Northwestern vs Minnesota: Who will rise above?

September 27, 2012

College Football

Northwestern and Minnesota have been two interesting Big Ten teams this season. Both currently undefeated and having a decent shot at staying undefeated after their first week of Big Ten conference games. The Gophers have a bye week in Week 6 so if Northwestern can then take down Penn State these two teams will then have the chance of an undefeated showdown in the Big Ten for Week 7.

Northwestern has taken down Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Boston College, and South Dakota. Their first Big Ten game is vs Indiana which has done better than normal this season but I don’t think they will be good enough to overcome the Wildcats this Saturday. In Week 6 the Wildcats will have to play Penn State, a team that has undoubtedly been through a lot this year and is trying to pull together some more wins for their shaky 2012 season. Even thought the game will be at Penn State, I see Northwestern being able to keep their strong season rolling.

Minnesota’s wins have come against UNLV (a triple overtime win), New Hampshire, Western Michigan and Syracuse. Their next opponent is Iowa, a team that has not impressed anyone this year. Iowa has struggled in all of their games and has a 2-2 record. The Hawkeyes can pull together good performances but they’ll have to make a big recovery from last weekends loss if they want to try to take down the Gophers in week 5. Then Minnesota will have a bye week before the Northwestern showdown which might be a big help for their match up.

Since these two teams are a part of the Legends division, I seriously doubt we will see either of them in the Big Ten championship game because of the tough competition they will have to face, but they could shake things up for the other teams. I am honestly excited to see them go undefeated, hopefully they will, and face off against each other in Week 7. Even though these two teams haven’t had the same history as other programs such as Ohio State, Wisconsin, or Michigan State they have always had a strive for excellence and they often provide good competition for other teams.

So will both teams be able to continue their streaks to an undefeated showdown? If so, who will win the match up? There are certain teams that you know will provide a good competition and if these two teams face of undefeated you know that both will do everything in their power to keep their streaks going. I must say with Minnesota having a bye week right before the game and with the game in Minnesota I think they might have a little bit of an edge. I will wait, however, to see how each team performs this weekend to make a prediction for this up coming match up.

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