College Football Uniforms: The Beasts of The East

October 20, 2012

College Football

Stephen Kersh, the normal author of this three piece segment, which covers the west, midwest and east, took the week off to become a better “jogger”. So I took the reigns this week and will proxy for the U.S. Ambassador of Swag himself.

The east coast has had its debacles over the years, Maryland’s “flag-jersey” combo is first that comes to mind. But that is in the past and there are plenty of great jerseys across the right-coast that make up for the Terrapins disgusting jersey.


Rutgers University

Lose your prestigious head coach to the NFL, so what? Currently the Scarlet Knights are 5-1 and are ranked in polls for what literally seems like the first time in forever.

What can be attributed to their solid start to the season? Good players, sure. Great coaching, perhaps. I like to think that the biggest reason is the old philosophy “Look good, feel good, play good“.

The Newark based Rutgers University features 3 distinct combos as you can see to your left. But what really puts the icing on the cake are the chromed out helmets.

Nike exemplifies the “Knight” look with the helmet. It gives the feeling of an armored warrior, so much so that it makes their rivals at Under Armour look like nothing more than squires.

I am excited to see how the season plays out for the Scarlet Knights and hopefully we can see their talents in a BCS bowl game where these jerseys can get the exposure they deserve.


West Virginia University 

If John Denver was still alive today (R.I.P) he would have to insert a couple new verses to  “Take Me Home, Country Roads” just to acknowledge the pure beauty of the Mountaineers new gray jerseys.

The only knock I have on this jersey is the off-gray used for the helmet, it doesn’t quite match the jersey, but other than that it is a super solid jersey.

It doesn’t hurt to have a high-octane offense to go along with these sharp pieces of swag.

Dana Holgorsen has really inserted his offense-first mentality to WVU and they have been able to compete in a conference that many had them struggling in.

Duke University

The school that no one knows exists until basketball season, made some waves for the football season with their all back helmets. Notice that you can’t find the “D” in them, apparently they can’t find their D themselves either.

Currently the Blue Devils are 71st in total defense, but at a 5-2 record it is quite possible that we will see the Cameron Crazies migrate to a bowl game this season.

While the all black is a little risky, I enjoy the look and it totally made me remember that Duke actually fields a football team…

North Carolina State

The Wolfpack changed their lettering, while subtle, it does look pretty bad ass if I say so myself.


The biggest disappointment this season comes from the “U” aka Miami University. No really big changes to speak of, which sucks, because Miami have been the East Coast swag Ambassadors for years now..




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One Comment on “College Football Uniforms: The Beasts of The East”

  1. Matthew Milko Says:

    Duke’s uniforms are great, the black, blue, white color combo is awesome when done correctly i.e. BYU, Buffalo, and Boise State at times


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