Late Round Values & The Debacle

Have you ever heard of a Fear Boner?  If you don’t know what that is then you haven’t watch FX’s “The League”, a show about a group of friends whom compete against each other in fantasy football.  There are various shenanigans that occur throughout the season that make it a show worth watching.  Well, we here at The Farm Club are attempting to replicate some of facets of this fictional league in what we are calling The Farm Club Debacle.  There will be a few side wagers, some embarrassing acts, and of course, video of it all.  Now why am I telling you about this?  You have an opportunity to be the one and only reader join the Debacle for this season.  All you have to do is tweet at us (@TheFarmClub) using the hashtag #Iwillwin while telling us quickly why you will beat us.

Before you get too far.  You are required to be at the draft, which is Wednesday, August 29 at 10:30 pm EST.  You will also be expected to be active.  If not, we reserve the right to kick you out.   We’ll choose the new owner of Team #10 Monday night.  Once there is a winner we will follow you back on Twitter and direct message you for your email address to join the league. What are you waiting for?  Bring it on!

Now on with the show….

I’ve done several articles this season on sleepers, rookies, and rankings.  The reason for my focus on the later rounds is due to the capability of a team to win their league off of a few great late-round picks.  Plus, there’s much less late round help than early round focus around the interwebs.  Here’s a quick look at some good values in the later rounds of your upcoming drafts.  (All rounds are taken from the average draft position in ESPN leagues assuming 10 teams in the league)

Running Backs

Ryan Williams, Arizona Cardinals (133 = 14th round)

Beanie Wells has a reputation of being lazy and only working hard when he absolutely is required.  He is also just coming off the “physically unable to perform” list from his recent surgery on an injury.  This sounds like a bad combination and Ryan Williams has looked good so far in the preseason.  Ryan Williams has been under the radar so far while being drafted in the 14th round, which wasn’t the case just a season ago.  Last season before his injury Williams was being drafted in the 6th round and was expected to share time with Wells with a distinct possibly of getting the majority of the carries.  Ryan Williams was the equivalent of this year’s Doug Martin.  So why has that opinion changed this season?  No idea.  Beanie Wells is still…well Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams is fully healed from his injury last year and looks exactly like the Cardinals thought he would last season.   Most importantly he’s favored by the majority of teh Cardinals coaching staff because of his hard work and ability.  DRAFT HIM!  I know I will be somewhere in the 8th round.

Other running backs to keep an eye on:

Rashad Jennings – Jacksonville Jaguars (14th rd)

Isaiah Pead – St. Louis Rams (undrafted)

Robert Turbin – Seattle Seahawks (undrafted)

Wide Receivers

Laurent Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars (139 = 14th round)

The argument is simple.  He was a top 15 wide receiver last season on a team that was full of receivers.  MEANWHILE, HE’S NEARLY GOING UNDRAFTED!  Upside alone shouldn’t keep him down this far, even if Ronnie Brown was his quarterback.  Yes, Blaine Gabbert looked terrible last year, but he didn’t have an offseason to get acquainted with his team and his receiver options were terrible.  Gabbert finally has an opportunity to show what he can do with two (at the very least) solid wide receivers in Justin Blackmon and Laurent Robinson.  In the late rounds if I need a wide receiver, Robinson is my #1 choice.  Also, Laurent Robinson is the #2 wide receiver draft value behind Reggie Wayne.

Wide Receivers to keep an eye on:

Reggie Wayne – Indianapolis Colts (10th rd)

Braylon Edwards – Seattle Seahawks (undrafted)

Steve Smith – St. Louis Rams (undrafted)

Tight Ends

Jermaine Gresham, Cincinnati Bengals (138 = 14th round)

Gresham was solid last season while being used as an additional blocker.  This season he will have more of a rapport with Andy Dalton and will now likely be the #2 option behind A.J. Green after the Bengals lost several wide receivers in free agency.  He’s currently being drafted as the 16th best tight end but I would expect him to be in the top 10 by season’s end.

Tight Ends to keep an eye on:

Dallas Clark – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (undrafted)

Tony Moeki – Kansas City Chiefs (undrafted)


Jake Locker, Tennessee Titans (142 = 15th round)

Watch out for Tennessee this year.  The AFC South is wide open.  Houston will likely take a step back, Jacksonville a step forward, Tennessee is in it at anytime and Indy is on the rise.   One player I’m expecting to be leading the way is Jake Locker.  He’s shown himself to be quite a leader on the field since being announced the Titans’ starting quarterback.  He will have his ups and downs throughout the season, but for a 15th round pick and as a backup, he’s worth the flier.  At the University of Washington, Locker used his canon of an arm and his legs to make plays when he needed to.  The best news, Hasselbeck is looking to be a great mentor and it’s always good to have the Mike Holmgren/Brett Favre tree of quarterbacking to support you.  If you were to ask where his ceiling is for this season, I would say 13th best QB.  Also, Look for Kendall Wright to be his primary target this season.

Quarterbacks to keep an eye on:

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Buffalo Bills (14th rd)

Sam Bradford – St. Louis Rams (14th rd)

John Skelton – Arizona Cardinals (undrafted)

Don’t forget to tweet at us, @TheFarmClub, to join us in our fantasy football league.

Check out some of my previous articles but remember a couple of them are a little outdated due to injuries and roster moves.  Also, follow me on Twitter (@twoxtreme) where I will be giving fantasy advice when asked all season long.

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