The Friday Five: The-MLB-Postseason-Begins Edition!

Welcome one and all to a splendid edition of the Friday Five. This week I will be doing something a little different, as I follow my format exactly the way that it should be! But since I am a weird guy and write the introductions to this thing last, and time is not on my side right now, let’s get right into the meat of this thing, shall we?

The Big News: The MLB post-season began last Saturday. What’s that you say? Friday? No, those were nothing more than glorified Game 163’s. Post-season baseball is, to me anyway, some of the most dynamic stuff in sports. Every single game is important, and baseball is a sport where it truly is important to just get in. Teams that are “supposed” to win don’t always come through, and as last year showed, the team everyone counts out can win it all. Plus another cool thing is that since the Texas Rangers lost Game 163, they won’t be the AL representative in the World Series again, and that is refreshing. Plus both of the fun teams I’ve been following this year did in fact make it to the playoffs, the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals. All of the teams are talented, and nobody is an obvious loss, so be sure to be tuning into the MLB playoffs, because every game is full of drama and highlights and will make you lose your mind if you’ve got a horse in the race.

In order to move forward, we must look our biggest mistakes in the face, take responsibility, and have the maturity to move forward. Vick, like all of us, deserves a second chance.

Football: I am sure all of you know the story of Michael Vick and the huge disgusting issue with him and his history of dog fighting, the point of this isn’t to highlight him for his past, because what he did was inexcusable. There are those who feel that he served his time in jail and paid for his crimes, and those who didn’t. The story here is that it has been reported that Michael Vick is once again a dog owner. After serving his 18 months in federal prison, Vick was required to do work with the Humane Society and was not allowed to own a dog until after his probationary period. Vick has stated that he wants his family to have the dog because he wants to raise his kids properly and let them develop a positive relationship with pets, and not make the same mistakes that he did. Initially when Vick stated that he wanted to own a dog, I was sickened beyond belief. I thought it was a slap in the face of everyone and everything that had come out about his dog fighting ring. But now that some more time has passed, and Vick has stated his reasons for wanting to bring an animal into his family, I am a bit more optimistic about it. Vick will be watched like a hawk with this new animal, hopefully leading to a positive result. He wants to make sure his children grow up treating animals with more respect than how he was raised to behave, and this can only be a good thing. It is well documented what he did, and I truly hope the man will be a man, a good father, and a respectful human being.

Baseball: Remember that time I said that I was a huge fan of when really random things happen that have never happened in sports before? And weird statistics and all that fancy junk? Well I know I covered the start of the MLB post-season for the first segment of this column this week, but I just wanted to quickly cover something really cool here. For the first time in MLB post-season history, all of the Divisional Series’ have gone to the deciding 5th game. You read that right, it has never happened before. I know it seems a bit weird to think that it has never happened before, since the opening round of the MLB playoffs are only 5-game series instead of 7 like other sports, and there are only 4 match-ups instead of 8, meaning the likelihood of those 4 going the distance is a lot higher considering the nature of the sport, but this is for sure the first time it happened, and the drama has been incredible, and proved why October baseball is some of the most exciting times in all of sports.

You see, they’re both happy because they’re both incredibly rich and famous.

Basketball: If you know me, then you know it isn’t shocking to hear me proclaim my love for LeBron James. I think he is the greatest player of this generation, and I will defend that statement with every ounce of sports fan in my spirit. I have had screaming matches with people when they tell me he is weak and not talented because he had to take his talents to South Beach in order to win a championship. And then when I ask them who ever won a championship by themselves, one name comes up and I yell even more; Michael Jordan. Jordan is the greatest ball player of all time, there is no doubt about that, but to state that he won his championships without the help of Rodman and Pippen is just being a jackass. But the point of all of this, is that the guru, Phil Jackson, stated that because of James’ multi-faceted skill set and ability to play any position on the court, could one day lead him to be better than the GOAT. Now several months ago, Charles Barkley and Mr. Pippen himself both made these same claims and were complete chastised for it. But now the man who has coached two of the top dynasties in basketball ever, Phil Jackson, has made the same claim. Will LeBron end up being better than Michael? In the court of public opinion he will need a lot more MVPs, NBA Titles and Playoff MVPs in order to do so. Can he be better? I think he can, but I know it is a very small island that I live on with this opinion, because Michael was first, and for so many people he was the first truly talented player they saw, and you never forget your first.

Hockey: So for the few of you who have been reading this thing on the regular, you know that I’ve been monitoring the NHL lockout with updates on players playing in Europe and what games have been cancelled and all sorts of other distressing news about the 3rd NHL lockout in my lifetime. Well now I want to update you with some fun hockey news. ESPN has been streaming KHL games on their website, and even airing games on ESPN2. Ever since the NHL made the deal with Versus/NBC and took hockey off the air from the biggest and widest available sports network, I have been upset due to a lack of the sport on my TV, but now I am thrilled that the Deuce will be airing KHL games. I really hope this doesn’t stop too much once the lockout ends, especially since Barry Melrose is doing commentary. So if you’ve got some free time, check out the airing schedule and watch some slightly slower paced, but still action-packed hockey from Russia and the former Soviet Union, cause it’s the best we’re gonna see on TV for a while.

And to conclude this week, let me tell you about what I hope can be a Cinderella ending, but the logical part of my brain tells me won’t be.

No you aren’t hearing things, Stephan, there are people rooting for you to pull off the biggest upset ever. EVER.

MMA: This weekend, because UFC 153 needed a new main event, we will see a fight that makes absolutely zero sense; Stephan Bonnar vs. Anderson Silva. Bonnar is credited by Dana White for being half of the reason that the UFC is where it is today. His Ultimate Fighter Finale fight with Forrest Griffin was supposed to catapult both men to super stardom, and while I think that Bonnar won that first fight with Griffin, it was Griffin’s career that took off, while Bonnar was never able to win the big matches. Although Bonnar didn’t win all of his fights, Dana White was still appreciative for what he did and told Bonnar that no matter what, he always had a job with the UFC. And with Bonnar having won his last 3 fights, he had basically retired, very quietly. That is until the opportunity to end his career on the highest of high notes presented itself; a fight with the pound-for-pound greatest fighter on the planet, Anderson “The Spider” Silva. I am not delusional; I do not think Bonnar will win this fight, I just really hope that he does. I am a big fan of the American Psycho, and feel that this could be one of the greatest feel good moments in sports history. And while I do believe Bonnar will lose, I do think he does have an opportunity to win. You see, Bonnar is a machine/zombie. He keeps moving forward while taking abuse, and he is a much bigger fighter than Anderson, so there is the chance that he withstands the assault, and manages to use his size to push Silva around the Octagon. It isn’t likely, but the chance is there, and that is what I am holding out hope for. My second hope is that if Bonnar wins, he retires for good on that win, and doesn’t try to make anything out of the victory, because it would be the greatest possible way for him to retire.

And now, I shall close my eyes and peer into the future to help all of you prepare for the coming ridiculousness of the continuing NFL season…

Michael Vick’s inability to hang on to a football combined with Detroit’s defensive ineptitude will lead to this game being contested as more of a soccer game, with nobody able to actually recover fumbles, and instead kicking the ball around on the field. The referees will inexplicably allow this to continue.

When the Jets begin losing to the Colts, Tim Tebow will be put in the game. Anxious to prove he is a good passer, but fearful that his receivers will drop more perfect passes, Tebow will throw the ball in the air to…himself. He will score 7 passing/receiving touchdowns.

St. Louis will win. This will double their win total from last year. And people may think that they’ve finally turned it around.

They haven’t.

I promise.

That will wrap up another edition of the Friday Five, and I assure you that my closing line isn’t just copy and pasted from week to week…or is it? Check in next week to see if it’s any different!

The Most Hilarious, Unintentionally Dirty Thing In Sports This Week:
Not a line this week, but I just wanted to point out that Dan Patrick refers to his show on Fox Sports as “The DP show.” Sit on that one for a while.


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2 Comments on “The Friday Five: The-MLB-Postseason-Begins Edition!”

  1. Brian Young Says:

    My Silva/Bonnar prediction: Winner at 3:20 of the third round by attempted murder- ANDERSON SILLLLLLLVA.


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