2012 NLCS Preview

October 13, 2012


You know what’s the greatest thing about baseball? When you yell, “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?” there is no Pierre McGuire to answer “Yes, I do.” The Cardinals just gave the Nats a taste of what happened to the Rangers last year in the World Series, to make matters worse, on their own territory. This year’s NLCS should be one of the best baseball games we’ll watch, as it’s a match between two feisty and scrappy teams who have just come off insane comebacks. Here’s the preview of the games coming tomorrow, let’s make it nice and quick!

Keys for the Giants

The Cards may be the ones writing the storybooks in baseball lore today, but the Giants’ resilience are right up there with them. Just ask, how did they still maintain the NL West lead when the Dodgers had a massive team overhaul after the All-Star Break and how did they come back from a 2-0 series deficit versus the Reds? The factors for the Giants in this series however, is to not let things spoil early, comebacks don’t grow on trees. They need consistent production from the middle of their lineup to match the power of the Cards. A return to form from Hunter Pence will be a huge plus, and they’ll definitely need those gem innings from Tim Lincecum in the bullpen again.

Keys for the Cardinals

Completing two amazing postseason comebacks against Texas and Washington (down to their last strike), shows what this Cardinal ball club is made out of. Their motto to win this year’s pennant is simple: Stay calm and disciplined. Yadier Molina today had a chance to blow out the game for the Cards way before the game reached the 9th, but was too impatient and made some painful mistakes. As seen in the Reds series, the Giants love to record blowout innings, manager Mike Matheny has to know when to push the right buttons. Carlos Beltran will also need to maintain the excellent playoff he’s having so far.

The Ending

This series should be a close one with lots of drama, but I see the Cards stealing this series again.

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