Just win or win the right way?

July 26, 2012

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Forward down the field and straight into the back of a cop car.

Things cannot get much worse for the Detroit Lions this off season *knock on wood*.

A common theme of the 2012 Lions Offseason: The Mugshot.

In case you missed it, Aaron Berry was arrested  for suspicion of DUI after he hit parked cars, left the scene, failed to show identification to a police officer and then was was non-cooperative once he was detained.

In laymen’s terms, he stopped using his brain and turned one too many into the latest blunder in this tumultuous offseason for the Lions.

Wait, that was about a month ago. My apologies.

Mr. Berry’s current claim to fame is three counts of simple assaults in which he presented a loaded weapon.

If you were keeping score at home that is 4 players, 7 run ins with the law, 3 cabs that were never called and 3 dealers that hopefully lost business.

The NFL, keeping America armed one player at a time.

Granted none of these players has pulled a Leonard Little, but it is becoming apparent that there may be a problem with the Motor City Kitties.

The NFL is compromised of great guys and bad guys, unfortunately stories such as Donald Driver giving a young man his spikes give way to stories of players getting in trouble.

Good guys and bad guys play the exact same game.

If you don’t think this issue is being addressed internally, I can guarantee you are wrong.

Aaron Berry has been released by the Lions.

However, every person knows that you can yell at someone until they are deaf, they don’t have to do a damn thing.

Just ask the Lions number 1 cornerback  Chris Houston.

“You can preach to someone over and over but if they don’t get it it’s nothing you can do they have to learn the hard way!”

Leadership can only go so far in cases of guys being idiots off the field. If a guy is going to drive drunk, the only voice that is going to go off in his head is his own.

Jim Schwartz reiterated at the conclusion of mini-camp to “stay out of trouble”.

What else is he supposed to do? Hold their hand and send a baby sitter?

The question becomes, how much does the moral misdirection of these players actually bother you?

As a pure fan, you have every right to be mad.

You just lost your number 2 corner (until someone else steps up) on a team with pretty high hopes. Add that to the Leshoure 2 and 2-4 games that Fairley will most likely receive and the Lions will be short handed for the beginning of the season and a bit beyond.

However how much effect in terms of production will it really have?

As much as ESPN loves to blow up every arrest as being potential season breakers for teams, that point is debatable.

The players not being at the game is going to hurt being if you aren’t there you cannot be anywhere near the football, but too say that play on the field is going to be effected is a stretch.

In terms of the mental aspect, I trust the eyes of Kyle Vanden Bosch and the other leaders of this team to address the issue but not make it a distraction.

As mentioned previously, there isn’t a ton you can really do to force young men to not be dumb.

The issue that arises is not so much about play, but about fan perception.

There are two paths the Lions can take in the mind of the average fan. You decide what you want to happen.

Path A -Clean but take a step back

The Lions almost had to cut Aaron Berry for PR and damage control reasons. Too much depends on Leshoure and too much money is tied into Fairley for them to be released. On the other hand, Berry was an undrafted free agent who was absolutely torched in the playoffs, good bye!

The Lions are adding new cornerbacks by the day. Though they may not be as good as Berry, lets not kid ourselves into thinking the man is an all-pro stud.

In the world of pro football, being completely squeaky clean is just not going to happen.

However, steps can be taken to insure that your team does not turn into the Cincinnati Bengals.

1) Don’t take chances on players with characters concerns

2) Build Team Leaders

3) Maybe sign a bunch of family men

That is pretty much it. You know who is trying that way however? The Jacksonville Jaguars.

This method will hope to build a team that fans cannot only be proud of on the field, but off it as well.

There really isn’t a point of expanding on this path more because it is pretty much common sense.

Do what is right no matter the cost.

Path B) Just win baby

As much as PR may matter to some, winning matters to more.

Obviously there is a line between football team and circus (see New York Jets), but as long as the team is keeping its toenails on it then all is well.

Not every guy is going to be as life changing as KVB or Eric LeGrand.

New flash ladies and gentleman, if your kid looks to Suh as a role model  for life instead of just on the field; you may want to step up and do some parenting. Suh does some great things in the community and has some cute little commercials. However ask around and not many people/reporters/teammates actually like him on a personal level. Add on that  it probably isn’t a smart idea to have a child  idolize the “dirtiest player” in a league where players do have rap sheets.

Suh is a beast, let him do his thing on the field and then his life is his. Don’t care, just help the Lions win.

This off season will be forgotten in a matter of months,  resign Aaron Berry after he claims he got help, draft players such as Janoris Jenkins if they are available, maybe bring in a guy other teams have released for run ins with the law or diva-like behavior. .

This model will bring Superbowl runs or it will bring seasons broken due to suspension, there probably isn’t a middle.

Two players who were story lines this off season form the perfect parallel.

If wide receiver was an need and one was going to be signed at equal price, would you rather have Dez Bryant or Laurent Robinson?

Dez Bryant is by all meanings of the word an idiot. Few previous run ins with law enforcement and now he assaults his mom. Not the safest man in the world but is insanely talent. Lions fans should know as he made Aaron Berry his bitch not too long ago.

Laurent Robinson signed with the aforementioned Jaguars. He is a great guy, family man, leader but he is also Laurent Robinson. His ceiling is nowhere near Dez Bryant.

If you want the Motor City Kitties to play it safe you have every right to. Just keep in mind that some people just are not role models.

If you want wins, well Al Davis definitely wouldn’t fault you.

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  1. jumpingpolarbear Says:

    That Lions team is crazyyyyyyyyyyy :).


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