The Friday Five: The Friday Five-and-a-half Edition!

Why, hello there. I see you standing at the door wondering if you should come in, and I assure you there is one heck of a party going on in here, and we don’t mind if you’re late to it. All we care about is adding more people to the fun. I welcome you to the latest edition of the Friday Five, a place in which I move away from some of the hullabaloo going on in the sports world and focus on some important issues that may not be given their just attention, and I do so with a superior wit and social commentary you just can’t find anywhere else! I present you the important sports issues so you can just have fun continuing to surf the internet waves!

With the most awkward introduction I have ever written to anything out of the way, let’s see the big news of the week and then get into the issues that really matter.

The Big News: If you’ve been watching a lot of ESPN recently, you’ll see that more football games that mean absolutely nothing are taking place. We’re getting reports of more training camp fights, more uncertainty about starting quarterbacks (yeah, right, like I believe that) and more games where abysmal teams are keeping their starters in the whole game while the better team pulls theirs after one series (yeah Cleveland, don’t think you can actually hang with Green Bay, that’s just silly). As much as I love football, I really couldn’t care to be bothered with preseason football. The reason is simple, it isn’t a real game. The real teams aren’t playing, the games are meaningless, and it’s just not as fun. Wake me up in a couple of weeks when the actual season starts and I’ll show how much I bleed green and yellow.

So let’s take a look at what else is happening around the sports world.

This is his perfect dance, 100% of the times he has done this it was after he threw a perfect game, coincidence? Pft, I think…yeah, probably.

MLB: King Felix! Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez threw a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays. This was the 23rd overall perfect game thrown in MLB history, and the third thrown this season, after San Francisco‘s Matt Cain and the Chicago White Sox‘s Philip Humber. You know, for something that is supposed to be supremely difficult to do, it does seem to be happening with increasing frequency. It’s almost as if in the previous decade, the hitters had some sort of huge advantage in hitting the pitchers, and now for some reason that has stopped. The game has turned into a pitchers game, which is welcomed by me. As much as I love baseball, I hate those games that last longer than four hours because there are hits all over the place. I am a huge fan of pitching, and I love to see guys dominate the mound. Hernandez has been golden all season, including a shutout win against the Yankees, and everyone but crazy New Yorkers love seeing the Yankees get embarrassed, especially in their own house. Oh yeah, I said it.

NHL: The lockout is looming as both sides continue to struggle on reaching a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is the same league that lost an entire season for the same reason in 2005. As a huge hockey fan, I can tell you how much that sucked. With the uncertainty of the season, the yearly Prospects Tournament has been cancelled. What is worse, especially for a Metro Detroit native like myself, is that the Winter Classic is up in the air, and that really bums me out. Red Wings vs. Toronto at The Big House maybe not happening? That would be a nightmare. Another interesting thing is that a lot of players are signing deals before a new CBA can be put in place that may have otherwise put limits on deals. Carolina’s Jeff Skinner, Montreal’s Max Pacioretty and Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds have all extended their contracts with 6-year deals. With rumors flying about how far away we are from having a hockey season, I have to appeal to both sides to just hurry up and get something done. After the last lockout, the sport took a huge dive in popularity and availability on television. The last thing they need is another lost season.

“You can pick which three of us you play,” the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team could be heard yelling at the rest of the world.

NBA: Fresh off the U.S. gold medal win in basketball in the Olympics, FIBA, the global governing basketball body, is attempting to gain momentum with a crazy idea for adding another gold medal for the U.S. every Olympics, 3-on-3 basketball. Yes, you read that right, they want to make it easier for the U.S. to win another gold. Although this recent Olympiad showed an increase in talent for the world players, there was never any real doubt as to the winner of the gold. FIBA is hoping to get a world ranking system in place so that come the Rio games in 2016, 3-on-3 will be a sanctioned Olympic sport.

NFL: Sigh. Nothing really important is happening yet, so I am going to give you guys a real special treat…

TWO! Yes, that’s right, TWO(!!!!!) extras this week as opposed to the normal one.

“Come here and say that score to my face,” a still in disbelief Frankie Edgar said to the two moronic judges who scored the fight against him stated at the press conference in my mind.

MMA: This past week, former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar was robbed of the decision in his rematch against current UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson. Frankie landed more significant strikes, more takedowns, controlled the fight, and yet what happened is what has become infamous when it comes to judging in MMA, the wrong fighter won what should be a slam dunk easy decision. There are those who are debating that Henderson won 3 rounds, but I personally don’t see it, as I had it scored as a 49-46 decision for Frankie Edgar, a score that was agreed with by judge Tony Weeks. There will not be another fight between the two, as Nate Diaz is scheduled to get the next shot at the title, and Dana White has not hid his desire to see Frankie Edgar drop to featherweight, as he has always been an undersized lightweight. But with his record now at 1-2-1 in his last 4 fights, an immediate shot at Jose Aldo and the featherweight title isn’t in the cards if Frankie drops weight classes. To me, Frankie has been so in control in his current division that he should fight someone like Pettis, with the winner getting the winner of Henderson and Diaz. But then again, to me, it should be Frankie Edgar facing off against Diaz in a few months.

Tennis: Popular tennis star Rafael Nadal will be sitting out for the U.S. Open. A knee injury has sidelined the world number three ranked player, who may lose his ranking with missing out on this tournament, and after a series of abysmal performances. Nadal, the former top ranked player, has missed out on the final on a few big tournaments recently, and didn’t even compete at the Olympics either. Hopefully the rest will allow Nadal to recharge his batteries and come back to the game a lot stronger. While I must admit that I am a bigger fan of his biggest rivals, I never want to see a top talent taken out of any sport, as I feel that in order to be the best, you need to beat all of the best around you.

That will wrap it up for yet another outstanding edition of the Friday Five. Please look around the Farm Club website and read up on every single article you can get your hands on, particularly Michael Gazdik’s gear-up for the upcoming Premier League season (start here with PART 1), as I know I am personally a huge fan of the sport, and I am looking forward to Manchester United bringing home their 20th Premier League Title, yeah, I went there. I believe in Sir Alex.


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  1. jumpingpolarbear Says:

    Frankie is a great fighter, but he needs to go down a weightclass if he wants to have a long career :).


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