5 Random Notes from Browns v. Lions Preseason

August 11, 2012

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My family and I decided to brave the harsh weather in order to watch our Motor City Kitties fall to the Cleveland Browns. These are just a few observations I made keeping in mind that this was the preseason.

1) The Roar has been Restored

This man lathers in the butter.

When Cleveland is penalized for a false start and fumbles the ball away on the first possession mostly due to crowd noise, that is pretty damn impressive for the preseason. Granted towards the end it either appeared they were pumping crowd noise in or that was the loudest 10k people cheering for third stringers in NFL history. If the Detroit faithful can keep this up throughout the regular season then Ford Field will become a living hell for the opposition.

2) Will Bentley is looking like a steal

Keeping in mind you had a gun-shy Brandon Weeden at quarterback, I was rather impressed from what I saw from Bentley. He got burnt early on a streak route but recovered with a pass break-up and an interception. They never showed a replay of the interception at Ford Field but according to some friends it was a pretty obvious drop. Good job replacement refs. If Bentley can continue to grow in the early part of the season, it would be a major boost to the secondary. He is an undersized corner who at the very least should be the starting nickel at the beginning of the season.

3) Stefan Logan could have an interesting role

The Lions lined up Logan as a kick returner, running back, out wide and as a slot receiver. Logan may not be as dangerous as a Jahvid Best or Dexter McCluster but his versatility could give defense coordinators problems. If Best comes back the ability to swap the two opens up a whole new offensive playbook for the Lions. With the new kickoff rule in the NFL, Rob Sims is about as effective as Logan is in taking back kicks a majority of the time so getting him more involved in the offense could pay dividends. In all honesty, he is so small that you cannot actually see him behind the offensive line.

4) Cleveland and Detroit absolutely hate each other

I can now see why these teams never play each other in the regular seasons. The fans are so mad their respective cities are in the toilet that they fight over who is worse. I never in my life thought I would see a fist fight at a preseason game, well I was wrong. It was actually kind of sad considering the Cleveland has a river that catches on fire, its so polluted that all their fish have aids. For more on Cleveland, watch the following video.

5) For the first time in a long time, we have a good amount of depth

Damn you Millen.

For the first time in a decent amount of time, when the starters went out of the game I had actually heard of the second stringers. Guys like Ashlee Palmer and John Wendling have talent but aren’t expected to have to start EVER. Young players such as Ronnell Lewis, Kellen Moore, Patrick Edwards, and Jonte Greene are given shots to develop instead of having pressure put on them right away. You even have a feel good story in Lance Long running routes with an outside shot to make the team instead of he is sure-fire in. Your second string guys such as Willie Young could probably start on other teams. Honestly, give me one difference between Willie Young and Bruce Irvin outside of 6 ronds in the NFL draft.

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3 Comments on “5 Random Notes from Browns v. Lions Preseason”

  1. Brendan Says:

    1-That was shown last season, from ,my experience as a season ticket holder(not trying to sound like i know it all, just that i get to hear that crowd noise every week) After the monday night game people saw how much difference that noise can make, and there was never a quiet defensive play again.
    2-Too early to judge, but ive liked bently alot from the start, especialy hearing he was from a small school as often times great players are never found simply because they played at a small school
    3-couldnt agree more


    • Eric Ratkowski Says:

      I was at Monday Night at it is tied with the Winter Classic on my all-time list. Incredible energy.
      I was just surprised that a pre-season game versus Cleveland would even muster a whimper


  2. Michael Gazdik Says:

    I hate that you actually posted a picture of He Who Must Not Be Named.

    You have some balls, kid.


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