The Friday Five: The Football-Season-Has-Begun Edition!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, come one come all and witness as I, Shane Viars, Friday Five writer attempt to write another introduction that makes absolutely no sense!

Here at the Friday Five, I push you through the big news clogging the airwaves in the world of sports and make sure you’ve got some water cooler knowledge of sports to share if anyone asks about something that they may have heard. Some come on in and enjoy the ride.

The Big News: The NFL season has begun! The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants Wednesday night to open the season, and make the Giants a Super Bowl Champion team who lost their season opener, all of which makes me happy, as I dislike the Giants for their recent playoff triumphs over my Green Bay Packers. This also means the Farm Club Fantasy Football League has begun, and this week will see the destruction of “Footloose and Fancy Free” Jack Crawley.

Also Big News: Art Modell, former owner of the Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens passed away at the age of 87. There is no way the current game of football is as it is if not for this man. And on top of it, he took a team out of Ohio to win a championship, and that makes me laugh. RIP Mr. Modell.

And now, we’re gonna switch up the order!

Landeskog had to accept the captaincy since super badass Liam Neeson was giving it to him. What…that’s Milan Hejduk?

NHL: For some odd reason, Colorado Avalanche (now former) captain Milan Hejduk relinquished his role as the captain of the Avs. Now you would think that there are a couple of good names who could step up and take the job who have spent some years with the team, contributed a lot to what they’ve done, and hope to lead them into the future. Hejduk felt that he was getting a bit older and wanted to see a young guy take on the leadership role and lead the team to success. So would he choose Avalanche star Matt Duchene? No sir. He picked one-year NHL sophomore, Gabriel Landeskog. With that decision, Landeskog becomes the youngest captain in NHL history, beating Sidney Crosby by a handful of days. Landeskog contributed 52 points (22 goals, 30 assists) in 82 games with the Avalanche last season. The Swedish player has also led teams playing in Sweden, and now has the opportunity to lead a young core of talented players into the future for the franchise, who last won a Stanley Cup in 2001, and have missed the playoffs the last couple of years. Here’s hoping for some success for the young captain and his team.

MLB: I am a big fan of unusual statistics, and I am always entertained when things happen to create a new stat, or if something breaks or ties a record. I guess it is the trivia knowledge nerd in me. For the first time in almost 30 years a major league team lost consecutive games without giving up a single earned run. The Colorado Rockies lost two straight games to the Atlanta Braves this week without a single pitcher have his ERA go up. The Los Angeles Dodgers were the last team to pull this off back in June of 1984 against the Reds, and now the Rockies have had a couple of days of horrible luck in the middle of a season they’d like to forget. In both games, both teams left men on base to end innings, and couldn’t get their hitters going. It’s always unfortunate to lose a game when your pitchers have been as good as the Rockies’ pitchers have been the last few days, but dumb luck and not paying attention certainly can take their toll.

NFL: The future of play time for a couple of big running backs is up in the air (eh? Get it? Eh?). Minnesota Viking’s star running back Adrian Peterson has come off of a successful knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL, and claims he feels he can play. There are fears of rushing (one more!) him back to the field, but if he feels good and he has been cleared, I don’t see why they should delay his return to the field. The Vikings aren’t going to do much with AP this season, and they sure as hell aren’t going to do anything without him, so maybe they’re hoping for a higher draft pick by not playing him. And moving from the frozen Minnesota to the sandy beached Florida, Jacksonville Jaguars’ running back Maurice Jones-Drew has ended his holdout, and has returned to the team. Now I was against this holdout, as he was in the middle of a contract and wanted to renegotiate it. Dude, just play out your deal. You signed it, you honor it. Show them on the field you deserve more money and I am sure they’ll give it to you. The Jags need a strong running game, but MJD won’t be starting week 1 because the team wants to make sure he is in top shape for the season before he hit’s the field.

Here’s hoping Reggie doesn’t choke on his induction speech. Also, suck it Knicks fans!

NBA: The 2012 class for the Basketball Hall of Fame was released this week, and there are indeed some deserving people going into it. Reggie Miller, Indiana Pacers star, once had the most 3-pointers of all time (before Ray Allen took that title) and spent his entire career making Knicks fans irritated. Don Nelson, the winningest coach of all time is headed in (and Michigan native! Woo!), spending 31 seasons as both an assistant and head coach. Ralph Sampson, the 3-time all-star and fellow giant on the Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon is also on the list of inductees. Jamaal Wilkes is getting double honors this season, as I reported in a previous edition of the Friday Five the Lakers will retire his number this year and he is headed into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Don Barksdale, a pioneer for African-Americans in basketball is also finally getting in. He was the first black college player to be named an NCAA All-American, the first to be named to the Olympic team and first to win a medal for basketball, and first to be named an NBA All-star. Rounding out the inductions are Nike chairman Phil Knight, Chet Walker, Mel Daniels and Lidia Alexeeva. Congratulations to all of the inductees.

You can see the joy on his face because he knows that although his tennis career is over, he still has that hot lady to go home to

Tennis: The last American to win a grand slam event has decided to hang up his racket after a fourth round exit at the U.S. Open, the same event that he won back in 2003, which was the last Grand Slam event won by an American. Andy Roddick, who held the hopes of the American fans on his back, made the announcement early on that regardless of how far he got in the tournament, he would retire after whatever happened to be his last match. He reached the finals at Wimbledon 3 times in 2004, 2005 and 2009, and the finals of the U.S. Open again in 2006, losing all 4 event finals to Roger Federer. He lost in the 4th round to Juan Martin del Potro in 4 sets, and has focused his future on new goals. But I can’t imagine he is feeling too bad about hanging them up because he is, in fact, married to Brooklyn Decker, so at least he has that to go home to.

That will wrap up another awesome edition of the Friday Five, be sure to come back and check in next week while you see me gloat my inevitable victory in the Farm Club’s Fantasy Football League over site co-founder “Dirty” Jack Crawley, and trash talk my opponent for the following week. I hope you enjoyed the article this week, as well as the new site design. We here at the Farm Club are extremely concerned with pleasure…your viewing pleasure, that is. And with that unintentionally dirty comment, I will leave you with my favorite from sports TV this week, and it’s a two-for!

The Hilarious Unintentionally Dirty Comment of the Week:
“They were able to live clean and place their balls” Stan Verett
“Stanford wants to pump her the ball more often,” Commentator for Stanford v. Penn State volleyball


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