OSU and MSU: Are They the Best of the Big Ten?

October 1, 2012

College Football

I sat down with my feet propped up, bags of chips within reach, dips sitting nearby, and a cold pop in hand waiting to see a revealing truth unravel from the Ohio State Michigan State game this past Saturday. As the three and a half hours passed I noticed myself on the edge of my seat through out different parts of the game. I watched with a small, unsatisfied feeling as the heated battle ended in a tight 1 point win for the visiting Buckeyes. The game was enjoyable to watch, I’m not down playing that, but I didn’t find myself with any new views on either team.

The Buckeyes still looked like a strong offensive team, with their obvious mistakes during the game, and the Spartans continued to look solid on defense but still had a few down falls. Both teams fought hard but no one pulled any tricks out of the bag or did anything crazily impressive. This game reflected how the Big Ten as a conference has looked this season, some good performances, but nothing overall impressive.

Before these two teams took the field against each other neither of them had any quality attributes to their resumes. MSU having close wins against Boise State and for the majority of their game against Eastern Michigan while Ohio State had yet to play against a credible opponent. The Spartans fell at home in a terrible offensive show against Notre Dame, 20-3, as Ohio State had a rather sketchy performance against UAB, a game which was a one possession fight up until the last 5 minutes. So I was really hoping for a revelation to come from their match up this past weekend, but that didn’t happen.

Unfortunately it will be hard to make a good judgement of Michigan State as they play Indiana next week. The Hoosiers haven’t been very good this year, better than their 2011 season, but still not very good. It will be doubtful that Indiana will be able to put up much of a fight against the Spartans. So we will really have to wait and see how they perform against Iowa and Michigan to get a better idea if they are improving through their season or on a slippery slop down.

Ohio State has a big test in their next match up. Taking on Nebraska at home will be no easy task. The Cornhuskers look to be the strongest Big Ten team as they recovered from a big 1st half deficit and they seemed to have total control over Wisconsin as Nebraska put up 20 unanswered points. If they are able to play the rest of their games like they did the second half of that game then they will be extremely difficult to beat. This game will be a good test for the Buckeyes. Are they really capable of winning against powerhouse teams that are both offensively and defensively sound? I’m certain that this will be a good game to watch.

Ohio State and Michigan State were pegged as the two best Big Ten teams before last weekend, rightfully so they were both the highest ranked teams from the conference, but I’m still waiting to be convinced that either of them are going to be the best we will see this season. Northwestern is still an undefeated team, and Nebraska does have a loss but they fought their way back into the top 25. There is still a lot to be revealed yet in the quality of the Big Ten teams. Non-conference games can make certain teams appear better than others but until the conference games have been played it’s too difficult to tell what teams truly are the best. With only one week of conference games down there is much more to see in the up coming weeks.

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