The Farm Club Fantasy Debacle: slump-busters & trash talk

Two weeks into the season and their has been plenty of disappointments to start off the season.

But Week 3 provides these players to bust from their slumps and return to form. Here is a position list of players who will return to form this week.

Lastly, I have a call to arms against my arch-rival Jack Crawley. Here is a sneak preview: I hate him.


Matthew Stafford

Trying to duplicate a 5,000+ yard passing season is difficult, and in his two starts in 2012 it has been quite noticeable that the game hasn’t been coming easy for Stafford.

In our league he has only managed 13.5 and 13 points respectively. Which for the high standards placed on Stafford makes for a disappointing start to the season.

The silver-lining is that he has shown signs in the 4th Quarter of both games that shows he is capable of managing an offense and establishing a rhythm. We also have to consider that he faced arguably the best team in the NFL this past Sunday in the 49ers.

Week 3 will provide a much easier task for the Lions and Stafford, the Titans have given up a lot of points early on, and the Lions have the weapons to add to the damage.

However, if Stafford doesn’t improve this upcoming week you should definitely be seeking another quarterback via trade, or your bench. For now stay patient.

Running Back:

Beanie Wells

Last year fantasy owners found themselves in a love-hate relationship with the former Buckeye, but this year it has been nothing but hate for him and the entire Arizona Cardinal team in general.

However week 3 provides quite opportunity for Wells as they face the eagles who gave up 23.5 fantasy points to the Baltimore Ravens’ running game.

I understand that Ray Rice is a beast, but Wells is fully capable of the big game, and this week might just be it.

Jonathan Dwyer

The steelers offense has been stagnant to say the least this season 18th in passing and 30th in rushing; a category which they normally dominate.

The reason could be their rushing woes is a split-blame between the O-line and poor execution from the running backs. However this week the Steelers take on the Raiders who have been atrocious at stopping the run. They are averaging 147.5 yards against, and last week were smacked for 259 yards courtesy of the Miami Dolphins.

This could bode well for Dwyer or his teammate Isaac Redman, it really is a matter of who shows up in Week 3.

For what it’s worth my Money is on Dwyer.

Wide Receiver:

Greg Jennings

He sat out last week, and didn’t do too much in Week 1; again much credit to the 49ers. But this week the Packers face the Seahawks and Jennings is being ruled as fit-for-play.

Expect him to have a big week as Aaron Rodgers will look for his deep threat early and often.

The factor that is favor for Jennings is that the Seahawks haven’t been solid in defending the pass, especially in their first game against Arizona. They looked better last week, but Green Bay is a much better passing team than Dallas.

Aaron Rodgers will be looking for all his weapons this week, but his favorite is Jennings; expect a big week from the Western Michigan Alum.

Andre Johnson

Week 1, 21 points. Week 2, 3.5 points. While this doesn’t constitute a complete slump, fantasy owners didn’t draft Johnson for this type of inconsistency.

Fear not though because Johnson has a few things in his favor heading into the Texans matchup up with the Broncos.

The first being Denver’s defensive focus being on the run, which they rank 7th in the league in defending. The second is that this is Houston’s bread-and-butter, so all focus for Denver this week will be stopping the run game of Houston.

You know what this means, and after watching Matt Ryan torch Denver last week through the air, expect much of the same this week and Johnson to reap the benefits of it.

Tight End:

Marcedes Lewis

He had the ol’ goose egg in Week 2 after a 13.5 performance in Week 1, and this is mainly due to the dreadful Jacksonville passing game, but this week an equally inept team in the Indianapolis Colts will face-off against him.

The Colts have only given up a total of  12 points to opposing tight ends, but a QB’s best friend is his TE and if the Colts are brining the heat on Blaine Gabbert and trying to stop MJD, than Lewis should be able to exploit this and make a game for himself the week in Indianapolis.

Now for the trash talk:

Being 2-0 in The Farm Club Debacle has allowed me the right to talk as much trash as I like. So I would like to take the final 1,000 words of this post to flex my muscle and remind the world who the King truly is.

I would also like to first remind every one that Mike Gadzik lost his proposition bet to me, and I am waiting for him to pay up.

Here was the bet by the way:

As we all know Hernandez left the game with an injury which led to my victory by default; sucks to suck Gadzik.

So as soon as we have footage of his re-designed office we will be sure to have it to you.

Finally, I want to call out my best frienemy Jack Crawley aka “the wuss“.

I have been begging to have a prop bet with him for our Week 7 Match-Up. I lit the fire with this post:

I even proposed a bet with him to which I received this response:

My question to you Mr.Crawley is this, what constitutes too crazy? Does it mean nothing embarrassing? Because all it took was one quick click to myspace to find this gem.

Mr.Crawley on the left, I’ll let him explain this one…

How about this you can write a song for me when I beat you, after all you have the experience…

The ball is in your court Crawley. I’ll be expecting a rebuttal soon.

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