The Friday Five: The I-Talk-About-College-Sports Edition!

Hello one and all and welcome to The Friday Five, the place where you can pick up enough water cooler sports knowledge to get you through an awkward couple of days back at the office on Monday.

The banter is going to be a little light this week as I spent a good chunk of time driving to and from, and in meetings in Chicago at the beginning of the week. #Realworldproblems. Although I did get to have a good time celebrating a Tigers win Tuesday night in a restaurant packed with White Sox fans so that made it all the more sweet. But let’s take a look at things, shall we?

The Big News: How are the New York Yankees able to live? If you’ve watched any coverage of the MLB Postseason in the last week, it hasn’t been about how the Detroit Tigers have been making huge plays, and how their starting pitching has been electric, oh no. If you’ve been paying attention, it’s been about how the Yankees bats aren’t coming alive, and how mistakes have cost them, or how a single blown call completely ended their series. The sports media world seems to really love the Yankees, even though for most everyone living outside of New York, the Yankees are a bunch of crybabies who can’t hack it come October, especially a very highly paid former steroid user, who the Yankee fans should officially dub “Mr. Not-October” or some other portmanteau of those two words, because A-Rod has been cooler than cool (ICE COLD! Alrightalrightalrightalright). Listen, yes there was a mistake made when Infante was called safe coming back to 2nd base, we all accept that, but the media has been acting like that cost the Yankees the game. At that point in Game 2, the Tigers were up 1-0. The game ended 3-0. Three. To. Nothing. The Yankees didn’t score more runs than Detroit would have had they not gotten those two runs after the call, oh no. The Yankees were shut out, so the call really made no difference at all. I hate how whenever these big teams “collapse” it isn’t because they were outplayed, they did it to themselves. The Lakers get eliminated in the first round? They collapsed, they weren’t beaten by a better team. Vancouver Canucks fail in the postseason when they finished 1st in the Western Conference? Well duh, they play shitty teams 6 times a year each and pad their record, when the competition steps up, they show they can’t cut it. We need to stop placing the onus of blame on these teams that lose, and start focusing on how lights out the teams that win are. The Yankees couldn’t hit this series, why? Two words; Tigers. Pitching.

But now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s see what will make you the talk of the office, Mr. I-Don’t-Like-Sports-Guy.

Football: The first BCS rankings were released earlier in the week for College Football, and as expected Alabama has taken the top rank. Florida and Oregon are two and three respectively, swapping their Associate Press rankings. The Top 5 is rounded out by two surprises in the form of Kansas State and Notre Dame, who has been on fire this year at 6-0. The BCS is the awful reason we don’t and haven’t had a real way to determine a real National Champion in College Football for some time now. There is too much money to be made in these BCS games, which is apparently more important than making sure the right team gets recognized as the best in the country. The BCS rankings are your best indicator of who will be playing the top SEC team, because we all know that that is how it is going to end up. Until a real conference winner tournament is established (which is more games, which is more money, how is nobody else realizing this?) then there will always be a question of who really is the best in College Football.

If the MLB Postseason continues to be played this late in October, get used to this.

Baseball: It’s October. The MLB Postseason is in full swing. What happens in October, anyone? It gets cold, yes. It starts to rain, also correct. It can snow, in parts of the country it absolutely can! Why are we playing these games so late in October? With the “expanded playoff format” aka glorified Game 163, these games potentially could run until November if we’re not careful. The MLB regular season is a long, tortuous thing for teams as well as fans. 162 games is a lot to be played in the year, and we either need to cut some games out of the schedule, or do something crazy. What’s crazy? How about we either shorten or completely eliminate Spring Training? These men are professional athletes, not the former plumbers and painters that made up baseball rosters in years past. They’re in shape year round, because the offseason isn’t long enough to get out of shape! The teams report usually in February, and play Spring Training games throughout the month of March. How about we do Spring Training a bit shorter, and then open the season in the southern U.S., where temps will be a bit warmer, so we can have the Postseason finished by Mid-October so games aren’t being delayed all the time? Postseason tickets are expensive, and so is parking at the ballpark. So is taking the day off of work. You’re pissing off a lot of people by delaying games because there might be rain, or other such problems. Something’s got to be done about it.

It’s Indiana’s logo on a basketball! How appropriate!

Basketball: Hey more college sports coverage! The USA Today/ESPN Top 25 rankings were released this week in preparation for the College Basketball season. Indiana takes the top spot in the poll, followed up by Louisville, last year’s National Champion Kentucky, Ohio State and Michigan. This season, I can safely predict, will not end with this looking like the Top 5 at the end of the year. Far too many good teams are ranked 6-15, and there are some outside of 15 who have favorable schedules who could rocket up with a loss or two by a top ranked team, which isn’t completely unheard of, because unless you’re Kentucky coach John Calipari, you don’t have lofty dreams and aspirations of achieving the “perfect season” because you realize that an off night and a competitive team could end that hope, but Calipari wants to win all of the games on a team that he admits isn’t as good as last year’s crew. All I know is that in a few short weeks we will be in the thick of College Basketball, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Hockey: The NHL laid out their hand, and made an offer of a 50/50 split of revenue to the NHLPA, to which they returned with 3 counteroffers that the league rejected. Well that was a big waste of time. And I realize that there is more hockey in the world to be talked about, but the KHL isn’t setting the world on fire, and I don’t think anyone is going to broadcast AHL games nationally, although they should. The AHL this year will be filled with crazy talent due to the lockout. A lot of young kids will be able to improve by leaps and bounds because of the talent level filling that league right now. But I am a hockey fan, and I am not getting my NHL season. And each day off the calendar is one day closer to cancelling the Winter Classic. Can we just get a deal done, already?

This could lead to one of the biggest PPV’s the UFC has ever put on. I’m so excited! And I am have a little difficult in hiding it!

MMA: I know that I did MMA last week, and I know that Anderson Silva embarrassed Stephan Bonnar (like we all knew he would, but wow) but it was announced that Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen will be the two new coaches for the next season of the Ultimate Fighter, with Sonnen receiving a Light-Heavyweight title shot at the end of the season. There are a lot of people who feel that Sonnen doesn’t deserve it, as he hasn’t had a fight in the UFC at Light-Heavyweight yet, but Dana White has stated that he earned the shot when he stepped up to fight Jones when Dan Henderson went out with injury a week before the fight was scheduled. Listen, Chael is a world-class fighter. He pushed Anderson Silva to the limit. The man has a silver tongue and him talking alone can sell a fight, and now before the fight we get a whole season of him running his mouth on the Ultimate Fighter? Good fights do sell Pay-Per-Views, this is true, but when that good fight can also be backed by the single best talker in all of MMA? This event should do huge numbers, and hopefully Chael can figure out Bones like he almost had with Silva in their first fight and can humble the young superstar and take home what he has always wanted, UFC Gold.

That is going to do it for this week, I apologize that the typical trailing sections aren’t going to make it in this week, but as stated, some real world problems have gotten in the way, but I’ll make it up to all of you next week who know that this is the place to come for the funny. Take care, spike your hair, Woo Woo Woo, you know it.


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