Replacement Ref Riot 2012: There will be blood

September 25, 2012

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In case you haven’t wondered why half your office or school has not stopped laughing for a good twelve hours, let me fill you in.

On the 24th of September, 2012 our beloved National Football League finally collapsed upon itself.

With about 8 seconds left on the clock, the Seattle Seahawks were down 12-7 to the Green Bay Packers. At his own 27 yard line Seattle quarterback Russel Wilson hoisted up a prayer to the end zone.

Golden Tate was ruled to come down with the ball for the touchdown and since time had expired, the Seahawks won the game.

One small issue, M.D. Jennings of the Packers came down with the ball too, and instantly the refs did not seem to be able to agree on the call.


Oh another fun fact; Golden Tate essentially threw down Sam Shields before he went up to get said ball; which of course was overlooked by the keen eyes of the Replacement Officials.

Ahh yeah, and to top it all off…..Tate never actually even had possession of the ball

Actually, they had two chances to get this right but they couldn’t.

Yes that is correct, they literally looked at the play AGAIN, in slow-motion and still could not figure out that “hot damn we gone screwed up now”.

I forgot,  then they had to bring players back on the field to kick a field goal.

So in other words, There were players with equipment half off on the field as Steven Hauschka kicked an extra point.

Hell if I was Pete Carroll, I would have had gone for two just for funzies.

Not a bad idea Eric

I admit it, I literally sat there in my underwear eating Cheetos as many of us do in utter disbelief as not a soul in that stadium knew what in the hell was going on .

To say the Packers got screwed would be the understatement of the century, John Gruden went on air to say he felt sick to his stomach,
Twitter blew up like we won an Olympic medal in water polo, Facebook once again reminded us Seattle is still a franchise.

There are no words to describe the utter hell that these replacement refs have put our teams through.

Whether it be player safety concern (just ask Matt Schaub about his missing earlobe), the ability to keep control of the game (John Abraham throwing haymakers week 2 of MNF) or just overall blown calls (your favorite teams receiver got kicked in the groin by a monkey……idk) the replacement officials are a black eye on the NFL right now and need to be gone.

This is no longer an issue of “ha ha these guys suck”, this is “O dear Lord they just cost a team a game”.

We as fans can live with a few extra penalties as long as they go both ways, but when you go out and screw a team (granted I don’t care because GOOOOO LIONS) we start to have a bit of an issue.

You aren’t the NBA, get your act together.

Dear NFL owners,

Since we still actually buy your worthless crap, go see franchises that start Blaine Gabbert at quarterback, spend $9 per beer so you can drive a Masterati, and put up with Nickelback at halftime of Thanksgiving….. can you do us one favor?

Pay the damn refs.


Your faithful (for now)  fans.

And because I can, here is a running list of tweets concerning the game (no kidding I follow a good deal of Detroiters)

I do believe he just became the most popular guard in the NFL

I could honestly post a page of just Sitton and Lang tweets

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One Comment on “Replacement Ref Riot 2012: There will be blood”

  1. Mike Gazdik Says:

    The consensus with people I’ve spoken with tends to be that the NFL wouldn’t push negotiations forward unless the replacement refs cost a team a game for sure.

    Well, after three weeks of complete mayhem, they “finally” blatantly cost a team a game. I hope the NFL grows some balls and speaks about this.

    I’m waiting for a statement from the commish’s office. Where is it Mr. Goodell? You’re the owners’ right hand man, take care of this.


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