The Friday Five: The Represent-For-Detroit Edition!

Welcome ladies and germs to this week’s edition of the Friday Five. I’d like to get the pleasantries out of the way as quickly as possible because there is a huge issue that has been burning in my mind for the last week or so, and I really need to get this one out because the implications have been driving me crazy, so without further stalling for column length, let’s get right into it.

I am a very pissed off man, and here is why:

I was thrilled that the fans in Kansas City were respectful enough to give this man his due. It must be a shared small market thing.

The Big NOT News: With the close of the MLB season, the sport has seen something it hasn’t seen in nearly half a century; Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown. Now you would think that something in a sport that hasn’t happened in that long might be pretty huge news, and it would be, if the man who achieved such a high honor played for a team in New York, or Los Angeles. The issue here seems to be the fact that Miguel plays for Detroit. The media as a whole doesn’t pay a lot of attention to Detroit, or Michigan as a whole, and it is completely insane to me that they do not. ESPN has several city specific websites, and I once wrote to them asking when was going to become a thing, considering we have teams in each of the 4 major sports, and they thanked me for my input, and offered me no reason as to why there wasn’t, nor did they offer a date when such a site would exist. Nobody seems to care about Detroit, and it isn’t fair to the athletes that play here and perform extremely well, and never get the recognition that they deserve. Last year, Matthew Stafford threw for over 5,000 yards. He was snubbed for the Pro-Bowl. The Red Wings have made the playoffs 21 years in a row, but since it’s hockey the sport and team aren’t talked about much outside the region. But getting back to Cabrera, I think it is insane that there is not more coverage on this milestone. The day after he won the Triple Crown, ESPN, and Yahoo! Sports didn’t have this as their top story. They didn’t even have a side panel as a story for it. A feat that hasn’t been accomplished in 45 years isn’t being talked about, and it is a travesty. Miguel Cabrera did something that some of the greatest hitters who have ever played couldn’t accomplish, and the sports media world is brushing him under the rug. And as another dagger, there are those out there saying his accomplishment isn’t worthy of the MVP. Guess who is worthy of it, in their minds? A player from a Los Angeles (of Anaheim) team, of course. While Mike Trout has had a great season, he didn’t help his team into the post-season. If you take Cabrera off the Tigers, they don’t make it; it is as simple as that. If Miguel Cabrera, after his history making year, doesn’t win the MVP, then the fix is obviously in, and it just proves that if you’re from Detroit, you’re not going to be taken seriously, and that is a DAMN shame.

Football: Well that love affair ended pretty quickly, didn’t it? But I don’t want to use this segment to talk about the return of the NFL Officials. What I do want to discuss is what in the hell is happening in the NFL this season? There was a question as to whether or not the New Orleans Saints would take a step back with the year-long suspension of head coach Sean Payton, and boy oh boy have they ever. Just a couple years removed from their Super Bowl win, the Saints are 0-4 after dropping a close game to the Packers. Oh, the Packers, who only lost 1 game all regular season last year have already dropped 2 in 4 weeks. Trust me, as a Packer fan that pains me to say. Meanwhile, the Arizona Cardinals were 4-0 after week 4. The Minnesota Vikings are leading the NFC North! They beat the San Francisco 49ers! What is happening in the world (of football)? Most people cut the season into 4 pieces, considering the number of games played, and each piece is examined and can be though of as indicative of a team’s performance. Currently a lot of teams are under performing as to where many people had them: The Packers, Patriots and Giants are 2-2. The Lions are 1-3 (and this is insane considering how easily they could have been 0-4, 2-2 or 3-1). It just goes to show you that parity is a real thing in the NFL, and it will be interesting to see if the Houston Texans can remain the top team in the league as the weeks go by.

I had no desire to put a bunch of pictures of Manning, Hardaway and Timberlake together with a Memphis Grizzlies logo, so enjoy scantily clad women!

Basketball: It’s always interesting to see the things that go on behind the scenes, and after hearing this next piece of news I felt the urgent need to share it with the rest of you who may not have heard it yet. What do Peyton Manning, Justin Timberlake and Penny Hardaway have in common? They are all lined up in a group of potential future owners of NBA Franchise the Memphis Grizzlies. Yeah, how freaking cool would that be? All three men have ties to Tennessee, and it would be really cool for the team to get more attention, especially since their payroll reflects that of a larger market team. I think the ownership situation could draw more positive attention to what the team has been doing the last couple of seasons, and it can only be a good thing.

Baseball: Holy Epic Collapse, Batman! The AL West ended up as one of the most insane and fun things to watch in baseball as the season came to an end. The Rangers either had sole possession of the division lead or a shared piece of it from the very first day of the season, but that came to an end on the very last day of the season. The Oakland Athletics managed to overtake the Rangers for the AL West crown in the very last series of the season that the A’s needed to sweep in order to win the division. With Josh Hamilton chasing Miguel Cabrera for the AL Home Runs lead, you would think he would have stepped his game up, but he was kept in check by the A’s pitching. The A’s were 13 games out of first place on July 1st, and managed to go a pretty damn impressive 57-26 from that day til the end of the season. The Rangers had many opportunities to not let this collapse happen to them, but they failed to execute and let the division lead slip out of their grasp, and will now face the Baltimore Orioles later today for the real Wild Card spot in the playoffs, as I refuse to acknowledge this game as anything other than a glorified 163.

This is actually a lock and chain put around my heart. That’s right. I apologize ladies, but I won’t be able to love again until the NHL season begins.

Hockey: Every time I get to the Hockey section of the column, I get a bit more and more depressed because of the ongoing lockout. Every week I look forward to having nothing real to report less and less, but in a couple of weeks I will be introducing something pretty fun to the Farm Club. But all the news that there is to report in the hockey world this week is that the NHL has cancelled all regular season games up to and through the 24th of October. More and more players keep finding teams and leagues outside of the NHL (which, as an aside, I think is a silly name considering it is an international organization). European hockey will be very fortunate to be adding all of this star power, and I am sure it will be a nice test for the players there to see how their skill level matches up to the best players in the world. Hopefully it will keep guys in playing shape for when the lockout ends (hold out hope!) and hopefully the slower speed of the game over there doesn’t have too much of an impact on them (like it did for Juri Hudler upon his return to the Detroit Red Wings a couple of seasons ago). All I know is that, as I have stated before, this lockout better end before the Winter Classic gets cancelled, or I will not be a happy camper.

And now for something you may not have ever thought I would cover…

Golf: You know, I consider myself a fan of all sports. I am a big fan of playing golf and driving golf carts, and while I may not watch a typical weekend of golf coverage, and the Golf Channel isn’t in my top list of networks, when big events happen I pay close attention. Add to this close attention paid a sense of national pride, and you can imagine why I was locked into the Ryder Cup this past weekend. And you have to imagine my joy as the U.S. was up 10-6 going into the final day of play. The Europeans were the defending champions, winners of 4 of the last 5 Ryder Cups, and the Americans were finally about to defeat their rivals. It was a great feeling, as the U.S. only had to win 4 more points in order to clinch the victory. What followed that day has been dubbed the “Miracle at Medinah,” due to the fact that the Americans completely pissed away their opportunity, giving up the largest lead in Ryder Cup history. It’s almost as if the American team didn’t want to win. There’s always next year.

Outrageous Football Predictions!

After last week’s games, I have the following to predict, more insane than ever, even though ever is only once.

The Referees are back, but even last week tried to job out the Packers. This is due to the fact that very recently, the union of black and white striped shirts have come out publicly against cheese. This is not a conspiracy, I have it on good authority that this is complete fact.

After repeated dropped passes in the end zone, the Detroit Lions will take a cue from the film Little Giants and paint Brandon Pettigrew’s jersey with sticky tar so that he can catch the ball, and yes, in the same exact hilarious bit, Pettigrew will get his hands stuck to himself; even this will not help him catch passes.

The Minnesota Vikings will win the Super Bowl and dedicate their historic run to the championship to Marvin Eriksen’s memory, not completely realizing that he is a fictional character. In response to me calling them out on the fact that he is a fictional character, the Vikings organization will claim to have footage of Mr. Eriksen tailgating at Vikings games, to which I will respond, “Yes, I also own season 7 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.”

And that’s all I’ve got for this week, as you have no idea how exhausting it is to look into the future. You’ll thank me for doing this once I predict something that saves you all from a room with a moose.

I thank you all for reading once more, and encourage you to check out the ever growing population of writers on this site. All of whom have their own opinions and great way of expressing them. If you want to join the team, send us an e-mail with what you’ve got in mind as we here at the Farm Club are always looking to expand! And with that, I leave you with the return of something beautiful…

The Most Hilarious Unintentionally Dirty Thing Said In Sports:

“An experienced manager is supposed to keep his finger in the dike to keep the water on the other side,” recently fired Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine.


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