ALCS Game 3: Live Blog

October 16, 2012

ALCS/ NLCS Live Blog, Baseball

Editor’s note: Members of The Farm Club’s writing staff will be providing a live blog to supplement the ALCS and NLCS throughout the two series. Please share this blog with others, and add your comments below. We’ll respond to the ones we find interesting! We want to interact and discuss with our reader-base while creating a larger audience throughout this experience. Refresh throughout the night for constant updates.

New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers

ALCS Game 3 (Tigers lead 2-0)


    1. Austin Jackson CF
    2. Quentin Berry LF
    3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
    4. Prince Fielder 1B
    5. Delmon Young DH
    6. Andy Dirks RF
    7. Johnny Peralta SS
    8. Alex Avila C
    9. Omar Infante 2B

Justin Verlander RHP

    1. Brett Gardner LF
    2. Ichiro RF
    3. Robinson Cano 2B
    4. Mark Teixeria 1B
    5. Raul Ibanéz DH
    6. Russell Martin C
    7. Eric Chavez 38
    8. Curtis Granderson CF
    9. Eduardo Nunez SS

Phil Hughes RHP

Pitching match-up preview for Game 3

7:49- The Farm Club is live. Settle in folks, this should be exciting. Hope you have a beer ready, if not, we’re here to help you out. Remember, friends don’t let friends drink Bud Light Lime.

7:58- Do people really call Valverde “Papa Grande”…? (Stephen Chott)
Yeah, and the Big Potato. (Mike Gazdik)
We’re not proud of that Potato one (Brian Young)
But he looks like a potato (MG)

8:03- The Yankees aren’t going to be swinging early (Stefan Jagot)
Unless they somehow get to Verlander, which is unlikely unless they’re using aluminum bats (SC)

8:06-Craig Sager looks like he’s a robot from the 70’s who dressed himself based on how he saw Vincent Price dress in an infomercial (BY)

1st Inning
8:08- First Pitch, a strike to Brett Gardner
Well it appears our prediction was wrong after one batter, Gardner was very aggressive in his first AB. To no avail of course. (SJ)
8:11- Verlander gets a huge K against Ichiro. That’s what he needs to keep that lineup under his thumb. (BY)
8:13- The Yankees go 1-2-3 to start the game against Verlander
8:15- First pitch for Hughes is a grounder to short off Austin Jackson
Phil Hughes has the tiniest face (BY)
Dude, he does. Good call. I didn’t even notice that. (MG)
8:22- Fielder works a 2 out walk and brings up Delmon “Greatest Power Hitter in Tigers Playoff History” Young
Remember: Delmon Young has the most home runs in Tigers Playoff history (MG)
Incredible (SJ)
Delmon Young, Mr. October (SC)
8:24- CoPa (Comerica Park) is brutal. Such a pitcher’s park. (SJ)
8:26- If Miggy played at Yankee Stadium, how many HRs would he have had? (MG)

2nd Inning
8:27- 2 for 23, just brutal [in reference to Cano’s postseason numbers] (SC)
8:29– A-Rod getting numbers from girls in the stands was the most contact he’s made in the playoffs (SC)

But making that a talking point for the entire game is ridiculous (SJ)
8:31- Alex Avila makes a tremendous grab in foul territory to send the Yankees down 1-2-3 in the top of the 2nd inning
8:33- Quick work for JV, this does not bode well for the Yankees. It could be one of those nights Justin messes around and gets a no-no. (SJ)
I don’t believe in jinxes (BY)
You’re not a sports fan if you don’t believe in jinxes. (MG)
8:37- Hughes looks much more comfortable out there against guys not named Prince or Miguel (BY)
8:38- Hughes gets out of the 2nd with little effort. Still knotted up at 0.
3rd Inning
8:40- Verlander: 20 pitches in 2 innings of work. Impressive. (BY)
8:45- I just realized that I own the jersey’s of two of the guys who are choking the most, A-Rod and Grandy (SC)
8:47- Verlander gets out of the 3rd in a hurry, spending less than ten minutes on the field
8:49- These are going to start dropping for the Tigers, promise you. (MG)
I would imagine (SJ)
8:52- Great play by Chavez and Tex (SC)
But the runner still gets to second (BY)
8:55- Austin Jackson advances to third on a wild pitch
8:56- This AB has turned into a war of attrition (BY)
8:58- That was a great AB, works the count and fouls a ton off. Hughes can’t be happy about that (SJ)
9:00- [After Prince Fielder flies out to end the 3rd] Bat never should have left his shoulder (BY)
That’s not what hitters do. Not with RISP. (MG)
4th Inning
9:02- Justin is really on top of his pitch count tonight, so far at least (BY)
9:05- At least Gardners working the count a little before his inevitable strikeout (SC)
How’d he get a hold of that last pitch? (Shane Viars, joining the discussion)
9:08- There goes the no-no. Thanks Stefan. (BY)
Oh whatever bro (SJ)
9:10- Ichiro should steal second (SC)
With that shift, I wouldn’t wait for a signal. (BY)
9:12- Verlander gives up a hit, but continues to cruse. He’s out of the top of the 4th.
9:17-Another notch on the bedpost for Delmon (SJ)

Wait, mustache is gone. MUSTACHE IS GONE?! No, just trimmed. Thank God. (MG)
9:21- This is bad for the Yankees. No Hughes? They’re in trouble. (BY)
This is absolutely horrible for the Yankees (MG)

9:23- While waiting for a pitching change, The Farm Club has determined that the Yankees undercut CC Sabathia’s weight listed on the roster sheet by about 30 lbs. against his real weight.

9:26- This is playing out to be a slow death for the Yankees. I wish I could say that I am sad. (SJ)
9:29- At least Girardi is good at using his whole bullpen (MG)
5th Inning
9:37- Apparently Hughes left with a back issue (SC).
9:40- True story: I didn’t know Eric Chavez was still in baseball until mid-August (BY).
9:43- Did you guys realize Andruw Jones was still in the league and on the Yankees bench? (SC).
And so the searching down of the Yankees’ roster will begin, surely. I wonder what other old stars they are paying to sit.. (MG).
9:45- The Tigers starting pitching though? Ruthless. If it wasn’t for Valverde this would be historic I feel (SJ).
It doesn’t help that the Yankees lineup has been historically bad either (SC).
Quentin Berry takes 2nd base, Miguel Cabrera at the plate. No outs. 
9:49- Miggy is hungry (MG).
Miguel Cabrera doubles to center field, Quentin Berry rounds the bases to bring the Tigers lead to 2-0.
9:51- FEED PRINCE MORE. Prince Fielder: Best walk out music? (BY).
From a very reliable source (LIVERJOURNAL?) we have found that this could be Prince’s walk out music:
9:56- I can’t believe I just watched Delmon Young get walked intentionally. Is this bizarro world? (BY).
9:58-  Another pitcher? Can’t stand Girardi at times like this (SC).

He is a micro-manager through and through (SJ).
6th Inning
10:02- In 2012, the best player on the Yankees is Ichiro. That is a weird sentence..(BY).
2012 playoffs, yes (SC).
10:04- Only 2 strikeouts for JV, uncharacteristic, but he has been very effective (SJ).
10:05- His pitch efficiency has to be through the roof though. That’s the 800th infield fly for Verlander tonight (BY).
A 1-2-3 sixth inning for Verlander, after Gardner sends the ball right back to him and JV throws him out at first. 
10:14- Girardi getting on the phone again after the Infante single (MG).
He’s just ordering a drink…strikes me as a martini guy (BY).
10:18- The lid is about to blow in Detroit…barring this next at-bat, of course (SJ).
10:24- Mini-Cabby table-setting for the big dog (SJ).
This is probably going to go as bad as every one thinks it will (SC).
10:25- When I said “how every one thinks it will go” I meant a double play (SC).
7th Inning
10:30- It’s only the 7th? Man… (SC).
10:35- Straight 0’s for Cano in this series (SJ).
He’s 0 for his last 26 or something like that (SC).
Verlander strikes out Cano as we speak, making him 0 for the last 29 at bats (MG).
10:37- Something we don’t hear about enough: Verlander has a sick move to 1st (BY).
10:39- The Ibanez legend has gone by the wayside. Verlander has done some damage (SJ).
10:42- Verlander/Miggy 2012. I believe in an economy funded by strikeouts and dingers (BY).
10:44- John Smoltz can’t tell the difference between rain and snow (BY).
SnowBut the Yankees are already as cold as ice! (SC).

8th inning

10:55- Verlander continuing his excellent post season, and with 106 pitches thrown, expect him to go the distance. (Sj)

10:57- Someone get Miggy goalie pads. He’s the Red Wings new starting net minder. (BY)

10:58- Russell Martin is looking in a world of hurt, that can’t be a good feeling. (SJ)

11:02- I may shit myself if we get Hamilton. No way he finishes that. And there’s no way he’d be worth the money they’d give him (SC)


9th inning

11:12- Typical Verlander, just taking his game to the next level in the 9th. (SJ)

11:16- Grabbing a victory beer (homerun hit right after). (BY)

11:19- So if this does go to extras, who’s gonna pitch for us? Girardi has used the whole damn pen. (SJ)

11:22- Speaking of Bullpen: Verlander out, Coke coming in (SC)

11:28- Ibanez! (SC)

11:30: This is on me. (BY)

11:35- I could use a Phil Coke finger point right now. (SJ)

or that… (SJ)

Tigers Win 2-1

Game Recap:

WP: Justin Verlander

LP: Phil Hughes

SV: Phil Coke

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One Comment on “ALCS Game 3: Live Blog”

  1. JarrahVW Says:

    Great to see Brett Gardner back in the starting lineup. Hope that speed of his and Ichiros comes good early. Really interesting to see both A Rod AND Swisher benched for this one. Sign of things to come maybe?


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