NFL MVP Power Rankings Week 3

September 25, 2012

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1. Matt Ryan, Last Week: 1

Matt Ryan was at the top of my rankings last week, and he put in another great performance this week to stay there. His team took care of a good Chargers team while Ryan threw for 275 yards and 3 TD’s. Not everyone is buying into the hype around the Falcons yet, but if Matt Ryan keeps playing at this level this team is among the best in the league. While his team is establishing themselves as one of the best in the league, Matt Ryan may be doing the same thing.

2.  Eli Manning, Last Week: 7

Eli Manning jumped into my rankings last week after his 500 yard performance against the Buccaneers, but what he did this week against Carolina may be even more impressive. He picked apart the Panthers defense while playing without key players on offense. The Panthers may not have the best defense in the league, but Manning looked impressive for the second straight week and has his Giants back at a winning record.

Ben Roethlisberger3. Ben Roethlisberger, Last Week: Unranked

Ben Roethlisberger made a huge jump this week, as he wasn’t even ranked last week but is having a great year. The Steelers may be 1-2, but Roethlisberger has thrown for 904 yards, 8 TD’s and only 1 INT so far this year. Usually Ben has had a reputation of winning ugly, but so far this year he’s played great without much success in the win column.

4. Tom Brady, Last Week: 2

Tom Brady dropped this week, but he didn’t have a bad week. He threw for over 200 yards and a TD in a loss against a good Ravens D. Brady has been more consistent than anybody in the NFL though and everybody knows he’ll continue to play well, which always keeps him in the race for the MVP award.

5. Aaron Rodgers, Last Week: 3

Aaron Rodgers also didn’t have a great week, but a big reason for that was the constant pressure that the Seahawks put on him when he dropped back to pass. He lost in the end on a controversial call as we all know by now, but there’s no excuse for his drop. He’s playing good, but not like the MVP we saw last year.

6. Joe Flacco, Last Week: 9

Joe Flacco is extremely inconsistent, but he sees himself get another big jump in the MVP race this week due to another great performance. He may have been playing a weak Patriots secondary, but you can’t take anyway the great performance that Flacco and his WR Torrey Smith put on.

Jamaal Charles7. Jamaal Charles, Last Week: Unranked

Speaking of great performances, I hope everyone realizes Jamaal Charles is back. He was one of the best up and coming RB’s before he got hurt, and his performance in Week 3 proves he’s pretty close to that form. Charles had 33 carries for 233 yards against the Saints in Week 3. While he obviously won’t be doing that every week, it proves he can again carry the load and has the same explosiveness that made him great before his injury.

8. Robert Griffin III, Last Week: 6

As the weeks carry on it seems like defenses are adjusting to RGIII. He’s still playing well and is a dual threat, but his team is losing and he is struggling. He’s still above expectations for a rookie QB, but he’s dropping in the MVP race as the weeks go on.

Maurice Jones-Drew9. Maurice Jones-Drew, Last Week: Unranked

I was somebody who thought that Maurice Jones-Drew was going to have a down year after his holdout, but it seems like MJD is out to prove me and everybody else who thought that wrong. MJD went for 177 yards in Week 3 and is sitting behind Charles on the rushing leaders.

10. Clay Matthews, Last Week: 5

Clay Matthews only had half a sack in the Packers loss, but still leads the league in sacks. As I’ve been saying with him, he’s going to need to break the sack record to have a chance at the MVP award and this setback won’t help. Although with the way he was getting to the QB in the first two weeks, it still wouldn’t be a big surprise.



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2 Comments on “NFL MVP Power Rankings Week 3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why is Rodgers above Flacco? Flacco averages 304 yards a game to Rodgers 248, has twice as many touchdown passes, and lead his team to a 2-1 (should be 3-0) start compared to Rodgers 1-2 (granted, it should be 2-1) start.


    • stephenchott Says:

      For now. Rodgers may not have the stats that Flacco does at the moment but until Flacco proves he can play at that level on a week to week basis I have trouble putting him ahead of Rodgers and Brady


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