Jerry Sandusky to Address Court At Sentencing

October 9, 2012

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It has been announced by several media outlets that Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State defensive coordinator who was convicted in June of 45 counts of child molestation, would address the court tomorrow at his sentencing hearing. Sandusky has a legal right, but no legal obligation, to do so. Perhaps in preparation for, an audio tape was released where Sandusky defiantly denied all charges against him, and blamed a vast conspiracy on the situation he currently finds himself in. Full audio of this statement can be heard below.

The Farm Club will be covering the Sandusky sentencing in real time tomorrow morning, as all relevant information becomes available. Bookmark this page, or keep your browsers pointed to this URL for frequent updates. When something big goes down, The Farm Club will be here to tell you about it.

9:08 AM: The Farm Club is live. Proceedings were scheduled to begin at 9:00 Am, but these things are prone to delay for a variety of reasons. There is no live coverage in the courtroom, so everybody is being forced to wait until everything is said and done to know exactly what happened.

9:15 AM: For those who are unaware, here is exactly what should be going on in the courtroom at this moment. First, the judge will be holding a hearing to determine whether Sandusky will be classified as a violent predator. In all likelihood, Sandusky will be labeled as such. Then, Sandusky will be handed the length of his sentence, which, given the charges against him, could be in excess of 350 years. During this phase Sandusky will have an opportunity to speak.

9:19 AM: Word at this moment is that the Sandusky defense will not contest Sandusky being labeled as a sexually violent predator, but will reject the concept based on Sandusky’s self proclaimed innocence. This move, which is seemingly nonsensical, is being done to ensure that Sandusky is housed outside the general prison population.

9:26 AM: It is obvious at this point that the tape Sandusky released yesterday is not going to do him any favors today. A repeated proclamation of innocence would be one thing, but his defiant attitude and repeated assertion that there is a vast conspiracy against him, as well as his blaming the victims, are going to come back to haunt him.

9:30 AM: The prosecution is going to bear the burden of proof in the first hearing, meaning that in order to get Sandusky classified as a sexually violent predator. There is speculation that this will be made easy for them by Sandusky’s defense admittedly not contesting this label, but making a formal disagreement with it.

9:35 AM: People have been lined up outside the courtroom since the early hours of this morning, some allegedly as early as 1 AM. This sentencing hearing is the hottest ticket in Pennsylvania today, which is bizarre concept to say aloud.

9:42 AM: I want to talk about the audio from yesterday, which you can hear above, for just a moment. The blatant narcissism displayed by Sandusky in that tape is nauseating. If I took nothing else away from that release, its that Sandusky believes himself to be untouchable. Whether the words were paranoid delusion, or pathological lies, Sandusky has demonstrated that he is not connected to reality in any way. Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising from a person who used a charity to lure children into becoming his victims.

9:50 AM: Cameras are likely not being allowed in the courtroom to maintain the anonymity of the victims, for anyone who is wondering.

10:03 AM: One of Sandusky’s defense counsel appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 last night, and used the phrase “if Jerry is innocent, God bless him.” I don’t think I need to explain how telling this is.

10:09 AM: Correction: The first person in line for one of the 85 seats at the hearing arrived at 10:30 last night.

10:15 AM: Something that hasn’t been made clear by many media sources is that there is undoubtedly going to be an appeal by the Sandusky legal team. The pretext for that appeal will likely be due process, as Sandusky and his legal team have maintained since the initial trial that they did not have an adequate amount of time to prepare for the trial. Whether or not this is cause for a retrial remains to be seen, but it is a very real possibility.

10:23 AM: The sentence is in: Sandusky will serve no less than 30 years but no more than 60 years, with credit for time served. This is effectively a life sentence for the 70 year old Sandusky.

10:27 AM: Sandusky has just been led from the courthouse, looking enraged and distraught. When an image becomes available you will see it here.

10:28 AM: Sandusky reportedly cried in the courtroom.

10:31 AM: Victim number 6 spoke first, and broke down in tears on the stand. Victim number 4, spoke next, and defiantly refused to forgive Sandusky. Victim number 6 spoke from pain and sadness. Victim number 4 spoke from anger.

10:36 AM: Jerry Sandusky’s wife Dottie just left the courthouse. No word yet as to what she said at the proceeding, as she was expected to speak.

10:38 AM: Attorney for Victim number 4 says his client was empowered by standing up and facing Sandusky in the courtroom. He goes onto say that the two sided nature Sandusky showed in the courtroom today and over the previous months shows how much of a monster Sandusky was.

10:40 AM: Sandusky’s attorney claims yesterday’s audio was supposed to be released today, not yesterday, but Sandusky was ultimately out of control of the decision.

10:41 AM: Sandusky’s attorney also specifically said that the judge’s decision clearly illustrates that retribution was needed but was not going to be excessive. Take from that what you will.

10:43 AM: Joe Amendola, lead counsel for Sandusky, making a joke during a lull in reporter’s questions. “Oh, we can go to lunch?!” Smirking the entire time. Unbelievable.

10:45 AM: Amendola now espousing his belief regarding Sandusky’s grounds for appeal/retrial. Nothing new. Claiming a lack of preparation time that harmed his client’s 6th Amendment rights.

10:49 AM: Amendola continuing on the courtroom steps, now talking about the firing of Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials before the trial. Says there was no evidence that was cause for the firing. Says the Freeh report was based on assumption and innuendo. Implies that Mike McQueary is an unreliable witness. Asks why Sandusky was never arrested on earlier suspicions. Says there was a bigger motive on the part of Penn State.

10:54 AM: Amendola: “There were underlying tensions between the faculty, the board of trustees, and the athletic department.” Seems to be implying that Penn State faculty and trustees conspired against Sandusky in order to get rid of Paterno and other high ranking, high paid, PSU officials. This is insane.

11:00 AM: To be clear: Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in jail. At 68 years old, a minimum of 30 years is basically a death sentence.

11:02 AM: Victim number 1 spoke to the court, saying he believed Sandusky was his friend. Told Sandusky that what he did was the ultimate betrayal. Mother of Victim number 9 says she will never outlive the guilt of handing her son to Sandusky. Victim number 6, the first victim, hyperventilated on the stand. He told Sandusky that he must repent, or there will be a bigger judgment to come. Victim number 5 says he is haunted, and continues to have flashbacks of Sandusky’s naked body. That last really hurts to write.

11:06 AM: Lead Prosecutor calls Sandusky’s courtroom statement “banal self delusion.” Says that Sandusky displayed the same cowardice in the courtroom that he did in preying on children.

11:08 AM: Prosecution: Sandusky has continued to deny overwhelming evidence.

11:10 AM: Prosecution says that Sandusky defense had adequate time to prepare for trial. Takes a jab at Amendola, saying that perhaps less time should have been spent on/with the media.

11:13 AM: In the last several minutes it has been said several times that there is an ongoing investigation into further abuse perpetrated by Sandusky. This likely won’t be the last time Sandusky has to face an accuser.

11:18 AM: Reports are that, substantially, Sandusky’s courtroom statement was no different than what what was released yesterday. However it did feature several rambling, borderline nonsensical analogies.

11:20 AM: Amendola is backing off the conspiracy. Going back to the idea that his client was not given adequate due process.

11:22 AM: Ten minutes ago, Amendola was alleging a vast conspiracy that Sandusky was a pawn of that was meant to eliminate the powerful Joe Paterno from Penn State. Now, he only wants to talk about due process. I can’t tell if this is strategy or schizophrenia.

11:26 AM: Amendola says that Sandusky knew and met 1000s of kids without acting inappropriately with any of them, but its these 10 that changed the landscape of Jerry’s life. Bad argument.  Would “My client managed to not murder 1000s of police officers during his life. Why would he murder this one?”  be a convincing argument in Amendola’s eyes?

11:31 AM: Jerry Sandusky is and has been in isolation during his incarceration. Sandusky wants to be released into the general population, and prison officials are reluctant to do so.

11:41 AM: Attorney for a victim says the book on Penn State is still open. Expect lawsuits to come soon.

11:44 AM: Victim number 6: “You called yourself the Tickle Monster so you could touch my 11 year old body.” Chilling.  Jurors from the initial trial were in the courtroom to see the sentence handed down.

Things seem to be winding down in Pennsylvania, so lets recap. Sandusky has been sentence to 30 years minimum with a 60 year maximum, and will spend the remainder of his natural life in prison. Several of his victims faced him in the courtroom, and showed a range of emotions from anger to sadness to horror. Sandusky continues to show no remorse for anything that has happened, and both he and his attorneys blame the victims greed, and a vast conspiracy perpetrated by Penn State officials, for everything that has happened. There will undoubtedly be an appeal, and a retrial is a possibility. But for the moment, justice is served, and Jerry Sandusky will pay for his crimes.

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  1. Matthew Milko Says:

    Great article/live blogging of this. The picture will haunt my dreams forever.


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