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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to what is the inaugural edition of The Friday Five. My name is Shane Viars, and every week I will be bringing you a collection of interesting sporting news bits that may have been missed by the sporting media. The problem, you see, is that major sports news broadcasts and websites seem to enjoy picking up one or two happenings in the sports world every week and focusing on them exclusively, even if these are non-news events. If you don’t have the hours to dedicate to sitting through 10 hours of coverage on a certain 4-letter cable network, then there are certainly a number of things you may have missed. Each week we will take a look at one of the more interesting news stories that may have simply been glossed over in each of the 4 major American sports, and then top it off with an added bonus from somewhere in the world of sports.

The Big News: This week the sports world was gripped with news of the Houston Rockets, a team not exactly viewed as shifting into championship contention, submitted an offer sheet to 26-game grizzled veteran of the New York Knicks, Jeremy Lin. The offer sheet, a 3-year, 25 million dollar deal, went unmatched by the Knicks and Lin was shipped to the Lone Star State. And this is big news because…? Lin is a good player. He is not a great player. He is not a player that a team can build around, nor is he a big enough name to lure stars to Houston. But I’m not here to bore you with what you’ve already heard about all week, am I?

With the formalities out of the way, let’s find out what you’ve missed.

Will Weber remain in the mac-and-cheese yellow, or move to more orange pastures?

Why Don’t You Cover This Offer Sheet: In the biggest news story that has gained any sort of attention in the NHL this week, the Philadelphia Flyers have signed Nashville captain and future hall-of-famer “The Face Smasher” Shea Weber to a 14-year, $110 million offer sheet. This is just a ridiculous move for the RFA from a team that really was making no rumblings about him prior to the offer sheet submission.

The issue with this offer sheet, as opposed to the one signed by Mr. Lin, is that it is a total slap in the face of the NHL’s previous CBA. It is these nonsensical frontloaded deals that are making a mockery of the league. This deal, while paying Weber a paltry sum for his first year, includes millions upon millions of dollars in signing bonuses for said first year. The Predators, having lost Weber’s Scottie Pippen in Ryan Suter, need to match the offer in order to keep their franchise player. With nearly $26 million in cap space remaining, you have to imagine that the offer will be met, making Shea Weber a Nashville Predator for the rest of his career, barring some insane trade down the line.

Should The Olympics Use Pro Atheletes? Ask Blake Griffin: Earlier this week Los Angeles Clippers star and non-defender of slam dunk glory Blake Griffin injured his knee. Fighting through the adversity of losing a player like Griffin, the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team were still able to win their games…by an average of over 9,000 points. And luckily for Griffin it was a day after signing a contract extension with the Clippers. But of course, the world doesn’t want to cover NBA players who are actually worth their contracts, and so Blake’s contract extension and injury were put on the back burner due to a rabid outbreak of Linsanity. And you know what the worst part of all of this was? This didn’t even happen in a game. This happened during practice. I could tell you how ridiculous this is, but I believe someone else has had literally this exact rant before, take it away, A.I.

Don’t look so downtrodden, bud. You’re rich.

Speaking of Contracts: This year’s top two draft picks have signed 4-year deals with their respective teams: Andrew Luck inked a deal worth $22.1 million, with an option for a fifth year which itself is worth almost as much as the first 4 years itself. Robert Griffin III signed his deal with the Redskins for almost the exact same amount of money and conditions, coming in at $21.1 million with an option for a lucrative fifth year. Yes folks, the men who will be leading their franchises are making less money over more years than the Houston Rocket’s newest point-guard. Along with this, The New Orleans Saints signed their franchise quarterback Drew Brees to a record-setting contract. The deal, worth a reported $100 million over 5 years, $60 million guaranteed with a $37 million signing bonus, makes Brees the richest player in NFL contract history.

Why Is There A Tiger In The Rearview Mirror?!: The Detroit Tigers, originally picked to run away with the American League Central Division, have won 10 of their last 12. They’re 5 games over .500, and have the exact same record they had last year at this time. Detroiters will remember just a few short weeks ago when the only news regarding the Tigers was how badly the wheels were falling off. Who knew that a sport in which your season has 162 games, your season isn’t really over halfway through. The Tigers are still rumored to be in trade talks for both a stick and an arm, but with the bats getting hot right now, and Fister and Scherzer pulling their respective games together over their last few starts, the panic that was spreading through Motown may be calming for the time being.

Is this the future of the NBA?

Jersey Sponsorship: You know what one of my friends complains about in regard to professional soccer? “I don’t like it how the jerseys have a sponsor on the front instead of the team name, who the hell are the ‘Fly Emirates’?” The NBA announced that in a couple of short years, NBA jerseys will start to include sponsor logo patches. The logos will be small, and not featured front and center on the jerseys. The league claims this will add millions in revenue which will be shared among all of the teams, but you have to wonder who will be sponsoring those smaller market teams that nobody knows exists. Can you picture the Mr. Pibb Bobcats?

If Negative Scores Are Good, Is Phil At The Top?: Your favorite left-handed golfer and mine, Phil Mickelson bowed out of the British Open today after shooting a sub-par (haha!) 78, with a round score of +8. The four time major winner shot a disastrous round, including two double-bogeys on the back 9 at The Open. With this poor play, it becomes less likely that Phil will ever win at this event, as he’s not getting any younger and his skills are seemingly deteriorating. All of this coming on the heels of Tiger Woods making a run for the title himself, as the one thing that has been reported coming out of this event is Tiger’s position in the leaderboard.

That is going to do it for this week’s first edition of the Friday Five. I’d like to thank my good friend Tom Chouinard for his help in creating the hilarious Mr. Pibb Bobcats jersey image above. And remember that I’ll be here every Friday giving you some big updates from the world of sports that you may have missed during the week. So until next week, don’t waste too much time on the biggest headline.

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