Top 25 College Basketball Jerseys: 25-21

College basketball is exciting for many reasons, the atmosphere, the competition, the tradition, and most importantly, the swagger.

As we count down the hours to tip-off here are Top-25 programs based solely on their jerseys; starting with the #25 through #21 spots. You can join in on the fun by hash-tagging #TFCJerseyRank on Twitter.

25- Costal Carolina University Chanticleers

I had no idea what a Chanticleer was until researching this piece. Turns out a lot of people do not know either, luckily CCU has a page for us.

Regardless of being named after a mythical rooster, their jerseys definitely are ones to be reckoned with.

The black and teal combination, while profound, works for them.

The execution is aesthetically pleasing, and if it wasn’t for the simpleness of the design overall they would be ranked higher on this list.

24- Marshall University Thundering Herd

While Marshall is known for their football program, unfortunately because of terrible circumstances, these jerseys force the college hoops fan to pay attention.

The biggest sell of this jersey is the bold font “Marshall“, definitely gives off a no nonsense attitude, and with the combination of a clean black-trim this makes for a sexy jersey.

The only issue I have with this jersey is the green mesh in the shorts. It doesn’t match the jersey itself, but nevertheless this is one of the best in the game.

23- Virginia Tech Hokies

Another school in which football dominates the scene, but nevertheless these jerseys are a prime example of high-risk, high-reward.

As you can see VT utilizes white and burnt orange in the lettering of the jersey.

A risky move for sure, but the execution gives Virginia Tech an identity of it’s own, especially in an Atlantic Coast Conference full of basketball heavyweights.

My knock on the Hokies has to be the number font however. It doesn’t match the lettering at all, the worst part being the burnt orange trim, which contradicts the lettering scheme which as no trim whatsoever.

In all the jersey works because of the risk factor, but there is definitely room for improvement with this one.

22- Loyola Marymount University Lions

LMU made their name known in the 90’s but ever since have sank deeper and deeper into irrelevance. However this not due to their jersey game, which is on point.

The biggest reason these jersey are on the list is simply due to the lettering.

It’s in your face, and it has an old-english “royalty” feel, and is truly a rebuttal to the standard “block” lettering that comes at seemingly a dime-a-dozen .

The jersey loses some points on creativity outside of the lettering, very plain, but still these jerseys are unique and deserve recognition on the list.

(Frank Woodford’s Top Five Freshman of The Year Candidates)

21- Baylor University Bears

Hear me out, just because something is different doesn’t mean it is the best; case in point: The Bears of Baylor University.

Their jersey definitely stands out, but they are God-awful on the eyes.

The bright green and camouflage print really don’t match, but it catches your eye and that alone counts for something.

I know that the jerseys were exclusive to the Bears’ March Madness run of 2011-12 but I am sure that this isn’t the last time we will see them. If that is the case, well in my opinion… good riddance.

In conclusion, Baylor gets the rank for pure-flamboyance, but really Tiger striped camouflage for a team nicknamed the Bears?


We know you have opinions, sound them off on the comment section below. Also see what others are have to say on Twitter by using the hashtag #TFCJerseyRank.

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