Roger Goodell: Commissioner in Hypocrite

October 18, 2012

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Lets talk about the Commissioner of the National Football League, Roger Goodell, and more specifically, his one man power trip, as it pertains to disciplining players. Goodell, along with other league higher-ups clearly do not genuinely care about player safety, as it is not too high on their list of priorities.  Lets take a look at the New Orleans Saints and Bounty-gate, for starters.

Does Roger Goodell genuinely care about player safety?

Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, Scott Fujita and Will Smith are the four players that received suspensions from their NFL, for their roles in the pay-for-hits program. Suspensions that were overturned by a panel created by the league’s collective bargaining agreement, only to be reinstated and revised by Goodell this past Tuesday  And of course, Saints head coach Sean Payton has been banished from the league for an entire year. Scott Fujita, who recently had his 3 game suspension, reduced to 1, has been the most vocal, blasting Goodell, for what Fujita says is an “abuse of power” among other things. Even though the Commish now acknowledges Fujita did not participate in the program, only knew of its’ existence, and failed to report it.

Saints QB Drew Brees supports Fujita in what he said about the Commishiner, and apparently it echoes the feelings of many players around the league.  On the NFL Network, Brees said “This could go on for awhile because certainly our players are not satisfied with some of the things that Commissioner Goodell has claimed or said” then went on to say “It seems like so much of his suspensions have been based upon speculation and rhetoric, and maybe the testimony of some pretty unreliable sources. That’s the unfortunate thing. It seems like his decision changes quite a bit, at least the reasoning behind what his decision is. That’s the disappointing part of it for all of us”. Brees is one of the best and smartest in the game, and if he openly backs his former teammate, then his opinion is worth taking at face value.  In an apparentresponse to Brees and Fujita, as well as an attempt at good PR, Goodell recently spoke to a youth football group in Virginia, about the importance of player safety.  Well, wasn’t that nice of him?

A few weeks ago Broncos linebacker Joe Mays committed such a devastating helmet-to-helmet shot on Texans QB Matt Schaub, that Schaub’s helmet flew off, and he lost a part of his ear. Mays has a history of roughing the passer calls against him.  For this hit, he was fined 50K, and only suspended one game.  He should have been fined 200K and suspended for 6 games, that would have sent a clear message, but the Commish only decided to give him a slap on the wrist for that brutality.  That was just another example of his inconsistency.

It’s a good thing for Goodell that NFL Commissioners don’t get voted in or out, like members of congress, or presidents because he would be out of a job pretty soon. Or, he could have possibly been impeached a long time ago.

Frank Crowley lives in Pennsylvania and runs his own blog at where you can read his views on a variety of topics.


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3 Comments on “Roger Goodell: Commissioner in Hypocrite”

  1. Matthew Milko Says:

    Totally agree, I hate Goodell



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