Eli or Peyton- Who you Takin’?

October 18, 2012

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Now that Eli is considered in the same category as older brother Peyton and Peyton staged the biggest comeback in Monday Night Football’s history, I have to ask who would you take to come through in the clutch? This is such a great question because either way you are taking a great quarterback. Do you take the MVP elder brother who looks like he is returning back to the clutch player we all love or do you take the younger two time Super Bowl winning player?

Let’s look at different qualities that determine what great quarterbacks must have.

1. Attitude

The best part about them is that they never look rattled. Eli Manning can get sacked again and again and still get back up and throw a perfect spiral. You can throw a 24 point deficit to Peyton and he never rushes the plays. This is where I think it is too hard to determine who has the better attitude.

They both are never accused of finger pointing and will always take accountability for their mistakes. You will never see them after a game pointing figures at their receivers or offensive linemen. It is one of the most respectable part about the Mannings. The only thing I can say is that Eli was suspected of not playing with heart in the past. Personally, I think he has never been like that and he is just a very shy guy, but New York will be critical of everything.

2. Performance

Both players are in the Top 5 in the league for quarterbacks. Eli is a two time Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP winner and Peyton has been a Super Bowl winner, and a four time league MVP. It seems that Eli really transformed last year and showed the world that he is good and he was not just lucky to win the Super Bowl in 2007.

There are no words for just how good Peyton Manning is. He is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play in the league. Eli is just getting started so he could be as good or better. Since Eli is still looking to get all these accomplishments I guess I would have to give it to Peyton, but still really tough to argue with a two time Super Bowl winner.

3. Clutch

In my opinion, this is a tie. If there is only time for one throw left, I would be more than happy to have either of these quarterbacks under center. Eli Manning did break the record for most touchdowns in the fourth quarter last year, but he took the title from brother Peyton so again, that does not help.

We have seen both of them win come from behind victories. We have seen both of them make their receivers look so clutch.


I have no idea who I would rather have on my team. It is tough to judge Peyton was does not have the familiarity with his receivers that Eli has. Could it be that little brother is starting to overshadow big brother? You be the judge…

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