Welcome to the B1G: the BCS’ Worst Conference

September 24, 2012

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With week 4 of the college football season in the books, I think we can start to assess the quality of each conference.  Teams have seen a couple of quality opponents and now head into their own conference slates where they can bludgeon one another to death.

So what have we learned after 4 weeks?  The B1G is not only awful but might be the worst of the BCS conferences.

Take this past weekend. Yeah, only Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois lost.  Michigan committed 6 turnovers and STILL had a chance to beat #11 Notre Dame on the road.  They came into the year vastly overrated and it’s showing. The defense is insanely young and there is very little depth. Not to mention that their schedule is tough.  This team might not be worse than last year’s version but 8-4 is looking closer to reality.

As for Iowa? Holy flaming dogshit is this team bad. They eeked out a 1 point win against Northern Illinois, lost to Iowa State once again, and had a tough outing but ultimately beat Northern Iowa before being beaten on a last second field goal by Central Michigan. I can’t feel confident about their ability to beat ANYONE on their schedule from here on out.  And no one is surprised about Illinois because they are terrible and have been forever. LONG LIVE THE ZOOKER!

But even when they won games, the conference looked like ass. THE Ohio State  University jumped out to an early lead on UAB but slowly let them back into the game before closing it out following a week in which California very nearly beat them. Wisconsin let UTEP hang around for awhile before finally finishing them off but lost Montee Ball in the process. Their defense continues to struggle as everyone sees them struggle each week and wonders what the hell is going on.  Michigan State clung to a 9-7 lead entering the 4th quarter against Eastern Michigan. Eastern. Michigan. Minnesota and Penn State beat awful teams while Nebraska and Northwestern beat up on cupcakes.

Top to bottom, this is the weakest conference there is. Even the ACC has a legit-looking Florida State.  What does the B1G have? Ohio State? Seriously? This team is too green to consider “elite” and there is that whole issue about not being able to play in the conference championship or a bowl game.  Every other team of note in this conference has a fatal flaw (mostly defense, it seems.  Nebraska, Michigan, and Wisconsin all fall under that category while Michigan State’s problem is on the other side of the ball) and has tendencies to shoot itself in the foot. Luckily for Wisconsin, there is literally no one else worth a shit outside of Ohio State in their division so they can just default their way to another conference title game while Badger fans suckle at the teet of Bret Bielema like he’s the golden child.

Thankfully, the league can stop embarrassing itself against out of conference competition this week and start feebly fighting each other like if Fight Club were between geriatrics with severe arthritis. At this point, all anyone is playing for is a de-facto conference championship and the right to a beheading in the Rose Bowl.

Welcome to the B1G: where leaders, legends, and mediocrity hold sway.



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  1. Matthew Milko Says:

    It sucks that the B1G has been so bad this year, but I say accept it and enjoy the shittyness, we won’t have another season like it for another 20 years, hopefully…


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