The Destruction of Derek Jeter?

October 14, 2012


The Yankees lost to the Tigers 6-4 in 12 innings, but that is not the concern. Derek Jeter  fractured his ankle while fielding a ball in the 12th inning, and he’ll now be out for the rest of the playoffs. After Delmon Young hit a RBI double into center field to give Detroit the lead, Jeter stopped a hard shot from Johnny Peralta that was headed up the middle. Jeter dove to his right to field the ground ball, but then fell to the ground awkwardly. It was assessed afterwards that Jeter had fractured his ankle.

It now means that the Yankees have lost the leader of their team, and a veteran player who is so much the heart and sole of the team. Derek was always a player who you could count on to get things going, even if there were two outs in an inning. He could always give you a spark at the top of the order, and he was a player who so many looked up to, both from the Yankees and others. Take Troy Tulowitszki from the Rockies. He probably wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for the captain of the Bronx Bombers.

So, who do the Yankees turn to? Well, the duties will now fall to Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez, the later of whom has just been added to the Yankees ALCS roster. In a press conference after the game, Yankees manager Joe Girardi ruled out the option of moving Alex Rodriguez back to the position he once played with the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers, saying that “it has simply been too long” to make that move. Nix has proved himself to be a much more solid defensive player than Nunez, and has a nice bat for contact batting down the order. He can also make some really nice diving plays on the left side of the infield, and has been a really great addition to the Yankees ball club.

Nunez has seen a lot more time at third as he covered for A-Rod there last season. His defense is no where near as good as what Nix provides, but his bat is slightly better. Nunez is a hit for average sort of player who can hit the long ball on occasion. If he were to play, then the Yankees would be able to keep a guy on the bench who can play almost every position on the field: Left field, Right field, First, Second, Third and Short – an addition which is always great to have.

For the lineup, expect to see Ichiro pushing up to the leadoff spot, and Nick Swisher will probably bat in the two spot. If they don’t go there, than Ichiro will lead off with Granderson batting behind him, though I think Girardi likes him down the order because of his hit or miss capabilities. The loss of the captain also means now that it is more important than ever for Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Swisher and Granderson to step up and play like the veteran players they can be. It will also be important for Rodriguez, Cano and Teixeira to show some of that veteran leadership around the team and keep the belief going. Likely, Jeter will take around three months to recover, and will hopefully be ready to start Spring Training in 2013.

“We have to find a way to get it done,” Girardi said in his press conference after the game. “I think some people left us for dead when (Mariano Rivera) went down, and here we are in the ALCS. And Jeet is going to tell us, ‘Let’s go.’ That’s what he’s going to tell us.”

The Yankees have won without some of their biggest stars under-forming in the lineup, and they can certainly do it without their  captain, Derek Jeter.

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