NLCS Game 2 Starters

October 15, 2012


NLCS: STL lead 1-0

Chris Carpenter (STL) v Ryan Vogelsong (SFG)

Chris Carpenter

Wow! That is a name who we haven’t seen much this year. St Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter will be making just his fourth start of the season today, as he faces Ryan Vogelsong and the San Francisco Giants. In the Cardinals win against Washington in game three of the NLDS, Carpenter pitched 5 2/3 innings of shutout baseball to take the win. He didn’t give up a run on seven hits in that game, but he did strikeout two and walk two. His arm strength and command is continuing to return with each start that Carpenter makes, and if everything goes to plan, those strikeout numbers should go up against the Giants. His durability is no longer a concern for the Cardinals medical staff, and the Red Birds will have full confidence with Carpenter out on the mound.

Ryan Vogelsong

Carpenter faces Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong, who had a no hitter against Cincinati in the first four innings of his NLDS game three start, which as I mentioned in the pitcher preview was his first postseason appearance. In that game, Vogelsong pitched five innings, giving up a run on three hits, striking out five and walking three. With runners in scoring position, hitters hit a high .426 AVG off him in his last nine regular season starts, and that is one thing that he’ll be looking to reduce. The one time that Vogelsong faced the Cardinals, he had a very pleasing outing. He didn’t give up a run in seven innings while surrendering just three hits, while walking three and striking out the same number.


This matchup will mostly depend on how Chris Carpenter pitches. Ryan Vogelsong will more than likely have a very respectable game, and it will be Carpenters ability to throw the ball in the right spots and make good pitches which will decide the game. If Vogelsong is anything like he was against the Cardinals back on August 8, then the home side will be fine. Carpenter has heaps of postseason experience, and he’ll need to draw on all of that to get a ‘W’ next to his name at the end of the game. He has the offence to win, it’s just a matter of forgetting about his recent injury problems and pitch the way we all know he can and be the veteran pitcher of this team that he is.

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