Heartbreak in Big D…Again

October 15, 2012

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The Dallas Cowboys have a talent. A talent to lose games in dramatic fashion. They also have a special ability to dominate games and still find a way to lose. Almost as if they try to find new ways.

Listen to this stat line. 227 rushing yards and 254 passing yards, 30 first downs and 40 minutes and 3 seconds of time possession.

Any other team, in any other league would win a game by double digits with that kind of a performance.  Yet the Cowboys decided to 1-up themselves and lose another one.

Discussing How They Are Planning On Losing This One

Dumb mistake after dumb mistake hurt them again.  This time it was a combination of them. They had their usual 13 penalties. Putting them in the Number 1 spot for most penalties per game this year. Why so many penalties you ask?  Because it’s the Cowboys Way.

They also had the typical Tony Romo interception–pressure in his face, closes eyes and throws it– but that is expected.

And there was the crucial dropped pass by Dez, who had a great game but is gaining a reputation for dropping big passes.

But no. This time, perhaps the newest weapons they have added to their destructive arsenal was their clock management and kick-off coverage.

They had the ball with 33 seconds left and a timeout.  Most teams can run around 3 or 4 plays in order to set up their kicker for an easier kick. The Cowboys say nay nay.  They run 1 play. For 1 yard.  And then couldn’t even line up for another play before having to use their final timeout to bring out the kicking team. It’s not like it was a 50 yard play where the O-line couldn’t get their in time. It was 1 play. For 1 yard. Un-freaking-believable.  Pathetic.  They also managed to allow Jacoby Jones to have a 108 yard kickoff return for a TD, tying an NFL record.  Man they love to lose.

Lets be honest though, if you are a Cowboys fan, you knew they were going to lose the game. Too many things were going right in the second half. Dominating the line of scrimmage. Forcing 3-and-outs. A Felix Jones sighting. Receiving an onside kick! A questionable passing interference call setting them up nicely for a field goal. But then seeing Dez argue with an official and not being able to run another play, that’s when the realization just sinks in.

The Cowboys are just destined to lose. As always. And once again…in dramatic way. The Cowboys Way.

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3 Comments on “Heartbreak in Big D…Again”

  1. Batman Says:

    Despite being a cowboys fan everytime I watch them I know they will find a way to lose.


  2. Gary Says:

    The team has definitely taken on the personality of the coach. Sad, very sad.



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