of the worst teams in the NFL and have been that way during Shurmur’s 2 years in Cleveland. The team has brought in some good young players for the future, but it seems like Shurmur won’t be there for the future.

The Browns have only one win this year and new owner Jimmy Haslam has already pushed out Mike Holmgren effective at the end of the year. You have to think with a new regime coming in, Shurmur is on his way out unless the Browns turn around significantly.

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