2012 ALCS Preview

October 13, 2012


With the Giants being the first NL team to overcome a 2-0 series deficit and the Cardinals wowing the baseball world again with their 9th inning heroics, it looks like many people have already forgot about the other series that’s about to start in the Bronx tomorrow. I think this series could make as much noise as the other series that goes on in the Bay Area on the same day. Just why? It’s the first time in history where all the divisional series have gone to Game 5, so we’re definitely in for a treat. Tigers, Yanks, less than a day left, here’s the preview.

Keys for the Yankees

Here’s the thing, you lead the league in homers and play half your games in the friendliest ballpark of friendliest ballparks. “It’s a lazy flyball, home run!” The Yankees need to keep hitting bombs if the Tiger rotation becomes stingy and at the same time stop the Tigers from taking advantage of their ballpark. CC and Hiroki Kuroda have been up to the task so far and they’ll need to be prepared to carry their team if we see another mysterious slump like A-Rod’s. Which brings us to the next question, how would A-Rod do in Round 3? He’s been an excellent postseason performer or are we already seeing the twilight of his career? He better step up to his expectations or the fact that he’s the highest-paid player in the league will only earn him more dislikes.

Keys for the Tigers

I think the Tigers are a pretty good team, they got a decent 5-tool in Austin Jackson and they got some good utility players. Oh wait, I almost forgot, they have the best hitting and pitching duos in baseball right now. Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer have been lights out in Oakland, but Miggy and Prince have been silent throughout last series. One of the two star hitters has to start hitting bombs again, once one guy gets it done, the second will always follow suit. The Tigers’ offence can run pretty dry without Fielder and Cabrera. No two players on the same team had as many RBIs as Fielder and Cabrera combined yet the Tigers still ranked 11th in runs scored.

The Ending

I believe the Tigers have the chops to brush past the Yankees and see the Cards for a 2006 World Series rematch, now wouldn’t that be interesting?

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