MVPs This Year Set to Make More History

September 30, 2012


With Homer Bailey tossing the league’s 7th no-hitter this year that tied a major league record, you can bet this season s going to go down in history as one of the special ones. Jump to the batting perspective, there’s also tons of intriguing stories that revolve around this year’s top players. No matter who brings home the AL and NL MVP titles, they probably will  set a record of some sort. Here’s a list of the most popular candidates for this year, and a brief account of their accomplishments this year.


Miguel Cabrera

After hitting his 43rd home run last night, Cabrera currently has the Triple Crown in his hands. If he wins the Triple Crown by the end of the season, the MVP title will no doubt belong to him, as he’ll be the first to accomplish this feat since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

Josh Hamilton

Through today, Hamilton is tied with Cabrera for the lead in home runs and it looks like he’s the only person with a chance to ruin Miggy’s triple crown. Hamilton has been enjoying a historic season, highlighted by a four-homer game in May and a week where he outhit most ball clubs in home runs.

Mike Trout

This year, no award candidate list would be complete without Mike Trout. Maybe he’ll take home the Cy Young too because he does have a 0.00 ERA. Trout has just done everything a rookie could do, leading the majors in steals and runs, and he just became the youngest player to join the 30-30 club today. Only Ichiro Suzuki and Fred Lynn have won both the MVP and ROY in the same year and he could well be the third player.

Other Notables: Edwin Encarnacion, Adrian Beltre


Ryan Braun

Braun hit his 200th career homer this year and also managed to record 100 runs and RBIs for the fourth straight year. Steroid use or not, that’s awfully impressive without the protection of Fielder in the lineup. Currently ranked number one on Yahoo’s player rankings, he looks poised to take home his second straight MVP title.

Chase Headley

I’m taking McCutchen out of my top three because he’s been slowing down and what Headley has managed to do this season is just out of this world. Hitting 31 homers and 113 RBI while playing half your games at PETCO is just insane. When was the last time a Padre whose name wasn’t Adrian Gonzalez, and had zero lineup protection, hit 30 home runs? I have no idea.

Buster Posey

No catcher has had such a dominant season as Buster Posey in the National League since the days of Mike Piazza. Since the All-Star break Posey has been hitting close to .400 and he recently became the first Giant to reach 100 RBIs since Barry Bonds. If he played in the AL this year he would take home the batting title.

Other Notables: Andrew McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez

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One Comment on “MVPs This Year Set to Make More History”

  1. Jays Fan Says:

    I think Edwin Encarnacion has a big chance to ruin Miggy’s Triple Crown. Probably just as much as Hamilton


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