Dismantle In Dallas

October 2, 2012

Football, NFL

Monday night was worse than a debacle. It was an embarrassment. I’ve not been more disgusted with a performance since Week 17 against the Eagles years ago. Having said all that, I have diagnosed the problem with the team.

Tony Romo can only lower his head as another interception is returned for a TD.

We (I am identifying myself as part of the team. Just shows how much I care about this franchise) tend to lack any sort of passion on a week-to-week basis. We had passion Week 1 this season because the Giants were hoisting the Championship Banner and Witten was playing through a lacerated spleen. But since then–and really since Wade Phillips–this team just goes out there and runs through the motions. Why? I’ll tell you.

Teams take on the persona of the head coach. It’s a fact. That’s why the 49ers went from garbage 3 years ago and went to the NFC Championship last year with virtually the same talent.  Harbaugh went in there and turned the team mean and aggressive. Do you think he would have kept that same calm look that Garrett had while being crushed on Monday Night Football?! Hell no.

The team has slow starts, why? Cause there’s no motivator in the locker room. Garrett’s personality matches his play calling: boring and predictable. If it wasn’t for Rob Ryan, he wouldn’t have even challenged the (could’ve been) crucial passing interference call in the end zone.

It’s honestly pathetic to see a team with so much talent play with so little heart.  The fans don’t cheer loud enough because the ticket prices are so high that the lower-middle class fanatics view the ticket prices as too high so only the rich elder crowd goes and just stares at the big screen.  They have a 14-12 home record since the new stadium opened up. PATHETIC!

I know that Jerry Jones can run a business, and knows how to market and merchandise the Dallas Cowboys  brand better than any owner, but he has to bring in a GM that can hire better personnel and can fire up the team.

In fact, Jon Gruden was getting more worked up pre-game talking about the Cowboys than I’ve ever seen Jason Garrett get.  It is time for a change. And I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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I am a University Of North Carolina student majoring in Sports Administration and Economics. I grew up in Hickory, NC but was raised a Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls fan. Not to mention the fact that the Tarheels are in my blood. My passion for sports fuels me. For more information about myself, follow me on twitter @blakelessard

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4 Comments on “Dismantle In Dallas”

  1. dallascowboysdishingthereal Says:

    I agree bottomline 23
    I can appreciate the fact that Garrett is trying to change the culture on the team which is needed, but he tends to be too much of a player supporter when they don’t deserve it.

    After the debacle Monday night, in his press conference, Garrett spoke of the Romo interceptions like they were just a fact of life. Like rain or something uncontrollable. It makes me crazy! (Wrote a blog about it)

    On the INT due to miscommunication between Bryant and Romo, Garrett makes no indication what so ever, that anything is being changed to prevent it from occurring in the future, (It has happened before Monday night by the way)

    And the INT when Ogletree failed to catch a good pass by Romo, Garrett doesn’t acknowledge what we all saw which was “Tree” short arming the catch, and taking his eyes off the ball to protect himself. That along with all of the Romo INTs are unacceptable. It’s the NFL!

    What NFL coach, or coach at any level for that matter, wouldn’t make some changes after his team had a poor performance like that?

    Yet Garrett will send the same old players out to do the same old things and hope it turns out differently. (definition of insanity which is what it is making me!)

    GO Heels and go Cowboys!
    UNC class of ’87


  2. Curtis Dasch Says:

    I’m not trying to call anyone out here, but I think it’s funny everyone is going to say coaching is part of the blame, or a big part. Because when Garret took over a few seasons ago, everyone (accept those of us who knew better) jumped all over that bandwagon, saying that it was the best change and he was the coach of the future to lead this team back to the “promised land”.

    While I blame the coach in some aspects, because frankly the NFL is a coach’s game, I blame the fact that Romo must be partly color blind. Never thought he was an elite quarterback, at least he’s never been an elite QB since the botched snap against Seattle.

    I suppose my own personal biased against the Cowboys are showing a little, but logically speaking, it’s just been difficult to take this team seriously for several seasons now. There is ALWAYS hype during the pre-season, but they have yet to (I almost want to say never) execute. I’m not sure a coaching change will help this team. They need chemistry and maybe a QB who can lead I suppose. But more than anything, chemistry.


    • thebottomline23 Says:

      There is always hype cause they SHOULD be great. They just lack any sort of leadership. Romo included. He can win games, just not consistently. If you put a Jon Gruden or Harbaugh in right now, they’d be a deep playoff team.


  3. Gary Says:

    Jerry Jones should be knocking on Jimmy Johnson’s door right now, saying “pretty, pretty please come back and lead us to our former glory. We have strayed too far from our winning ways and have no idea how to return.”


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