Under the Helmet is a Human Being

July 21, 2012


NFL players have many duties on and off the field despite the expectation to play at an elite level. The other day I had an opportunity to work on a shoot featuring the training of a star player and was amazed to see what these players endure.

During the summer months, many NFL players are preparing for the upcoming season. This means daily trips to the gym for some and for some it means multiple workouts each day in different locations. In addition, these athletes are expected to make appearances at events and other media based occasions. Fans and members of the press lineup for their entrance expecting to witness spectacular actions by the athlete and normally those expectations are surpassed because of their spectacular abilities. It has turned into a nationally televised frenzy with the likes of ESPN, NBC Sports, and other sports based networks where an athlete must walk a fine line or be subject to criticism that can be severe at times.

The emergence of social media has created a media circus revolving around numerous athletes, which allows for immediate updates about them. The days of people waiting until 5 o’ clock to hear updates about the world of sports, or even the ability for an athlete to prepare for if it is a controversial story, is over. Is it fair that athletes face this on minute-to-minute basis?

Some people say yes because of the millions of dollars being paid to them and may be right with the large rise in salaries in comparison to those of only 10 years ago. These large-scale salaries create lofty expectations, which can drive athletes to do unaccustomed activities or stray away from their routines that led them to an elite level.  So whose to blame for the random acts that show up in the news: the players, the owners, the organization, the media following them daily, or a combination of all four?

It is amazing to see that some athletes that are in the spotlight can withstand the pressure. Some fans may not like that their team’s star players do not participate in a multitude of events open to the public but may its for good reason. As a result of the pressure placed on the athlete, routines are created to help keep them focused. An alteration to the routine may throw off an athlete’s focus and could result in the creation of an incident that is on numerous headlines across the media spectrum. Maybe it is a good thing when you only hear about an athlete during the season for their amazing plays and rarely hear news regarding their offseason activities. Athletes can’t satisfy all of their fans and shouldn’t be expected to. There are certain activities and associated routines that got them to the professional level, fans and the media alike should respect them.

Written By Colin Walker

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