Week 6 NFL MVP Power Rankings

October 17, 2012

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1. Tom Brady, Last Week: 2

Tom Brady didn’t have the best Week 6, but he’s been consistent and has been floating around the top of my rankings for most of the season. Being at the front of an MVP race is nothing new for Brady, who leads the league with 1,845 yards through the first 6 games of the season. He threw 2 of his 3 INT’s against the Seahawks, but Brady is usually very good about keeping down his interceptions. If he can keep throwing for high amounts of yards and his team wins some more of the close games they’ve been in, he could find himself in the drivers seat of the MVP race for this season.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Last Week: 4

After his incredible game this week against the Texans, Aaron Rodgers finally looked like his old self. He threw for 338 yards and 6 TD’s against a very good Texans team, and he now leads the league in TD’s. It would be ridiculous to think that Rodgers would keep up production like he did against the Texans, but he’s struggled this year and he finally looked on point against the Texans.

3. Eli Manning, Last Week: 3

Eli Manning was good this week, but he was playing against one of the best defenses in the league. The running game was great this week for the Giants but Manning still threw for 193 yards and a TD to Victor Cruz. Manning is 3rd in all of the NFL with 1,772 yards so far this year and his great play has many people questioning this week whether the Giants may be the best team in the NFL.

4. Matt Ryan, Last Week: 1

The undisputed MVP for the first quarter of the season, Matt Ryan had his worst game of the year by far. Ryan’s Falcons were able to pull off the win in the end to stay undefeated, but he threw 3 INT’s against an average Raiders defense. Even with his awful game though, Ryan was able to play great at the end and lead the Falcons on another game winning drive to stay undefeated. Now that he’s had a bad game though, it’ll be interesting to see if he can bounce back to the level he was at and get himself back to the top of the MVP discussion.

5. JJ Watt, Last Week: 5

It’s worrying to see how Aaron Rodgers tore apart the Texans defense this week, but that isn’t a direct statement about how JJ Watt played. Watt has been dominant this year and added 2 more sacks to his league leading 9.5 sacks. Watt is a difference maker on defense and even though his team got beaten bad this week, Watt still had a great game.

6. Ben Roethlisberger, Last Week: 6

Many were shocked to see the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to the Titans this week and it may have something to do with the play of Ben Roethlisberger. He’s been great so far this year, but Roethlisberger was pretty average in Week 6. His great stats so far this season though still have him in this race for MVP.

7. Arian Foster, Last Week: 9

Arian Foster is having another great year and had a great game even though his team lost it’s first game this week against the Packers. Foster is 2nd in the NFL with 561 yards this year but he is first with 7 touchdowns in only 6 games. We all knew that Arian Foster was one of the best running backs in the league coming into the year but he’s doing a great job of separating himself from the rest of the league.

8. Joe Flacco, Last Week: 8

Joe Flacco started the season red hot but it now looks like he may be settling back into more of the player we thought he was. Flacco has thrown for a lot of yards so far this year, but he only has 8 touchdowns compared to 4 INT’s. He had another average game against the Cowboys but the Ravens are going to need him to step up with all of the injuries that they have suffered in the past two weeks.

9. Jamaal Charles, Last Week: 7

It’s incredible that Jamaal Charles is having the season he is, but you have to question whether or not he can keep it up. If you take his two biggest games so far this year against New Orleans and Baltimore, you have 373 of his 591 yards so far this year. That’s 63% of all his yards in just two games which is incredible but it makes you question whether or not he’ll be able to have great games consistently or if he just had a couple of  big games. His incredible season does have him on these rankings so far in this season though.

10. Robert Griffin III, Last Week: Unranked

I’ve moved RGIII in and out of my rankings several times this season, but once again he had a great game this week and has himself right back in the discussion. He’s been great passing and when you add his running ability he can be incredibly effective. He ran for 138 yards this week including a great 76 yard run to seal the game for the Redskins. He’ll have a big test this week, as his Redskins play the New York Giants and their re-energized defensive line.

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One Comment on “Week 6 NFL MVP Power Rankings”

  1. Chase Okorowski Says:

    I know he’s a rookie but I would move RG3 up, I read something the other day (excuse me if I’m wrong) but he’s on schedule for some 1000+ rushing yards and 16 rushing Td’s. Granted it won’t happen, but a QB who wins games (without a defense), lacks any top tier WR’s, and still can get it done with his arm? C’mon, he outproduces the runnings backs in the NFL!


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