The Friday Five: The I-Am-Predictions-And-So-Can-You Edition!

Happy Friday to all of you, and I appreciate you all joining me for another edition of the Friday Five. When I first proposed this idea to Stefan for the Farm Club, it was already a decently firm idea, and I really think over the weeks I have gotten more and more of an idea of just what it is I am doing with this thing, so I hope all of you enjoy the little tweaks every week, and find it informative and a bit entertaining as well. The reason I bring this up is because there is going to be an all new piece at the end of the column which I hope all of you enjoy. So let’s get right into things, shall we?

I don’t typically like to spend a whole lot of time dwelling on whatever the big news of the week is, but this week I am going to get a bit involved, but there is a reason.

I am a giant Green Bay Packers fan. So here we go.

Something like that…

The Big News: The small-to-medium errors that were being made by the replacement officials in the NFL finally exploded into a huge mess on Monday night. Everyone was discussing whether or not it was just a matter of time before these replacements got something horribly wrong and cost a team a game. It wasn’t a thought that the replacements would actually take a legitimate victory away from a team that had fought for it, though, and that is exactly what happened. I’ll spare you the details of the throw because if you don’t know it by now then I don’t really think you’re a sports fan and you’re probably at the wrong website. I look back at the few minutes that went by as the interception happened and the game was stolen from Green Bay, and the stream of obscenities that left my mouth and my fingertips on Facebook, and even in the ongoing chat window that those of us here at the Farm Club participate in, and was completely in shock. Nobody in the history of time who really knows the game thought that Golden Tate made that catch, because he didn’t. I know some are Seahawks fans so they won’t admit it, and some hate the Packers so much that they won’t admit it, but everyone knows there were two giant reasons why that play should’ve been called down and the Packers officially be 2-1. The one major thing I want to say about this is that I heard some commentators say that play’s like Tate’s pass interference aren’t usually called on end of game hail mary type plays, and I just sat there and asked “Why the hell not?!” to nobody. It’s still an illegal play. Why is it less illegal when the damn game is on the line? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Do we just not call any penalties on the last play of the game? If so, just bring out a baseball bat and start smacking around your opponents. Why not? They don’t usually call penalties on the last play of the game, the time when they should be calling penalties the most, especially when the game is on the line. But I need to stop talking about this or I’ll just get more angry. The good thing to come out of all of this is that the NFL refs have returned to work, and hopefully huge issues like this are in the past. And also, you’re an idiot and probably named Roger Goodell if you don’t think the final push to bring the refs back was the Monday Night Football game.

What else happened in the world of sports this week, because I know it didn’t get covered this week.

Upsets in College Football give me a reason to wake up in the morning.

Football: There are so many reasons why I love College Football. And yet, there are so many reasons I hate College Football. One of the things I hate is that frequently the top ranked teams don’t face other top ranked teams, and are allowed to pad their records against tomato cans. One of the big things I hate is that you know who is going to be in the hunt for the National Championship before the season starts because you know who is good and you know that many of those good teams are playing horrifically untalented opponents. This leads me into one of the things I absolutely love about College Football, stunning upsets. Last night, No. 8 Stanford, still building a good program even without Andrew Luck, faced off against unranked Washington. Unable to do anything offensively all night, Stanford fell 17-13 in their first game after upsetting former No.2 ranked USC. My dream for College Football is a real playoff. Next year we’ll have a 4-team playoff, but I would love to see a year when the top ranked teams all lose 2 games each so that it can prove that there needs to be some sort of real way to decide a National Champion. And I know what you’re thinking, “Two losses?!” Yes. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Baseball: With just a week left in the regular season in Major League Baseball, not all of the divisions and wild card slots have been decided, and it is leading to some damn exciting, if completely nerve wracking, games of baseball. The race that I, as a Metro Detroiter, have been focused on is obviously the AL Central race. The Tigers have not been playing up to their expectations at all this year, and have somehow gained a 2 game lead over the last couple of days. This is mainly due in part to the White Sox losing 8 of their last 9, but let’s not focus on that aspect so much. I have been very cynical of the Tigers this year, and I still am. I fully expect that the Tigers will do something awful to blow this, and will not be surprised if they do not make the playoffs. That’s not me saying I hope they don’t, don’t get me wrong. I would love the Tigers to make it into October baseball and win it all. I’m a fan. But I also know that for every time the team has seemingly turned a corner, they do something stupid. Like how the Tigers have swept the White Sox and been swept by the Royals in the same week. You can’t beat who you need to beat and then lose to teams you should beat. But hopefully the Tampa Bay Rays and their recent hot streak looking for a Wild Card slot can help us in Detroit by beating the pants off of the White Sox. They’ve won 8 in a row, and hopefully keep the streak going long enough to give the Tigers another game or two over their rivals. The Yankees also got smacked around by the Blue Jays 6-0, leaving the Yanks with only a 1 game lead over the Orioles. The AL is all crazy, and there could be a couple of different combinations of teams making it to the postseason. Keep your eyes on the AL this week as the season ends, because anything could happen.

Sadly, this is not as rare as a Double KO in Street Fighter

Basketball: In quite possibly the best decision the NBA has ever made, they are finalizing plans to start fining players for flopping on the court. The league will look at all of the questionable falls after the games and assess fines for what they perceive as a fall that wasn’t warranted; a flop. This problem really heated up last season, and a lot of people were very vocal about this becoming a bigger and bigger issue. There are players who engage in flopping to draw fouls that aren’t there, and this can potentially swing the result of a game. It’s childish and not professional, although there are those out there who will argue that it is simply a part of the game, but it’s a part of the game I hate. You’re an adult. Play hard and play fair and show that you’re the best players on the court in order to win a game. What a novel concept, right? Winning by being the best instead of cheating? What a world.

Hockey: NHL Lockout watch continues here at The Friday Five, as Hockey is hands down my favorite sport. The League announced this week that it was going to cancel all of the remaining preseason games. There is a lot going on with this decision, and with everything going on in the lockout. The remaining preseason games being cancelled put an end to the only time some prospects are able to play games in top-level professional jerseys. The Florida Panthers have put a hold on season ticket payments until the season begins. Red Wings VP Jimmy Devellano was fined a quarter-million dollars for comments he made during the lockout when people aren’t even allowed to talk about the lockout. That’s rules 1 and 2 of the lockout. Oh crap…I’m gonna get fined for talking about that, aren’t I? Some players are playing in Europe, some are putting together fun exhibition games in Montreal that I can’t realistically attend (bastards) and some are just hanging around wondering why the league is locked out again, not even ten years after the last lockout. The owners need to stop thinking that they can rip away 10% of the total profits from the players. It’s not plausible. All I know is that if the Winter Classic gets cancelled (as it is close to my home and I have plans to attend) heads will roll.

Each punch they land on one another will be literally driving in a nail to boxing’s coffin.

Boxing: I have long stated that the reason the Manny Pacquiao v. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight has never happened is because it is the fight that will end boxing, and every boxing promoter knows this. Bob Arum wants to tell you that MMA is nothing more than homosexuals rolling around with one another and not fighting, but MMA is the fight sport of the future, there’s no denying that. Boxing has seen its decades of glory come to a screeching halt between bad/horrible judging, promoting, too many weight classes, too many titles, and fights nobody cares about. I personally attribute this to the lack of a dominate, American heavyweight fighter. That is what American fans of boxing want to see for the most part. But there have been two fighters in boxing who have been popular for putting on great fights, Pacman and Money. And there has always been talk of the two stepping into the ring, and the talks have been drumming up again as to if this fight will finally happen. Breaking News, folks, this fight will never happen. As long as this fight doesn’t happen, there will be something to promote in boxing. Once this fight happens, there are no more fights left for boxing to pull in for huge paydays. This is literally the last big money fight boxing has left, and if you think that any boxing promoter is dumb enough to book this fight, then I have a beach house in Florida I’d like to sell you.

With the Five all done and out of the way, I’d like to debut the all new segment of the article that I don’t quite have a name for yet, so hopefully a reader will comment or shoot me an e-mail with a good suggestion. Each week, I will look ahead to the weekend in football and make some predictions. Not about the results of the games, oh no, that’s far too simplistic for me. In a half-prediction half-prop bet segment, let’s take a look at what I think you’ll see this weekend in the NFL.

Over/Under on amount of players who hug NFL Officials: 12.5

Over/Under on amount of times last Monday’s game is mentioned: 29.5

How long into a game until fans boo the NFL Officials: 3:18

I also predict that the following will happen:

The refs will pretend to make wrong calls, spot the ball wrong, and just be their typical jovial selves.

Submit your own wild predictions in the comments section below!

That will do it for this week, join me next week as I look at…uhhh…stuff that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not a psychic. I can’t predict the future! What’s that? I just did a couple of lines in which I predicted what will happen? Then I CAN predict the future! And I know you’ll read the Friday Five next week. Except for you, Sam. We’ll miss you, buddy.


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