ALCS Game 1: Live Blog

Editor’s note: Members of The Farm Club’s writing staff will be providing a live blog to supplement the ALCS and NLCS throughout the two series. Be sure to comment and share this piece. We want to interact and discuss with our reader-base while creating a larger audience throughout this experience. 

Tale of the Tape:
New York Yankees v.s. Detroit Tigers

Regular Season Record:
NYY (95-67) AL East Champions
DET (88-74) AL Central Champions

ALDS Result: NYY def BAL (3-2) DET def OAK (3-2)


  1. Derek Jeter SS
  2. Ichiro LF
  3. Robinson Cano 2B
  4. Mark Teixeria 1B
  5. Raul Ibanéz DH
  6. Alex Rodriguez 3B
  7. Nick Swisher RF
  8. Curtis Granderson CF
  9. Russell Martin C
  10. Andy Pettitte LHP
  1. Austin Jackson CF
  2. Omar Infante 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera 3B
  4. Prince Fielder 1B
  5. Delmon Young DH
  6. Jhonny Peralta SS
  7. Andy Dirks LF
  8. Avisail Garcia RF
  9. Gerald Laird C
  10. Doug Fister RHP

Live Blog:

7:57- Ok folks here we are, Game 1 of the ALCS between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. In the two previous playoff meetings between the big-money clubs, The Tigers have gotten the better of things winning both series. But tonight is a new series and with that this matchup will be another exciting battle between the clubs (SJ).

Pre-game thoughts:

Andrew Ware: Im a little surprised the A-Rod is getting to start tonight, but I guess since it isn’t a deciding game the Yanks are gonna try to give him redemption.

8:02-Funny how they (TBS) replaced Cal Ripken now that the O’s are out… -Stephen Chott

8:08- Question: Would you still make the Grandy for Jackson trade?- (SC)

8:12- Will Pettitte be able to handle the onslaught of right handed batters in the Tigers line up tonight?  So far so good, granted Fielder is a lefty. -Stefan Jagot

8:16- Fister will have to keep the lefties at bay for DET, not known for giving up bombs, but you don’t need a bomb in that Left Field. (SJ)

8:19- A Lead off walk to start things for Fister, not what any team would look for (SJ).

8:20- Leyland has to wear that hoodie to keep his body from falling apart. You should see his pants. -Michael Gazdik

8:24- Two walks for a pitcher who is dependent on his command, Leyland is pacing. (SJ)

8:26- Wow Fister does not look strong right now. He needs to get out of this inning and collect himself before coming back out to the mound in the 2nd. (AW)

8:28- Well here is A-Rod’s redemptive opportunity can he collect or will he collapse? (AW). The unanimous answer, collapse (SJ).

8:30-  Don’t know why A-rods swinging at the first pitch against a pitcher who’s walked 3 guys though (SC).
Good point Stephen but remember A-Rod is trying to prove himself he probably got a little antsy at the plate looking for a hit (AW).

8:31- Oh thats definitely what happened. Doesn’t help he gets booed after every at bat too (SC).

8:32- Mustache or no Mustache, Delmon’s face isn’t too welcomed in New York City… (SJ).

8:33- Difference between Fister and Pettitte thus far, 3 k’s for Andy, 3 walks for Doug (SJ).

8:35- Two easy innings for Pettitte. Fister is going to have to keep up with him this game, it’s looking like he’s really on point (MG).

Welcome “The Friday Fives’s Shane Viars”: Good lord, Drew Brees would want to be in that awful band (SV).

8:37- If Pettitte’s pitch count stays down it is scary territory for Detroit. They need to bring his pitch count up (AW).

8:39-   Deep lineup for the Yanks here. Swisher at 7, Grandy at 8. Martin has been handy to batting in the nine spot. – Jarrah Vella-Wright

8:40- Nothing like pitching to A-rod, Swisher and Granderson to get your confidence back (SC).

8:43- Serious threat via the Yankees here, 2 outs, 2 on (SJ).

8:44- Bases loaded for Robby Cano.

He looked strong to start the inning, but he is losing that quick. He is in the same situation as last inning. Just get out of the inning and collect yourself (AW).

And that’s why I loved bringing in Ichiro. On a team of overpaid, underachievers, Ichiro always gives it 100% (SC).

8:46- What a play! Detroit definitely lucked out on that one! (SJ).

Fister, you have a guardian angel tonight (MG).

8:48- Angels in the Outfield 3: Help out a Fister. -Brian Young

Fister has to do something to collect himself he has to stop loading the bases. He can only get lucky so many times (AW).

8:53-  Gerald Laird gets on the bag, something his higher paid teammates haven’t done a good job of tonight (SJ).

8:54- Andy Pettitte gets the ground ball, and continues his very low pitch count through 3. He is in the zone (SJ).

8:58- Doug Fister is still in despite taking a liner too the right ankle and has already given up a hit (SJ).

9:00- A-Rod continues his dreadful postseason with a double play ground out, commence the boo’s (SJ).

9:02- Tigers have gotta get hits this inning, and start making Pettitte work (AW).

9:05- Detroit averaged .77 a game good (Double Plays) for 27th in the majors just so you have the stats (MG).

9:09-  From what I’ve seen Detroit has fallen back on their pitching this year and I think they are trying to do that again here (AW).

9:12-  Jeff Jones comments that Fister’s wrist is definitely going to be pretty sore tomorrow (MG).

9:15- Fister still seems to be having problems locating his pitches, but still getting outs (AW).

9:16-  More broken lumber than a hockey game tonight (SV).

9:19-  Both clinching wins for the Tigers have been away…interesting! (JVW)

9:20-  If the commentators have figured out Pettitte’s pitching order, why can’t the Tigers hitters? (SV)

9:24-  Why is Andy Pettitte not attacking Laird? (SJ)

9:28-  Pettitte has 5 innings pitched and only has throw 65 pitches. Fister threw 66 in 4 innings (AW).

9:32-  Another 1-2-3 inning for Fister. 

How fast has this game been going? Yeeesh (SV).

Fister is looking better (AW).

He’s still hanging the off-speed pitches though (SJ).

9:35-  Lead off triple? So Austin Jackson (BY).

9:37-  Well, this is what Cabrera gets the big bucks for (Cabrera intentionally walked)…and Prince. (SJ)

9:39-  Oh my God. Delmon gets a hit on the first pitch?!?!?!? (BY)

9:40-  Cabrera had the perfect read there. Totally underrated base runner (SJ).

9:45-  A huge loss there for Pettitte (SJ).

9:46-  Dirks is really not looking good so far tonight at the plate. This at-bat is nothing different (MG).

Worst at-bat I’ve seen from Andy Dirks all year (BY).

9:47-  Looks like Pettitte is working on trying to get out of the game. I think the Yankees want him to finish the inning first (AW).

9:52-  Don’t worry Tigers fans, A-Rod is up (SC).

9:54-  It seems like the whole 8 million plus in New York City are booing Alex after that strikeout (MG).

9:56-  He doesn’t even make the attempt to run to first. You know this is going to all over Sportscenter in the morning (MG).

9:58-  Grandy is looking like the Tigers-era Granderson here (BY).

10:00-  Jarrah makes the most ridiculous claim of the night: He loves Joe Buck. And means it (MG).

10:01-  “Hi, I’m Joe Buck I talk in one cadence at one volume because I’m physically incapable of showing anything expressing human emotion” (BY).

10:06-  How much do you think the Yankees throw at Josh Hamilton in the offseason? 125 million? 150 million? (SC).

I think the Mets will do the overpaying, honestly (SJ).

10:11-  Pettitte had an easy chance to get out of that inning, instead he is out of the game…and he is not too happy about that (SJ).

10:12-  He probably wasn’t coming out for the 8th anyway (SC).

10:13- I feel like Andy Pettite’s 4 years in Houston are going to keep him out of Cooperstown (BY).

Nah, I think he’ll make it in. Lots of publicity and a great playoff track record (SC).

Had he stayed in NY: first ballot. He played very poorly those last two years in Houston and I think playing in NY would have padded his stats enough to compensate (BY).

10:16-  I normally wouldn’t blog this part of the conversation, but we’re getting pretty intense about the ear-shaped ear bud commercial (MG).

10:18-  I think one runner on and Fister’s out of the game. He’s on a short leash here (SJ).

10:20-  Fister is only at 99 pitches. If he stays out of trouble here, we’ll see him in the 8th (BY).

10:21-  Albuquerque is liking his stuff. Look at him in the bullpen. He’s fist pumping after a warm up pitch (SJ).

10:22-  Yo. He (Leyland) is really wearing some tight pants (SC).

10:24-  Coke is quickly approaching the Valverde level of making me dread when he comes into a game (SV).

Cano’s stats versus Coke: 1/4 with a HBP (SC). 

10:29-  Cano battling Coke? Sounds like he has a drug problem (SV).

10:32- This is a mistake [in reference to keeping Coke in] (SJ)

10:33- What no ball kiss? (SV)

10:34- Just because it worked doesn’t mean its the right decision there in my opinion (MG)

10:36- I don’t give TBS a lot of credit, but I love their graphics. That at bat breakdown is phenomenal. (BY)


10:38– [In reference to Delmon Young becoming the all time leader in post season home runs for the Tigers]
What?! (SJ)
lmao what kind of stat is that? (MG)

Delmon Young is not worthy of that stat. (SJ)

did you hear that? (MG)


10:43- This is too many runs for one game, let alone two Yankees postseason games. (SC)

10:46- [In reference to the Tigers’ payroll]
Mikey [Ilitch] is getting old, he wants a World Series. He has plenty of five dollar pizza money. (SV)
10:50-  Phil Coke remains in the game. Everyone is distraught.
10:52- Leyland is either mocking Girardi or really is drunk.
10:53- Phil Coke leaves the game. Everyone is elated.
10:54- Leyland is either mocking Girardi (sp?) or really is drunk (SJ)
10:56- “And now Jim Leyland has decided he will come out and pitch to A-Rod” (SC)
10:57- Chatter goes silent as Eric Chavez hits a better ball on one swing than A Rod has all night
10:58- Austin Jackson: Most underrated centerfielder in baseball. Why more people don’t understand he’s so good is because he basically never has to dive and doesn’t make it on SportsCenter. (MG)
10:59- Well I thought that was gone but I’ll take it [regarding Nick Swisher’s double to right field] (SC)
11:01-  Well lucky for New York fans, Valverde will be appearing. (SJ)
11:02- lucky for Detroit fans, the Yankees lineup will be facing him (SC)
11:06- If Granderson put forth as much of an effort as his teammates that would have been another triple (BY)
11:07- So I just googled how much it would cost to buy out A-rods contract and instead I’m greeted with an article about how the Yankees could have traded for Miggy instead of signing A-rods massive contract (SC)
11:08- Tigers got a steal, Maybin and Miller are doing nothing, they got hammered with Willis but they made out like bandits in the end (SJ)
11:10- Cabrera HR would be icing right now (SJ)
11:12- Knowing that Valverde is still going to have to pitch this game to close it out makes me nervous (SV)
11:17- My FB feed just blew up with fearful Valverde statuses (SV)
3/4 of them are watching their first game of the season (BY)
11:19– Oh hey here we go again (SJ)
11:23- Big K on Jeter right there. He’s the Yankess best player period. (BY)
11:24- [After the Ichiro home run] Yank him (SJ)
Only in Yankee Staduim (SC)
“Its the same old song” (SJ)
11:26- If he gives this up I will be so sick to my stomach I will literally throw up. Twice. (MG)
11:28- The roallercoaster continues (SJ)
11:30- Bring it home, you freaking potato motherfucker (SV)
Quote of the week. Thanks Shane (MG)
11:30- Tex is a classic choker, expect him to blow this (SC)
This has been a poor strategic at bat (SJ)
11:33- Raul Ibanez is in, they’re sticking with Valverde (SC)
11:34- “Ok Jose, we know you suck, and Ibanez is on fire, basically you’re gonna be our scapegoat. Good night, and good luck(SJ)
11:39- I think we have to have an honest discussion about who should be our closer the rest of the playoffs. (MG)
11:43- JV as ball was going out. “oh my god.” (SJ)
11:46-There is no way Valverde can pitch any more for this team. (MG)
11:49- Swisher, Grandy and Russell Martin coming up (SC)
11:51- I would’ve rather we lost because Fister gave up all those bases loaded runs than if we lose now (SV)
11:53- Ibanez has earned a lifetime contract if he wants it (BY)
11:55- Everything hit to left field gets a cheer from the Yankees fans. (SC)
Well the depth of the field is only 120 feet. (SV)
11:59- If the ball leaves the infield that’s game (SJ)
12:00 AM- For those of you, who, like us, are in disbelief, yes this game is still going on.
12:01- Well not out of the woods yet (SJ)
12:02- if I am the infielders I am playing way back (MG)
12:04- Well here is the game at this point (SJ)
12:07- I’m going on record as saying this- the Tigers do not win extra inning games in the playoffs (BY)
12:08- Call 911, i’m already dead but Valverde should be caught and held responsible for this bloody mess. (SV)
12:12-  The last 7 runs by tigers pitching have been given up by Jose Valverde (SV).
12:18-  You know what makes the Valverde stat worse? Less than 2 innings (SV).
12:21-  Fact: Jim Johnson, a righty, blew the lead against Ibanez in Game 3. Replaced by lefty Brian Matusz, who gave up game winner to Ibanez (SC).
12:23-  So, Stefan, why do you think Drew Smyly won’t be a starter for the team in the future (MG)?
12:23-  Andy Oliver. More invested in him (SJ).
12:27-  Imagine the pressure of attempting to hold the runner and the at-bat. Just pitch. Let the catcher do his job if Ichiro goes. But Smyly should be focused on the at-bat (SJ).
12:33-  Let’s be honest: we should have been out of this game an hour and a half ago or so. Every Tigers fan is sick to his/her stomach (MG).
12:38-  ANOTHER PITCHER?!? Tell me what was wrong with Robertson? I don’t understand (SC).
12:48-  [On Jeter’s injury] This may be the most significant event of the series (SV).
12:51-  Don Kelly, the Wizard, continues his onslaught of the playoffs (MG).
12:52-  If you guys missed it, Don Kelly actually flew super man style towards home plate. Cameras won’t show it because they can’t comprehend it. – Eric Ratkowski
12:58- Swisher needs to make up for that shitty outfield effort right here (SC)
12:59- Big moment for Drew Smyly, rookie on the mound proving his worth. (SJ)
1:00- Yankee fan doing his duty as a fan there (SJ)
1:01- Lets look at that up close and in super slo mo! (SC, regarding Jeter injury)
1:02- In the immortal words of the smiths please, please, please let me get what i want (SV)
1:04- Mercifully, the game comes to a clsoe after 12 innings. Final score: 6-4 Detroit.
Recap: Wow, that got out of hand quickly. After the first seven or so innings moved quicker than Amanda Bynes escaping the scene of a car accident, The Motor City Kitties and the Bronx Bombers decided to treat us to a display of baseball ineptitude that’s rarely seen outside the realm of middle school diamonds. 12 innings of agony for both Tigers fans and Yankees fans alike that was salvaged by Delmon “Greatest Power Hitter in Tigers Postseason History” Young for Tigers fans, and made all the more excruciating for Yankees fans by the border line horrific ankle fracture suffered by Derek Jeter. Will that injury have an impact on the final outcome of this seven game series? Is this the last we will see of Derek Jeter in baseball? Only time will tell. But this much is certain: fans in Detroit, New York, and around the world are glad that this ordeal is finally over, and are carefully preparing for tomorrow.
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