300 Weeks of Federer: 5 records that will never be broken

October 13, 2012


Roger Federer is good, real good. This week the tennis star reached an almost unfathomable accomplishment, 300 weeks as the world’s number one tennis player. Now this is not a consecutive record, but for what it is worth he does have the consecutive record of 237 weeks as top dog.

To put that in perspective, the previous record was 286 by Pete Sampras. The only player active that is anywhere close is Novak Djokovic with 53 weeks. But with Roger still atop the mountain, it looks like this record will be untouchable for a while.

This places the Swiss Ace (pun intended) in an elite class amongst those who have a record that will never, ever, ever be touched.

But when something like this happens we have to bring up the other records that are untouchable. So here they are, and if they are ever broken you can revisit this post and laugh in my, by that time, 100-year-old face.

Cal Ripken Jr.’s 2,632

“The Ironman” is the only name worthy of accompanying the life-long Baltimore Oriole who took Lou Gehrig’s previous record of 2,130 games and shattered it by adding 3 seasons to it.

This record is simply untouchable, it took 56 years for it to be broken, and 16 years for Ripken Jr. to accomplish. With the way the game of baseball works these days it’s going to be more than 56 years, and some would argue infinity, before the record is even flirted with.

Miguel Tejada has come the closest since with 1,152 straight games over 7 years, but that is no longer a possibility. Matt Kemp aka “beast mode” (by the way can we stop with this one, please?) recently had his streak of 399 games broke this season, and that was not even enough to give Cal a sweat on that beautiful bald head of his.

Steffi Graf’s 377 weeks as WTA’s #1

Now I know this article is in light of Roger Federer’s accomplishment, but that’s just on the men’s side of things. In terms of women’s tennis Steffi Graf is the Queen.

While, she was only able to hold the consecutive streak for 186 weeks (also a record) she holds tennis’ record for most weeks at number 1 with an incredible 377. Her competition was top-notch too, during her reign she went up with some of the greatest in her game.

That list includes Monica Seles, Martina Navratilova, Pam Shriver, and Chris Evert. Yes, that Chris Evert.

Glenn Hall’s 502 consecutive starts at goalie

Being an ice hockey goalie has to suck, essentially you are the middle-man between a 90 mph piece of hard rubber, and the goal, not to mention the smelly equipment that comes with it (someone please fix that problem, really it’s gross).

Now of days there is a lot of protection that makes the reality of being a goalie in the NHL a better one, but that wasn’t always the case, and for Glenn Hall that was never the case.

Nevertheless the goaltender braved out the night-in and night-out prospect of losing his teeth/life for 502 games in a row.

The dynamic for goaltending in the NHL has changed since his record, these days two goalies are the norm for most teams and hell, who even knows when the NHL will be in session again

Byron Nelson’s 11 straight PGA tournament wins

Winning one tournament on the PGA tour is difficult enough, most players will go their entire career without one in the PGA tour, but Lord Byron was able to accumulate 11 in a row.

Golf has such a talent pool these days that winning 11 consecutive tournaments is a pipe dream. Tiger Woods arguably the best of our generation has had a win streak of 7 but that is still four short of the record.

It is safe to say that no one will ever come close to Nelson’s record.

Brett Favre’s 321 consecutive starts at Quarterback

Say what you want about the latter end of Favre’s career, the dude was a warrior throughout. Playing the position of QB is mentally, and physically draining, and nevertheless he was able to play 321 games with out his back up stepping in.

The majority of those games were played within the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, that alone is enough to earn my respect.

Peyton Manning was the only Quarterback who was giving him a run for his money, but we all know he took last season off due to a neck injury.

While Favre may have the record for most interceptions, and most pictures of his penis exposed to the internet, the record of most games played at QB consecutively is definitely one he can hang his hat on. Please Brett don’t hang the hat on the penis, it’s not a good look.

Those are five records that I feel will never be touched, of course there are plenty of other ones. Do you think I snubbed any? Or do you honestly think these will be broken one day?

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