The Friday Five: News Has Broken and I Can’t Fix It

Greetings and salutations, and thanks for coming back for this week’s edition of the Friday Five. In case you don’t know, or are just a fan of having things drummed into your head over and over, the idea behind this neat little weekly wrap-up is to dive below the surface of sporting news, as they tend to typically focus on one event happening and don’t really give ample attention to any other sort of news. We take a look at one news story from the big four American sports, and top it all of with a cherry of bonus news, creating a delicious ice cream sundae of news. And now I want ice cream, thanks guys.

This past week has really been a time of joy for many sports fans. We’ve got the Olympics in full swing, and naturally the U.S. team is pulling away from the pack in the medal count, with China holding strong and host nation Great Britain with a decent count of their own. But the Olympics alone aren’t the reason for the sheer joy being felt by sports fans, so let’s take a look at the real reason, shall we?

The Big News: The weather is cooling down, it’s getting a bit rainy, and oh yeah, FOOTBALL HAS BEGUN! Ok, so it’s preseason football, but the countdown to the start of the season has officially begun. The transition between training camp coverage and now preseason coverage has been seamless, and already there is some big news coming out of the first set of preseason games. Peyton Manning finally threw a real pass (he also threw an interception, but mostly he threw a real pass!!!) Michael Vick has injured the thumb on his throwing arm, oft-injured San Diego running back Ryan Matthews’ suffered another injury (seriously, is this dude the most fragile RB or what?) to his clavicle and will be out at least a month. And a bunch of players you’ll never see during the regular season have been making mistakes all over the field. And now of course we need to cover these games because they matter so much to the standings…

What’s that?

They’re…they’re meaningless?

Huh. Well. I certainly feel silly.

He’s so tall the top of his head is out of frame…and also photoshop.

HOLY FRUITS! BREAKING NEWS: In what will surely be the NEW dominating story, Orlando Magic big man Dwight Howard has been traded to the 76ers in a 4-team deal that sends Andrew Bynum to the Lakers and a bunch of players you’ve never even heard of to other teams. Keep an eye out in March when the Lakers make their only trip to Orlando, as the fans there will literally set fire to Howard when he arrives. This does make me a bit upset as I am a fan of Howard, and recent Lakers acquisition Steve Nash, but I am a huge detractor (scratch that, I straight up hate) Kobe and the Lakers. Now I have to hope that two guys I like don’t win a championship because of Kobe Bryant.

But that’s what you’ll see if you turn on the TV, let’s take a look at some cool stuff you won’t be seeing.

MLB: The Wild Card Games will open the MLB post-season this year beginning October 5th. With the inclusion of a second wild card team in each league, this presents an opportunity for an additional team, and really gives them something to fight for even if the division is out of reach. I wanted to draw attention to two of the wild card teams that have really been tearing things up lately, because their coverage on ESPN has been pretty minimal, at least to what I have seen. Those teams are the Oakland A’s in the American League, and the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League. These two teams have been stringing together wins while nobody has been paying much attention, and while not completely out of their divisional races, they are competing against powerhouses that will most likely win the division. The Pirates have the easier time in their division, currently only two and a half games back of Cincinnati, while the A’s are five and a half back of perennial AL favorite Texas Rangers. These two teams have been impressing the hell out of me lately with their solid play, and if you want to see a series of interesting games, take a look at these two teams as they fight to keep their playoff hopes alive.

NBA: Jeremy Lin (remember him?) is going to be hosting a youth basketball camp in China. Although his family is directly from Taiwan, if you go back a bit you’ll see that both sides of his family emigrated from China. On top of this, Lin is playing for the Rockets, the home of Chinese basketball hero Yao Ming. Lin’s cross-cultural appeal as a success story for someone who “shouldn’t have” succeeded in his sport is inspiring, even if his skills continue to be debated. This is a great move in terms of press for Lin, and will do really well for the youth of China who continue to grow with their love affair with basketball. This can only lead to good things for the nation and their future in the basketball world.

The most frequently asked question to Skinner: What’s it like being a 21-year-old millionaire?

NHL: The NHL’s response to teen heartthrobs, Jeff Skinner, has signed a 6-year extension with the Carolina Hurricanes. The deal, at a reported worth of $34.35 million, will see Skinner take a $4.35 million salary for the first year, and then $6 million per year for the remaining five years of the deal. The Hurricanes have been pretty busy this offseason, nabbing Jordan Staal from the Penguins to play with his brother Eric, and the signing of Alexander Semin (which the jury is still out on) and the Hurricanes are hoping to make big moves in their division this year and look for another Stanley Cup, as last year they finished 10 points out of a playoff spot. Look for Florida to be another strong team in their division, and it could go either way for the Washington Capitals, but the Hurricanes certainly have to like their chances now for a playoff berth.

NFL: In the only really important non-preseason news that I can think of, it appears as if something might be going down between the NFL and Jonathan Vilma, recently suspended linebacker of the New Orleans Saints. Vilma is seeking the verdict from the courts that would overturn his suspension due to the bounty scandal, but which would also set a horrible precedent if he gets his way. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Vilma for the entire season after evidence to the league stating that Vilma was one of the men in charge of the bounty system in New Orleans. Many have testified to the contrary, and Vilma is seeking to get out of his season long suspension it what could end up being the man’s last season as a pro football player. We will see how this one turns out, in what could be a crippling blow to the authority of the NFL and it’s commissioner.

And now, let’s take a look at some people who aren’t getting the attention they deserve…

No sarcastic captions, because she lives in my state and can beat me up.

Olympics: Yeah, it’s more Olympics coverage, but this one is totally noble. You see, while the media latches on to people like Gabby Douglas (and with good reason, you go girl) and the crazy attention given to the U.S. Women’s Soccer team (again, you go girls, also Alex Morgan, will you marry me?) there seems to be a lot of attention not being given to some very deserving Olympians. Flint, Michigan’s own 17-year-old Claressa Shields has won the first gold medal for the U.S. in Women’s Boxing. She won on points, 19-12 over her Russian opponent Nadezda Torlopova in the middleweight division. The first ever women’s boxing gold medal for the U.S. from my home state. Couldn’t be more proud of this girl, and her win is barely being covered. Also not being commented on while the Men’s Basketball team triumphs over the field, is that the U.S. Women’s Basketball team is also dominating everyone. They currently are riding a 40 game unbeaten streak, and are seeking to win their 5th Olympic gold in a row. Where is the coverage for these ladies who are also tearing it up? It seems a bit ridiculous that these women aren’t getting any sort of coverage when they are a win away from the gold.

That will close out another edition of the Friday Five, as always brought to you every week commercial free because this is a news article, not a television program (…for now). Remember to join me every week if you can’t seem to find out anything in the sports world aside from the one big news story the world seems to care about. Also be sure to check out all of the other articles on The Farm Club, because they’re all pretty awesome. No lie. Just click some stuff on the side of the page and you’ll be taken to some awesome reads, I’m sure of it.

I will leave you once more with the dirtiest thing I have heard uttered on a sports show this week, so until next week, I’m Shane Viars, and Usain Bolt finished reading this article before I finished writing it.

“I’ve got a little bit of growing here to do,” Dan Patrick


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